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The Best Scootter For Uber Eats

The Best Scootter For Uber Eats

Last updated: August 2, 2020

As Uber Eats has expanded its delivery to almost all cities, so is the increasing demand for drivers. They do not only want uber drivers, but ha e extended their invitation to bikers and scooters, especially in urban cities.

The most outstanding reason for using scooters or bikes for uber eats is that the expenses are reduced compared to a car. You do not have to incur abundant gas and maintenance costs.

Honda NSC110 Dio

Honda Nsc110 Dio

Honda Nsc110 Dio

While people may be biased, Honda NSC110 Dio is the top-selling scooter. It makes the best scooter Uber Eats following its reliability, comfortable riding positions, and sleek design that makes it easy for lane filtering. The scooter comes with a helmet and a phone holder, and these enhance a fast and efficient delivery of foods. You can also get through traffic quickly by lane filtering to make deliveries faster than a car. It is also easier to pack a scooter, which is better when delivering in busy cities.

Benefits of Honda NSC110

  • Engine idling stop/start to save fuel
  • Sleek, narrow design that makes lane filtering very easy
  • Best fuel economy with around 200kms or more per tank.
  • Storage pockets at the front & under the seat of the scooter.
  • You can rent a LAMS approved scooter for food delivery.

Renting a scooter

We all know how starting a business can be overwhelming at times. The capital needed to purchase a scooter and cater for any added expenses may scare you from earning from companies such as Uber Eats. But you do not have to worry when you can rent instead of buying your new scooter.

You can rent an Uber scooter for food deliveries as it is reliable and has lower weekly costs, such as insurance and servicing. Rental companies have made it easier for aspiring Uber Eats drivers as they only need to pay little rental services weekly with no lock contracts. The weekly costs covers:

  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Servicing
  • Phone holder
  • Emergency replacement
  • Unlimited km’s

Variety of scooters that you can rent

You can choose a reliable and economical scooter for rent to deliver foods based on your budget. From the rented Uber scooter UK, you can maximize your income capacity, thus increasing your chances of buying a new one. You can choose one of the following:

  • Honda NSC 110 Dio – 110cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda SH150 – 150cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda CB125 – 125cc with manual transmission.

Factors to consider while renting or buying a scooter for uber eats

While you want to purchase or rent a scooter, it is crucial to consider the hidden costs, such as fuel consumption. The Honda range of scooters mentioned in this article has some of the best fuel economy levels available. This will help you save on petrol and the time to fill up, and it will allow you to make more deliveries for Uber Eats over a longer time.

The fuel economy of your scooter will depend on the following conditions:

Riding style

How you ride, whether smooth or aggressive, determines the amount of fuel your scooter will consume. Bold riding style will tend to consume more fuel than a smoothly run bike.

The type of riding you do, stop/start vs. freeway, is another factor to consider when deciding on the scooter choice.


The weight of the rider is another determinant. The amount of fuel consumed by a 60kgs person cannot compare with a 120kgs driver. More fuel will be consumed by a scooter that carries a weightier load.

If you carry passengers, these can double the weight. Again, if you take dense foods, this may affect your fuel consumption.


The way you maintain tire pressures matters! Too low increases are riding resistance and hence more fuel consumption.

Fuel type

The type of fuel you use (whether 95 octane or 98) directly influences the amount of fuel your scooter will consume.

Appropriate use

If you use the idle features of the bike, it switches off the engine when stopped will help you save on fuel consumption.

What is your excuse? Have you considered becoming an Uber eats scooter? You no longer need to delay your dream of earning money through food deliveries. It’s time to make money out of your scooter.

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