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Best Uber Reviews From Actual Uber Drivers

Best Uber Reviews From Actual Uber Drivers

Last updated: August 4, 2020

Since its inception in 2009, Uber, the popular ride-sharing app, has dominated the market and has become a common household name. With thousands of requests from riders every day, it is no wonder the company has grown exponentially. While most people get to hear the passengers’ experience point of view, this article digs deeper to give you a review from an Uber driver’s perspective.

⚙️ Uber driver review

Driver app

Unlike most of the other apps that have proven to be complicated, the Uber driver app has been designed incredibly and is appealing to the eye. It is easy to navigate through the app, for instance, logging in to the system and receiving requests are made easier to ensure that you do not miss opportunities.

Driver portal

Uber partner portal is another well-designed portion in the app and pretty easy to use. This part has access to all of your documents, both the financial and vehicle-related ones. As such, you can trace all your trip invoices, including the distance covered, fare, and time. This makes it easier for you to calculate your average earnings per day or month.

However, according to many Uber drivers, the only thing that they wish could be added to the uber driver portal is the referral bonuses. One should be able to see how much they have made from gifts and monitor which of the referral codes is doing well and how many people are using the systems. This is nice as it motivates you to embark on a marketing campaign that you can easily track how well it is doing.

Customer support

While most of the customer support is up the clock attending to their vast array of clients and drivers, a reply from them is impossible. But Uber does a great work of arranging regional support groups.  Each city has their customer support group who attend to queries from drivers in that region. This short span reply practice is incredibly useful on numerous occasions.


While some customers may be hard to deal with, most of them are professionals. They are mostly intelligent, reasonably well off, and self-driven. While some rider apps such as Lyft are friendlier and lenient with clients sitting on the front seat, uber riders almost want to ride on the back seat. They mostly take a more professional outlook on the ride.


While the price of ride-sharing apps is relatively the same, Uber pays more, especially on surge pricing and in referral bonuses.

????️‍????️ Safer and flexibility

Uber partner driver reviews have all shown that safety is the most crucial benefit for driving for Uber. Since the transaction is cashless, an Uber driver does not face unpaid fares. You also do not need to carry a considerable amount of cash that might risk being robbed.

Rude and aggressive riders are removed from the system since drivers can also rate their clients. This part makes Uber a better fit for most drivers who feel that the company cares for their wellbeing too.

Uber drivers have also highlighted their greater freedom and flexibility. They can now log in and out of the system anytime they want and choose their hours.

Though the company has received the best Uber reviews, it is not free from negative assessments.

???? Uber driver complaints

Too many drivers

When the Uber app was launched, it was great, but as the market surges, more drivers have joined the company. Thus drivers are continually complaining of their income dropping by at least half annually, as supply is almost balancing with demand.

Unclear payment system

Driver reviews London Uber shows that there is a hard time tracking refunds after cancellation, deductions, and price adjustments during the day.  This makes it hard for the faint-hearted to make it in this company.

Flawed cancellation

As the saying goes, “the customer is always right,” most drivers end up losing from the penalties that are applied to them if a client cancels a trip, mainly if they have driven to the pickup location only for the rider to cancel.

However, we must all agree that every company has its flaws and strengths. From the reviews given to Uber Company, drivers are likely to benefit more by being Uber drivers than being elsewhere. Driving for Uber Company is therefore much recommended. The app is easy to use, and you can drive in any area that you want, making Uber the company you could ask for.

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