Differences Between Mytaxi Vs Uber

Differences Between MyTaxi Vs Uber

A few years back, Uber changed the transport sector by offering cheaper prices compared to other taxis. Formed in 2009, it has an estimated value of $69 billion. However, it is not the only taxi app operating in the streets.

My taxi app (currently free now app), is an app that registers taxis from several companies into their platform. Uber, on the other hand, registers only individual car owners on their platform.

In this article, we will look at the differences in operations between my taxi app and Uber.

Uber versus my taxi

Both my taxi and Uber companies work almost the same way but run a few things differently. Let’s look at how these two companies contrast based on: –

  • Fare charges
  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Fare charges

These two transportation modes use the same model to determine the amount of fare they charge their customers. That is, time and distance.

Uber: Uber app calculates fare charges using a meter, based on customers’ destination. It has been a darling means of transport as its fare prices are lower compared to other taxis.

Uber charging system keeps surging. If the demand for Uber cars is high, then the fare rises. These surging prices have prompted some drivers to keep off-road until the prices hit high.

My taxi: My taxi fare prices are a bit higher compared to Uber prices. The fares are also fixed and do not keep changing like those of Uber.

The app offers reduced prices through promo codes, and their prices are run by a meter. This makes them a reliable means of transport.

  • Accessibility

Uber: You can call for an Uber any time of the day or night. All users need to do is request for a car. The app then links with an Uber driver near the location and given the details picks up point. And in a few minutes, you are on the road.

Uber’s payment option is secure and available on a user’s phone, with payment options of credit cards, and also offers cash payment via their app.

My taxi: Calling for these taxis is simple as long as you are a registered user. You can even pre-book as earlier as 4 days before your set day for the journey. If a driver is called upon and is not available, he/she should call for another taxi.

The app also offers award miles for miles & more members for any taxi booked via the app. Payments can be through cash, PayPal account connected to your account, or even credit cards.

  • Safety and security

Uber: Uber app allows for both the driver and the passenger to get information about each other. This makes it safer as both parties will have some know-how of the other partner.

Uber has, however, has had safety concerns for its passengers. Uber’s system was a bit faulty as unlicensed drivers could upload their photos to the licensed drivers. They have upgraded their measures and have an accessible 911 call via their app.

My Taxi: This app offers you a service where you can order for a driver that you know. The cars have tracking devices where you can track a taxi via your smartphone. The app also, unlike Uber, allows you to save a driver, you can always call.

  • Tax

Uber: The drivers, just like any other citizen, are to comply with the set tax regulations, and in cases where fares are not set by the municipality, drivers should register GST/HST for annual revenue exceeding 30,000 euros.

My taxi: Taxi drivers are required to have HST numbers and pay taxes to CRA for fares regulated by the authorities.

  • Insurance

Uber: Drivers are supposed to pay for their own hire and reward insurance policies that include passenger liability. Drivers are also required to follow up on their insurance policies because Uber Company does not own the cars.

My Taxi: Taxi drivers can either be for public or private hire. They also require the hire and reward insurance but from a special insurer.


Both Uber and My taxi app goal is to provide better transportation means to travelers zidari Bucuresti. They are competing companies in the market and arguing on which of them is better than the other can be hard. The idea is that both companies are very similar and are committed to giving their best.

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