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Top 6 Reasons Why Uber Is Better Than Its Alternatives In London

Top 6 Reasons Why Uber Is Better Than Its Alternatives In London

Last updated: July 28, 2020

Ridesharing apps have changed our travelling means for the better. However, despite several companies launching their apps, not all of them will give the convenience you’d want during the ride. Therefore, you need to ensure that you crunch and utilise the app that is best suited for you and your driver for a smooth, safe, and budget-friendly trip. So no matter what you go, keep in mind that Uber is one of the best companies that were launched with convenience, comfort, affordable and ease of use in mind. So why is the Uber considered a better option than its alternatives? Well, read on to find out.

  • ???? Ease of use

One of the main reasons why Uber is a great choice is that it is easy to order a ride from the comfort of your home. You only need a phone, confirm the price on the Uber app, and pay using a card. The good news with card payment is that it is a reliable payment option. Uber has also collaborated with companies like Tesco, and therefore, people can redeem their shopping points and pay Uber services. Another good thing is that when using Uber, you don’t have to explain where you are going because everything is done on the app. Besides, it is possible to cost-share the price with your friends if you are going the same route.

  • ???? Upfront pricing

Many people don’t like bargaining. It is a skill that I hate with a passion. For that reason, Uber makes it easy when it comes to payment. They have cheap rates (depending on the ride selected) where you can book your ride. Basically, London is a big city with a large and confusing public transport system. Thus, the likes of Uber help you navigate the area easily and affordably.

  • ????️ GPS direction

Visiting a large city, especially London, requires monitoring. Do you know why? Well, you may not be sure how far you’re travelling or how to reach there. With Uber, you only need to know your final destination. The inbuilt map feature in the car tells your driver where you want to travel and update the remaining distance. This means that you don’t need to fret if there is a language barrier between you and the driver because the GPS will take you exactly where you want.

  • ???? Safety and trust

Alongside the GPS tracking, Uber gives another amazing benefit of driver review system feature that helps passengers review their experience. The idea of setting a minimum star rating helps the travellers, especially women, to choose the ride from professional drivers. You wouldn’t consider using a driver who seduces everyone or deals with a smelly driver using a dirty car. Besides, Uber still needs a background check, minimum driver cleanliness, and car maintenance reports, which significantly minimises the chances of uncomfortable and dangerous experience. We do not say that all Uber drivers are safe or can be trusted. Actually, some have been reported with sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping. Therefore, it is your responsibility to consider choosing a reliable Uber driver based on their ratings and reviews.

  • ♿ Accessibility options

One great thing about Uber is that they are versatile and are much appropriate for disabled individuals or those with special needs like a wheelchair. They have a category of vehicles referred to as UberXL or UberWAV that are equipped with special items to offer special needs services. Uber services also help to prevent uncomfortable scenarios, giving out the details before the time. For instance, if there are language barrier or hearing issues between you and the driver, the other party will get the notice to prevent awkward moments or misunderstanding.

  • ???? Reliability

Although not all Uber drivers are reliable, at least a considerable number of them are legit in their work. Just like in other alternatives where several scandals and trip cancellation have been reported, the Uber Company has been working hard lately to punish those that do not comply with their terms. Currently, you will find several reliable Uber cars and driver ready to take you wherever you want.


Uber is a company that is currently doing well, and despite the launching of other apps to serve the same purpose, Uber still stand out among the rest.

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