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Best tips on how to use Uber cash Payment in the UK

Last updated: May 15, 2021

For any company to survive the unforgiving competition today, diversification is one way to make things easier. Diversification of products, services, and even payment options enable the business to operate through all levels of civilization. Recently, Uber has been diversifying its operations, and this includes the introduction of cash payments.

There are two terms around this matter that have been used interchangeably, and wrongly. Uber Cash and Uber CASH are not the same things. While Uber Cash is an electronic payment option for Uber products within the app, Uber CASH (also known as Uber cash option) is the payment option involving real cash. The latter is available only in a few select cities around the world, one among them being the UK’s London.

Uber Cash Payment In The Uk
Uber Cash Payment In The Uk

Uber CASH was not originally part of Uber’s manifesto in 2009 when the company started. The need to explore rural markets pushed the company to experiment with the cash payment option. Uber CASH was first tried in India’s Hyderabad in 2015, and after seeing some success, the option was extended to more cities in the same country. This appears to have been a good move as it is this same year that Uber completed 1 billion rides.

How do you use Uber CASH payment?

Uber relies on riders’ feedback when it comes to new products or features. If you think that this payment option should be introduced in your locality, contact Uber via Facebook or Twitter or mail them directly.

How does Uber CASH work?

Uber cash is a payment option that lets the users bring together their budget for Uber products. Typically, these products can include bike-sharing and food delivery. The budget is pooled into one account.

Customers must first top up the account. This can be done via a money transfer from debit, credit, or gift cards. As a marketing strategy, Uber offers a 5% discount for customers with a $100 worth of a deal. If you top up $48.50, you get $50 of value. The only shortcoming regarding this payment option is that the money cannot be cashed out of the Uber ecosystem.

Steps to follow

To use Uber’s cash option, follow through these steps;

  1. Launch the Uber app and proceed to the Payment option.
  2. Underpayment options choose “CASH”. Whenever you request a ride, you shall be prompted to pay in cash
  3. After the ride, pay the driver the amount reflected on both his/her and your phone.

To remember:

As a rider, ensure you have these before thinking of making a cash payment in the first place;

  • A smartphone with Uber app installed
  • An internet connection on the smartphone
  • A valid user account, signed in on the app
  • Sufficient cash to hand the driver after the ride

One good thing if you choose this method is that you are not charged a booking fee or a higher rate for using cash as a payment method. However, sometimes the least expected actually occurs. You might find that the journey or the route is longer than the initial approximation. To avoid inconveniences in such situations, Uber advises you to carry twice the cash amount you expect to pay for the ride. If you’re caught up in such, there’s a way out. In the first case, if the ride is longer than expected Uber covers the extra cost. In a scenario where the driver doesn’t enough change, Uber simply adds the extra credit amount to your account.

How do you use the Uber Cash option?

Using the Uber cash option is as easy as other methods. These steps will get you going within no time;

  1. Launch the Uber app on your smartphone
  2. Proceed to “Add funds.”
  3. Enter the amount you want to top up. You’ll be tipped a 5% discount.
  4. Select Uber Cash as your payment option
  5. Select the destination
  6. Call the ride


Uber CASH and Uber Cash are just as efficient as any other Uber service or feature. These options are both, directly and indirectly, responsible for the company’s soaring profits. If the cash payment options see increased success, there’s a great chance that these will be rolled out to all the countries with Uber presence. Next time you want to ride an Uber, try the cash payment option, it could turn out to be your most convenient option.

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