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Top 8 Uber Alternatives Available In London

Top 8 Uber Alternatives Available In London

Last updated: May 15, 2021

If you are looking forward to exploring the London city, there are extensive selections of transport means to get you to wherever you want quickly and affordably. One of the remarkable means of transport is considering the likes of uber. The application enables travellers to reach out to the nearest available driver at the comfort of their home. The app is designed to show the driver where you are travelling and your pick up station, and from there, you can see the amount you are required to pay. Regrettably, the use of uber in the UK does not seem to flourish. Its license has been banned twice so far by the transport authority, TFL, leaving hundreds and thousands of Londoners perplexed on how they will handle their trips. The good news is that there are available uber alternatives in London, offering exceptional services. Here are some other options you can consider trying.

  1. Kapten

Launched in May 2012, Kapten is an app that guarantees you to save cash on every trip. It usually covers chargers on congestion. Besides, it is not a big company like its Uber counterpart. Therefore, you should be prepared for any minor challenges that might come your way. With few drivers ranging from 15,000 around the UK, riding with Kapten drivers is a great experience.

  1. Bolt

Previously recognized as Taxify, Bolt is an app that was re-launched, and the TFL approved its license in June 2019. It boasts of its competitive rates, faster delivery, and quality customer services. The company seems to be growing at a quicker rate with approximately 30,000 drivers on the record. Overall, Bolt offers similar services to Uber, but the Bolt drivers have Unionized and are looking forward to increasing their fare per mile.

  1. Addison lee

Perhaps you have forgotten that Addison Lee was a famous company in the UK before the Uber. The company has been devoted to updating and keeping up with the new changes since the Uber inception. Initially, people used to call the taxi company for the ride service, but today, you can order a cab easily from the application. It is regarded as the best Uber alternatives for someone booking airport transfer late or actually when the Surge value is on.

  1. Wheely

Launched in 2012, Wheely app is an option appropriate for anyone who doesn’t want to pay more on premium luxury service. If you consider this option, you will receive chauffeur service in a new and unique Mercedes-Benz. Thus it is more of enjoying a ride with a personal driver than riding in a taxi. The good thing with this company is that they hire accredited drivers to ensure quality service delivery.

  1. Viavan

Viavan is an option for individuals who don’t like sharing a cab. The good thing with Viavan is that it is relatively cheaper compared to the standard Uber option. Another thing is that Viavan possesses a pooling feature, and it was offered a three-year license by the travel authority, TFL in July, which means it is there to provide constant services.

  1. Kabbee

If you are always on a tight budget, Kabbee is another option that pitches itself as one of the reliable cheaper black cab alternatives. To be exact, it is 65% cheaper. It utilizes its cars from over 70 providers, giving the riders access to up to 10,000 London cabs. The good thing with this company is that despite offering cheap services, it has reliable drivers from minicab services.

  1. MyTaxi

Previously recognized as the Hailo, MyTaxi is a black cab app that works in over 50 cities across Europe. It was launched to introduce the best drivers to your doorstep and offer the riders the chance to pay for the service online or cash. According to Uber news, MyTaxi Company has clarified the issue in London. You can download the app on your android or iPhone device.

  1. BlaBlaCar

Last but not least, BlablaCar is a famous company across Europe; however, it was not designed as a taxi-hailing app. But instead, people looking forward to travelling can connect with drivers travelling the same route provided that they have empty seats.


There are several options for Uber alternatives available in London. It is your responsibility to consider picking the option that fits your needs.

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