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List Of Tips On How To Earn More As An Uber Eats Driver

List Of Tips On How To Earn More As an Uber Eats Driver

Last updated: August 2, 2020

If you have been to YouTube recently, I know you have come across videos that have testimonials on how some individuals have earned $1000 per week as Uber eats delivery drivers. But if you have spent some time working in this industry, you have probably noted that making a grand a week is not as easy as it sounds. While it is hard to earn such an amount from making deliveries, it is not entirely impossible.

However, this requires you to work extra hard but, above all, to work smart. As an Uber eats driver, there are several tricks you can try out to earn more money. Though it involves hustling a little harder, it will ultimately yield you the results that you want.

The article has outlined a few of these tricks below. Have a look:

Top 5 tricks to use

Maximize your rides during the surge period

Certain times of the day are often busier than others. Lunch and dinner time are, in particular, more demanding than breakfast.

Due to this high demand at these times, Uber increase the pay rate to motivate delivery drivers, Uber Eats, to work during these times. To earn more money, therefore, make sure that you do not miss this period. At this time, you may receive twice or triple the reasonable amount during regular shifts.

Specialize in a relatively smaller area

Working within a small radius can be helpful as it will allow you to earn more money as compared to covering a broader scope. First, it will help you to cut on gas, thus allowing you to save on money spent on gas. Second, it will enable you to make many journeys from one client to the other.

So if there is an excellent restaurant with heavy traffic within your area, such as a mall, you should park there and wait for customer requests.

Uber eat drivers who earn high from this business have also testified that they reject orders that require too much driving or the ones that can cause more trouble than it is worth.

Plan for boost incomes ahead of time

Uber has a fantastic incentive program that encourages drivers to work at peak season. Whenever they want drivers, they will increase the earnings to make sure that they will have people doing deliveries.

For instance, during a big event such as a big game or convention in town, Uber implements Boost Earning Promotion, they increase driver rates to ensure they have enough cars to meet the growing demand. In this case, make sure that you are available for the entire boost shift to maximize your earnings for that day.

Earn from referrals

Inviting your friends can earn you some bonuses. Uber’s delivery business depends on the signing up of new drivers and completing orders. So, the uber company is always looking for competent, hardworking, and capable drivers to join the team.

You can invite your friends using the referral code that you create on the app. Once they sign up as uber eats drivers and complete a given number of orders, the organization will pay you.

Be extra courteous

Tips are an excellent way to increase your earnings.

While the company takes only 25% of your earnings from each trip, they do not receive your tips. Those are yours. So, it is crucial to make as many tips as possible. Well, tips do not come easily; sometimes, you have to go out of your way to make your client happy. The happier your clients are, the more tips they will give.

The smartest way to save on costs

To maximize earnings, you need to minimize costs too. The most significant expenditure for an uber delivery driver is the maintenance, fueling, and running costs associated with the vehicle.

Smart drivers adopt smart driving technology companies that help to:

  • Connect you to top-rated mechanics and parts suppliers
  • Remind you of any upcoming registration and insurance
  • Track car mileage and assist in claiming tax reductions.
  • Explain car defaults
  • Save on fuel by identifying the engine’s sweet spot
  • Improving your driving behavior

Therefore focusing on the tips mentioned above will increase you are earning from the standard rate, and this means that you will end up having a success Uber eats delivery stories.

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