Using Uber Drive Card

Best Ways Of Using Uber Drive Card

Cash transaction

There are two main ways used to transfer earnings from the uber gift card to uber account. The first is by accessing the uber app, whereby the user will be managing the uber credit rewards, including cash transactions. The second way is where the entire balance in the uber card is automatically transferred into the account of the uber user. This is only done when the whole balance of the uber card exceeds $50.

Redeeming of uber gift card

Uber is included in the list of the most common ride-hailing apps across the globe. The payment method accepted by drivers such vehicles is credit and debit cards. Typically, its company has come up with another option of payment, that is by use of gift cards. The gift cards are also used to make payment for ordered UberEATS. To carry out such processes, an individual must be knowledgeable on the way of redeeming the uber gift card. That can be achieved by following simple steps as outlined below.

  • Launch the uber app in your iPhone or android
  • Tap on the menu icon on the top-left corner of your screen and tap on the “Payment.”
  • Click on the “Add Payment Method,” which should be followed by selecting “Gift Card.”
  • In the provided space, enter the code in your gift card while making sure no space created between the numbers.

Steps of making a payment with the uber gift card

  • Enter the name or code of the location to be picked and your destination
  • Tap on credit card information displayed at the bottommost part of the screen and click on “Confirm.”
  • Select uber cash as the primary payment method only when the uber gift balance of your card has been loaded. Alternatively, click on the “Add payment method” and then tap on the “Gift Card.” key in your gift card’s information and follow the other proceeding steps as indicated above.

Upon completing the above steps, the cost for the ride will be automatically subtracted by the app until its total value becomes depleted. In other instances, you may decide not to use the gift card as a means of payment for the ride. If so, you will be required to make the appropriate distinction before ordering for the trip. To achieve this, key in your destination which should be followed by: Clicking the option of credit card information that is displayed at the bottom of a screen. Then click on the “change payment option.” Swap this option so that the uber credit can be turned off. It is important to note that the credit card will only turn off if the gift card was meant to cater for that particular ride. In other instances, the gift card may fail to meet the cost specified for the ride. If this happens, one will also be prompted to go for another payment option or add another gift card.

Cost of uber gift card

These cards are widely distributed in entire Great Britain and its surrounding environs. Also, they are available online through, uber, and amazon. This acts as a critical factor that causes the faster distribution of the same cards across the globe. When it comes to their price value, the minimum cost for one card is $25, although you can also get it at $200. Customers who purchase them through uber end up with either digital gift cards that can be customized, or a physical card.

Benefits of uber gift card

The multifunctional purpose of the uber gift card is increasingly becoming helpful to the lives of people. It is a great way that can be used to show appreciation to people that you care about. One reason as to why you need to have it is that it can help to maximize the earnings of your credit card. Those who have purchased it in the recent past have been witnessed to have earned up to 5x points. Uber gift card also allows an individual to spend cash upfront. Here, the money would only be spent on the purchases that you are going to make.

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