Guide To Splitting Uber Fare

Guide To Splitting Uber Fare

Looking forward to traveling with your best friends or colleagues to a party or business meeting using Uber services? Well, if that is the case, the good news is that you can order and pay for the trip, with the idea that your friend will pay you back, eventually. However, with the improvement of rideshare services; features that enable you and the friend to split fare have been created. This fantastic feature is a customer-friendly and economical solution for standard riders of Uber. The funny thing is that many people do not buy the idea of splitting fare, perhaps because they are not aware of its existence. So in this article, we look forward to guiding you to split the fare and enjoy a cost-effective ride with a friend.

Uber fare splitting facts

Ridesharing is arguably one of the interesting things while traveling with colleagues or friends. They are made successful by the App, phone numbers, and the names. For the fare splitting to be successful, there must be smart communication between the driver and the rider. Before you consider splitting the fare, here are some facts you must comprehend.

–    Despite how far you are or how close you are to the final destination, the fare must be equally split between all the riders.

–    The person requesting the ride must do so on behalf of his/her colleagues/friends.

–    Every rider will receive a ride notification.

–    If you accept the notice, you will be charged your fare share.

–    Extra small service fee is a must alongside the billed prices.

–    If any of your friends reject the notice, you will bear the expenses.

–    The Uber split fare service is unavailable once the ride is over or during the POOL services.

Why consider splitting the costs

Essentially, there are lots of benefits of splitting the fare. Here are some of them.

–    Uber has four doors, each door for every rider, making the trips comfortable.

–    Regular riders in London have the choice of pooling with other riders.

–    Splitting fare is an economical choice for individuals traveling on the same route.

–    You and the colleagues have to order and accept the notification.

–    The structure of fare splitting is per norms, which is always equal.

–    Splitting fare features help encourage co-ordination, business transparency, and optimization.

Steps to splitting the fare

The structure of fare splitting includes the base, per minute, and perhaps the cancellation fee. During fare splitting, the idea is an essential plus for Uber-savvy professionals and friends. The standard fare calculation terms and methods of payment are implemented. However, the final fare is split equally among the passengers using the following easy math and fractions.

–    The initial step is ensuring that your friends or colleagues possess a valid Uber account.

–    The next thing is to ensure that every passenger who needs the fare split has Uber accounts linked with their bank account.

–    After that, open the app or visit their website and order a ride to your preferred destination.

–    If you are using a smartphone, you will swipe up from the bottom.

–    After that, choose the method of payment you want to use and click the option “Split Fare”.

–    Under this option, you will be asked to fill in the other rider’s details, including their phone numbers, names, and where they are based.

–    After that, every rider will receive a mobile notification for clarification. If any of your friends decline to accept the offer, you are charged for that.

–    The pickup and the final destination help to split the fare among all the passengers.

–    You will only benefit the active promotion if you have hailed the split fare.

Accepting fare split invitation

If your friend or colleague invites you to share the fare with him/her, a pop-up fare split request will appear on your app screen requesting you to either decline or accept the invitation. When interested, you will simply press accept. When not interested, just press the decline option.


Splitting Uber fare is one of the best things you can do on your trip. Just consider linking up with a colleague or friend and save money.

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