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Top 11 Reasons For Uber Account Deactivation In The Uk

Top 11 Reasons For Uber Account Deactivation In The UK

Last updated: May 15, 2021

Lately, many individuals have been complaining about the closure of their Uber accounts. Are you a victim? Well, one visible sign of account deactivation is that drivers are unable to go online. Uber rarely emails drivers when their account has an issue and when you log into the account, you will see some messages like; kindly contact support, your account is on hold, your profile is onboarding, rejected, or waitlisted, your account require attention, etc. Technically, if you see those messages on your report means that it is disabled, and it will not work for Uber services. So why do drivers get their account disabled? Well, several reasons lead to deactivating your Uber account. In this article, we are going to share with you some reasons that prompt this issue ranging from performance related to bureaucratic problems.

???? Number of cancellation

One of the apparent reasons for Uber account deactivation is when the driver declines to offer the service to the customers too many times. Usually, the driver might see a destination and consider canceling the order request from clients. According to Uber, canceling over 5% requests will attract a deactivation request. If you cancel several trips, you will always receive notifications, which could lead to a ban.

???? Wrong information

Another reason that attracts Uber account deactivation is if the driver gives inaccurate details to Uber. In case you give your account to someone else, or you consider using a vehicle not approved by the Uber, then your account can be deactivated.

⭐ Ratings

Uber has a driver’s rating section. If your account is rated poor, or falls below a specific star rating, then your account is deactivated. Technically, the star rating system allows the passengers to rate the drivers from one to five stars after every trip.

???? Document expire

Auto insurance, vehicle inspection, driver’s license, and vehicle registration have an expiry date. Your Uber account can be deactivated if these documents are expired. Therefore, it is essential to consider uploading the latest version of every document required by Uber at least one week before expiry to avoid issues.

????You did not pass the background check.

Usually, there is a background check done by the Uber every year, and if you fail the check, the chances are that your account will be deactivated. The closure occurs when terrible issues pop up.

???? You did not pass a selfie photo test.

Another area that prompts to Uber account deactivation is the failure to prove identity. Occasionally, the app will request you to take a picture. If you don’t match with the profile picture, there is a high chance for that account to be deactivated.

????Violation of terms

Every company has rules that are followed, and Uber isn’t exceptional. With Uber, you must adhere to the code of conduct that discourages inappropriate behavior, violence, alcohol and drug use, or other unacceptable behavior.

???? Careless driving

You should care about the passenger’s lives when carrying them. In case you are a reckless driver, passengers will report you, and this will prompt your account deactivation.

????Unwanted relationship with clients

If you are the kind of person who likes seducing people, then you might be risking your driver’s account. Basically, according to Uber, unwanted contact with clients is prohibited even if the ride is over. Don’t try contacting them after the trip not unless it is about the lost item discussion.

???? A severe complaint from clients

You might be in hot soup if your clients contact Uber and let them know you are rude to them or you make them feel uncomfortable. Such allegations can prompt your account closure, and therefore, you should watch out on how you talk or behave.

???? Fraud

Fraud is an issue that is currently affecting many companies. According to Uber, increasing the distance/time for a trip is regarded as fraud. Other fraud can be creating fake accounts to benefits from promotions, accepting falsified trips, and claiming fraudulent fees.


As you can see, several ways can lead to your Uber account deactivation. You need to take every Uber’s term of service seriously to avoid the issue. To be on the safe side, respectful, drive safely, and follow the law.

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