List Of Things You Need To Know About Uberexec Cars In The Uk

List Of Things You Need To Know About UberEXEC Cars In The UK

UberEXEC vehicle is an upgrade from the standard Uber X cars. This category was created to target corporate executives seeking to get premium transport services. While anyone could use this service, it is mostly used by business executives and professionals as they maneuver to EXECute their duties. The service is available in some cities in the UK.

But why would you even consider traveling by an UberEXEC car? Ultimately, everything about these cars is fantastic. Firstly, the external and internal look will create the best impression of a luxurious ride. The comfort and luxury in riding this car will not only make you feel good but also raise your morale to perform whatever duties you had traveled to complete. The drivers are professionally trained and have high discipline levels. All information you need to know about the car drivers and the cars themselves is as below.

????️ UberEXEC drivers

Drivers of the UberEXEC cars are carefully selected from most top-rated drivers. You can thus be sure about your safety and the quality of customer service you’ll get. Driver requirements for UberEXEC cars include:

  • Must be of 21 years of age and above
  • Must have an original copy of commercial insurance
  • Must have a driving experience of 3 years and above
  • Must have the state driving license and insurance
  • Must have the MDOT authority certificate
  • Must have a commercial driving license
  • Must not have any drug-related charges/ DUI in the last seven years
  • Must have a valid license plate, VIN, and expiry date
  • Must pass the Uber background check

???? What are UberEXEC cars like?

From far, it’s easy to differentiate UberEXEC cars from other Uber cars. Unlike other Uber cars, these vehicles have unique features that make them qualify for the executive class for passengers looking for elite -quality transport.

  • They are entirely painted black on the exterior
  • The interiors are all-leather (vegan leather or black leather)
  • Heated seats and a minimum of 4 seat belts
  • For a car to be approved as UberEXEC, it must be of 2012 model or newer
  • Splendid mechanical and cosmetic condition
  • Doors must be independent-opening
  • Spotlessly clean tiles
  • Generally, everything is modern constructed
  • The car has commercial insurance and has passed the Uber inspection test

???? List of vehicles eligible for UberEXEC


  • BMW 5 Series (must be of new shape)
  • BMW 5 Series sport (must be five seaters)
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X6


  • Jaguar XJ series
  • Jaguar XF series
  • Jaguar X-type


  • Audi A6 (must be c7 shape and five seaters)
  • Audi A7
  • Audi A8


  • Mercedes E class
  • Mercedes R class
  • Mercedes S class (must be the short wheelbase version)


  • Lexus GS
  • Lexus RX


  • Bentley Continental


  • Tesla Model S


  • Porsche Panamera

???? Riding with UberEXEC

 I. Make a request

–    Download the Uber app into your smartphone

–    Register your name and payment details

–    Full details of your destination in the “where to” box

–    Confirm your destination address

–    Locate the “product selector” and choose the EXEC category

–    Request for a driver

–    A message will be sent to the nearest driver who will then accept the request

–    Once you are matched to a driver, you can see their picture and vehicle details

–    You can track the movement of the UberEXEC car on a real-time map so you can know the progress of the driver

II. Enjoy the ride

When the EXEC car arrives, check to confirm that the vehicle details match those on the app

–    Check also that the driver you saw in the pic is the same that has come to pick you up

–    You can confirm your destination verbally to the driver

–    The driver will take the shortest route to the destination, but you are free to ask the driver to use a different direction of your choice

III. Alight

–    On arrival at your destination, you’ll be charged by the automated system.

–    You can make payment using the card details you registered in the app, or you could use cash as well.

–    Alight from the EXEC car

–    The driver wouldn’t mind rating from you, so be sure to rate them accordingly.


If you had a special occasion and you are looking forward to traveling in an EXE car, then you have a variety of EXE cars to choose from.

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