List Of Ways On How Tesco Clubcard Uber Works In The Uk

List Of Ways On How Tesco Clubcard Uber Works In The UK

If you live and love shopping in London, you have undoubtedly heard about Tesco Clubcard, right? Basically, Tesco shoppers utilize Clubcard when shopping. As you shop around, the card is tailored to collect points, making it a unique way to reward shoppers. However, everything has its pros and cons. For that reason, the challenging part when utilizing this Tesco Clubcard is making the most out of the points gathered. So how are the points essential to you? Well, this article seeks to show how you can use Tesco Clubcard for uber deals. Read on to find out.

According to Uber, they have joined hands with Tesco Clubcard to offer a new offer for UK customers. If you are among hundreds and thousands of individuals using Clubcard, the good news is that you can redeem your points and utilize them in various ways. Some of these ways include Uber services, shopping, eating out, fun day out, etc. For instance, if you have £20 in the Clubcard shopping account, it is easy to redeem up to £40 for Uber services.

???? How to ride with Uber

It is smooth riding with Uber cars or bikes. All you are required to do is opening your Uber app, tab either the car or the bike. There is a destination tap that must be filled. If you are using a bike, you will be guided on how to pick your electric bike, how to lock and unlock it, and perhaps how much you are required to pay. If it is a vehicle option, an experienced, and licensed driver will arrive at your place in minutes. The app will also show you the vehicle you will be riding in and the picture of your driver.

???? Is it worth redeeming the Tesco Clubcard points?

You might be wondering if redeeming Clubcard point is the right option, especially for the Uber credit. Usually, Uber was the first redemption company to collaborate with Clubcard. Its offers range around 4X face value to 2 X, which means restaurant deals and days out vouchers deals. Even if you consider doubling the face value, you will still receive great deals.

✉️ How to redeem the points for Uber services

The process of redeeming Tesco Clubcard points is not as complicated as people think. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

  • How much do you want to spend? After having in mind the amount you want, select precisely that on your Clubcard voucher.
  • Just for confirmation purposes, you will receive two emails from the Tesco within 30 minutes.
  • One email that will be sent will be to affirm your Clubcard order. The next one will be having a voucher code with a clear guide on how to go about redeeming the points.
  • Use the code sent to you and requests the driver to utilize your Clubcard’s credit. If there was a balance, it would be sent back to your account.

????️ Is Uber the right way to spend Tesco Clubcard points?

Let’s face it! Spending your Clubcard points for Uber credit is one of the best ways. These are benefits that come with this idea. For instance, if you use the points for Uber credit, you will receive a real 3 x face value. What does that mean? Well, for each 50p of points converted, you will get £1.50 of Uber credit. This deal is not available everywhere. It is only in the UK.

???? How else can you spend these points?

The fantastic thing about Tesco Clubcard points is that they can be converted and utilized in the UberEATS app. Similarly, for every 50p converted, you receive £1.50 for paying restaurant bills. You only need to make sure the restaurant you are in accepts these cards. Another excellent way to use these points is to shop around. Again, you need to make sure that the shopping mall you are in accept Tesco services.


As you can see, Tesco Clubcard is a life changer. When you require emergency money, it is possible to redeem the points and settle your debt at ease. Just consider applying your Clubcard as well and enjoy the benefits.

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