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10 Apps Like Uber Eats to Maximize Your Earnings In 2024

Discover your dream side hustle through these ten apps like Uber Eats, and unlock your maximum earning potential with the perfect delivery gig.

  • Top Uber Eats alternatives: DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Favor Delivery, and Caviar.
  • Grocery delivery options: Instacart and Shipt offer high earning potential.
  • Unique services: Saucey, GoPuff, Eaze, and Amazon Flex provide specialized deliveries.
  • Multi-functional platforms: DoorDash and Grubhub offer competitive pay and flexible hours.

Working as a freelance food delivery driver is a great side hustle. The pay is good, and in most cases, you can work as much or as little as you want.

However, with all the different apps out there, finding your perfect match can be a daunting task. But not anymore. 

Come along as we take a deep dive into the top ten apps like Uber Eats and find your dream side gig.

An Overview of Uber Eats

With over 100 million active monthly users, Uber Eats is the largest on-demand food delivery app.

The service allows freelance drivers to work at their convenience and pays out on the same day—another feature that adds to its popularity.

Delivery drivers earn an average of $20 per hour, which is more competitive than most other food delivery apps, and made more appealing because drivers are almost always guaranteed work on the app. 

Where Does Uber Eats Excel?

Uber Eats is available across the US and offers some of the best pay rates in the niche, and withdrawals up to six times a day with Instant Pay

The app offers opportunities to earn more through promotions like Quest and Boost and the option to work as a rideshare driver while delivering for Uber Eats. 

Where Does Uber Eats Fall Short?

Earnings can be inconsistent due to the variable pay formula. There’s no minimum pay rate. Instead, payment is based on the pick-up, drop-off, and distance traveled. 

Also, promotional opportunities to earn more, such as Quest, are not available in all cities. 

The Best Uber Eats Alternatives (Overview)

Here’s a quick look at some of the best delivery apps on which you can earn an income as a freelance driver. 

  • DoorDash: Best overall pick
  • Instacart: Top pick for grocery stores
  • Grubhub: Flexibility and competitive pay rates
  • Favor Delivery: Best for adaptable drivers
  • Caviar: Top pick for restaurant owners
  • Shipt: For personal shoppers with delivery fees
  • Amazon Flex: All-in-one Amazon delivery plug
  • Saucey: Top alternative for saturated cities
  • GoPuff: Convenience with a service fee
  • Eaze: Delivery platform with an unconventional menu item
  • Bite Squad: Best deals and discounted delivery fees

Editors Choice: Our Top Picks Overall

While there are many apps like Uber Eats, few stand head and shoulders as the best alternatives. Here’s a sneak peek at the top picks:

What is the Best Alternative to Uber Eats?

DoorDash is the best overall alternative, because of its wide availability and competitive pay.

DoorDash offers multiple incentives and promotions to improve driver earnings and is wildly popular among customers.

In fact, the word “DoorDash” is steadily creeping into everyday vernacular as a synonym for ordering food.

Who is Uber Eats’ Biggest Competitor?

Grubhub is one of Uber Eats’ biggest competitors and first runners-up by a slim margin.

This app earns its spot here because of its highly competitive rates for delivery drivers.

It also offers an unlimited free delivery subscription service, making it a customer favorite.

The Best Uber Eats Alternative In 2024

With the gig economy hitting a high of $455 billion in 2023, more people are now turning to side jobs like food delivery to supplement their income. 

To help find your perfect side gig, here’s a rundown of the best food delivery apps.

1. DoorDash
Best overall pick

1. DoorDash

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DoorDash is one of the best food delivery apps on the market and with good reason. Here’s why:

  • The good: High popularity (65% of all meal deliveries), and guaranteed food delivery app jobs almost anywhere in the US. 
  • The bad: Variable job availability from city to city.
  • When to choose DooDash: Stable income through food delivery and flexible hours. 

When considering DoorDash vs Uber Eats, remember, DoorDash offers among the highest rates for any delivery app.

However, your income will depend on your specific market and working hours.

The app offers a base pay of between $2 and $10, with the average Dasher making about $18 per hour. But this can go as high as $32 depending on demand. 

Why Is Doordash a Great Option?

Dashers have plenty of opportunities to increase their incomes. For example, they get bonus periods where they can earn more during peak hours. 

Additional earning opportunities include stacked orders.

That is, tasks added to an existing customer’s order, such that a Dasher collects multiple pickup orders for different customers from the same restaurant. 

DoorDash’s competitive pay makes it one of the best delivery apps for freelance drivers.

This is further supported by the same-day payout it offers, and the surge pricing during peak hours. 

Drawbacks to DoorDash

Some Dashers have reported that the app suffers from poor communication and insufficient driver support. 

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Grubhub made first runner-up after the Grubhub vs Uber Eats showdown, here’s a closer look at why:

  • The good: Easy application process with low driver requirements. 
  • The bad: Charges a higher delivery fee than other top options making it less popular with some customers. 
  • When to choose Grubhub: If you’re looking for side hustle with competitive pay and flexible hours. 

Grubhub offers an average hourly pay of about $14, but some drivers reportedly make up to $42 with an occasional hourly guarantee during peak hours.

However, the delivery platform requires an 85% acceptance rate to earn at this rate. 

Grubhub Driver salaries are calculated using the total delivery time, pick-up, and drop-off locations.

This improves the likelihood of earning more than average, especially in busy cities with plenty of orders.

However, drivers are restricted to the delivery zone they set when signing up. 

Why Is Grubhub a Great Option?

The app lets drivers see order information upfront before accepting an offer. It also offers live phone support, and encourages generous tipping. 

Just like DoorDash, the app encourages drivers to schedule their shifts in advance. But it’s more flexible about it and will allow you to drive whenever is convenient. 

Drawbacks to Grubhub

The pay model is slightly less competitive than other top delivery apps. Additionally, while there is a driver recognition program, added incentives are few and far between. 

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Instacart offers delivery services through providers called Instacart Shoppers.

Here’s a quick look at why you should consider becoming an Instacart Shopper:

  • The good: Multiple gig options that may not require a valid driver’s license or reliable vehicle.
  • The bad: You need to schedule your shifts in advance.
  • Why choose Instacart: Perfect for gig workers who enjoy shopping.

According to Glassdoor, Instacart Shoppers earn an average of $30 an hour, making the app one of the best-paying delivery services.

However, pay is location-dependent. Shoppers in major cities earn more than those in smaller towns. 

The app allows gig workers to sign up as in-store shoppers, delivery drivers, or full-service shoppers—who provide the complete service, from shopping to delivery. 

Why Is Instacart a Great Option?

Instacart is highly flexible and has great earning potential.

It offers different gigs, some of which don’t require you to have a car, like an in-store shopper, eliminating additional costs like vehicle insurance and service fees. 

Drawbacks to Instacart

Instacart requires you to schedule your shifts in advance, which can limit the level of flexibility you have over your working hours.

Also, some orders may require heavy lifting, unlike with the best food delivery services. 

Pro Tip: When starting out on Instacart, stick to a handful of stores and your favorite restaurants, or areas where you know well, to improve your speed, efficiency, and earnings. 

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Favor offers deliveries for almost anything, including food, groceries, and dry cleaning services within Texas’s metropolitan and suburban areas.

  • The good: A great side hustle opportunity for Texans with multiple gig jobs.
  • The bad: Only available to businesses and restaurants in Texas.
  • Why choose Favor Delivery: A great option to supplement other gig jobs for independent contractors living in Texas.

Drivers on Favor Delivery are called “Runners” and earn an average of $12 per hour. More experienced runners can earn up to $20, but some newbies make as little as $4 an hour. 

To maximize your earnings, schedule your delivery hours in advance. The app offers a $9–10 hourly incentive for all guaranteed hours worked. 

Why Is Favor Delivery a Great Option?

Favor Delivery is a great app for people on multiple apps. It has a quick approval process and offers flexible scheduling so you can work multiple gigs simultaneously.

The app also offers attractive bonuses improving your earning ability. 

Drawbacks to Favor Delivery

Unfortunately, the app is limited to local businesses and restaurants in Texas. You also need a valid driver’s license and a two-door or larger vehicle to get by in Texas. 

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A high-brow delivery service for exclusive restaurants, Caviar fills a niche not many other food delivery apps do:

  • The good: Caviar is popular with high-end restaurant owners and their customers.
  • The bad: Only available in major urban areas.
  • Why consider Caviar: This is an excellent option for gig workers looking to diversify their income in saturated cities.

Caviar started as a food delivery service for high-end restaurants in popular urban areas. As such, it offers better pay rates than other food delivery apps.

The Caviar pay structure looks a lot like DoorDash since its acquisition, with an average hourly pay of about $18.

Drivers can see the order details and estimated earnings, including the delivery fee, base pay, tips, and bonuses, before accepting a job. 

Why Is Caviar a Great Option?

Caviar offers an instant payout option, in addition to the ability to see your potential earnings before accepting each job.

There’s higher pay during peak hours, so you can plan your working hours to maximize income. 

Drawbacks to Caviar

Caviar is only available in major urban areas, so it might not be a great option for gig workers in small towns.

It also requires you to schedule shifts in advance, potentially limiting your flexibility, not to mention the pay estimates are not always accurate. 

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Shipt is a delivery app where delivery drivers get paid to shop and deliver customers’ orders to their homes, similar to Instacart. However, with Shipt, expect to do a lot more shopping at Target. 

  • The good: The number one delivery option for Target, Walgreens and other major grocery stores.
  • The bad: Delivery orders can involve some heavy lifting.
  • Why consider Shipt: Shipt has high earning potential with flexible working hours

Shipt offers an average pay rate of about $20, but some veteran drivers earn up to $22 per hour. This might be a surprise, especially given that Shipt accounts for only 6% of the delivery service niche. 

However, Shipt Shoppers can take on multiple deliveries simultaneously, boosting their incomes. The service also offers a base rate of $5 with an additional 7.5% of the order.

Why Is Shipt a Great Option?

Like the top delivery apps, Shipt offers instant cashouts and highly flexible scheduling options, making it a great addition to your gig app portfolio.

It also supports multiple simultaneous orders maximizing efficiency and profit.

Drawbacks to Shipt

Shipt offers slightly less competitive rates than some top delivery apps. This can be a limitation for some people given it has less demand in some cities. 

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Flex drivers typically deliver food for local restaurants, Amazon Restaurant Delivery, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh. But that’s not all:

  • The good: Gives you access to the Amazon ecosystem.
  • The bad: Requires three to six-hour work blocks to be paid.
  • Why consider Flex: Great earning potential across multiple channels.

With an average hourly rate of between $18–25 or about $39,000 per year, Amazon Flex offers among the most competitive pay rates for any gig or food delivery app.

But Amazon Flex drivers are not restricted to food delivery. Flex drivers can deliver Amazon packages directly to customers’ homes, to increase their incomes. 

However, while Flex drivers are freelance contractors, Amazon requires them to work three to six-hour blocks to get paid. 

Why Is Amazon Flex a Great Option?

The association with Amazon means that Flex has consistent demand. This, paired with the competitive hourly rate makes Amazon Flex one of the best delivery gigs on the market. 

Drawbacks to Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is currently only available in about 100 cities and towns across the US, so it may not be accessible to everyone. The nature of the job also means occasional heavy lifting is to be expected. 

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Saucey is an alcohol delivery service and one of the best delivery apps in the niche.

Customers order alcoholic beverages, snacks, and tobacco products from their favorite liquor stores and have them delivered straight to their doorsteps. 

  • The good: Highly flexible hours and competitive rates.
  • The bad: Highly limited availability.
  • Why consider Saucey: Great option for gig-driver-saturated cities.

Saucey is just as competitive as the other food ordering and delivery apps. In fact, according to Indeed, Saucey delivery drivers earn $15 per hour. 

Currently, Saucey is available in about four dozen major cities across the United States.

While it may not be as widely available as other food delivery apps, it’s still a great option for gig workers in cities already saturated with third-party delivery services. 

Why Is Saucey a Great Option?

Saucey is a great option for gig workers in highly competitive cities. It allows drivers to set their delivery areas and has additional working hours over the weekend.

The app also offers guaranteed minimum advanced scheduling. 

Drawbacks to Saucey

Saucey offers a lower average pay compared to some options on this list. It’s only available in select areas and has a higher minimum age requirement (21 y/o) compared to most other delivery apps. 

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GoPuff is one of the most popular delivery services where customers can order food, snacks, over-the-counter medications, and drinks. You can think of it as a mobile convenience store. 

  • The good: Offers a minimum pay guarantee.
  • The bad: Only offers weekly payouts.
  • Why consider GoPuff: 24/7 Availability and flexible scheduling.

The service offers its drivers around $14 per hour with some bonuses for longer shifts.

GoPuff also requires drivers to lock in shifts, though the timing is flexible because the delivery platform is available 24/7 in most regions. 

GoPuff drivers pick up orders at their local warehouse and deliver them to customers.

With over 200 warehouses across the US, drivers are always within 30 minutes of a warehouse for easy access and a reasonable estimated delivery time. 

Why Is GoPuff a Great Option?

GoPuff deliveries are done from a central location, improving efficiency. The app also offers a guaranteed pay minimum.

Drawbacks to GoPuff

GoPuff only offers weekly payouts and does not offer driver promos and incentives to improve earnings. 

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Eaze is a slightly less conventional delivery service available only in California and Michigan. 

  • The good: Offers mileage reimbursement.
  • The bad: Extremely limited availability.
  • Why consider Eaze: Incredible working hours and guaranteed pay rates.

Eaze helps people buy weed and have it delivered to their homes. 

But other than that, Eaze operates like any other food delivery service, except that Eaze drivers get reimbursed for their mileage.

Additionally, Eaze offers better hourly rates than most other delivery services.

Better still, deliveries only run between 9am and 10pm, and drivers work directly with dispensaries for ease and efficiency. 

Why Is Eaze a Great Option?

Eaze is one of the few delivery apps that offers mileage reimbursement. This is a major advantage because it eliminates one of the biggest expenses for a delivery gig worker. 

Drawbacks to Eaze

Eaze is only available in parts of California and Michigan, making it inaccessible to most gig workers.

The app also has a lengthy and intrusive approval process, further limiting its accessibility. 

Notable Mentions: Even More Delivery Apps You Should Check Out

Here are a few more options you should check out if you wish to diversify your side hustle opportunities and increase your earning ability:

1. Dolly

On Dolly, you can work as a “Helper,” where you choose from various jobs that require using a car to haul things, lift heavy objects, and other services. 

Alternatively, you can work a“Hand,” where you offer to move or lift things without using a vehicle.

This makes Dolly an excellent side hustle opportunity for able-bodied gig workers with or without a car who can lift at least 75 lbs.

Customers on Dolly post how much they’ll pay for a task, and Dolly workers accept or reject the offer.

Payments are made through the app, where you can withdraw your funds at the end of each week through PayPal, minus Dolly’s service fee (usually 15–20%).

2. HopSkipDrive

This carpooling app is perfect for parents looking to bypass the school bus shortage and high cost of Uber as a safe alternative for their kids.

HopSkipDrive allows gig workers, usually stay-at-home parents, who drive their kids to school and other activities and make money.

The premise is if you’re already doing the same for your kids, why not earn some extra cash in the process?

However, HopSkipDrive has extensive requirements, and understandably so.

For example, you’ll need to pass a rigorous background check, have a clean driving and criminal record, and at least five years of caregiving experience. 

But once approved, you can enjoy a lucrative compensation of up to $50 an hour. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it—a comprehensive look into the top ten apps like Uber Eats. 

With unparalleled flexibility and competitive pay rates, any of these options would make a great side hustle. Just be sure to pick a gig that’s available in your city.

Happy delivering!

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