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Tips on how to become an Uber Eats restaurant partner

Last updated: May 15, 2021

With the growing popularity of Uber Eats, restaurants are seeking an association to grow together with the company and boost their sales. So, how can you create a partnership between your restaurant and Uber Eats?  What strategies can you adopt to ensure that your restaurant always remains competitive among Uber Eats customers? Below are the answers to these questions.

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Just like any other form of a business partnership, you need to show interest to the other party and sign an agreement on the terms of the partnership.  If you wish to get your restaurant registered with Uber Eats, it’s required that you first fill an interest form.

Details to be filled in the interest form include the name your restaurant, and other details including a physical address. If you have several restaurants in different locations but under the same name and you wish to register them all, the interest form allows you to do that unconditionally.

You must also indicate the number of weekly orders you presume your restaurant could achieve. Most probably, the more the number of orders, the higher the chance that your partnership request will be accepted.

If your request gets approved, Uber Eats will provide all the logistics for ordering, delivery, and payment for your restaurant. You’ll be privileged to have tapped into a large network, so you’ll get more orders for your food. Besides, your food will be delivered to customers faster; thus, this is another way in which your business will be boosted.

Uber Eats Restaurant Partner
Uber Eats Restaurant Partner
  • Indulge customers’ taste buds with a variety of choices

The following thing after a successful partnership is creating an Uber Eats menu that will delight customers. If the restaurant is new or rather has just signed up for Uber Eats, the Uber Eats team holds the responsibility to add the menu to the system. However, once the restaurant manager has added the initial menus, you can be able to adjust the menu by yourself using the menu maker.

Don’t just stick to the primary menu that every restaurant offers. Make an extra effort to get something unique, and of course, one that is mouthwatering. Remember not just to give items names because customers might not really know what that is; indicate the particulars used to make the item.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be about food, consider even cocktails, fruits, and more.

You can have different menus at different times of the day. You just have to make sure that the menu matches the time you offer it. You could set meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner accordingly. For instance, you offer desserts for lunch rather than having them on your breakfast menu.

You could also customize larger meals with small items such as toppings and condiments. For instance, if it’s a chicken sandwich, you can customize it with ketchup and tomatoes. Similarly, you can create a group of smaller items and link them to a large meal. Like you could create a group consisting of ketchup, tomatoes, and mustard for instance, and link it to a meal like a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich. The idea here is to get your customers a variety of options from which to choose.

  • ✨Make quick menu updates/ adjustments

Do you have something new? Or maybe have you gone out of stock of a particular item? Such updates should be made on the menu as soon as they occur. It’s disappointing when an order is selected from your restaurant, just to apologize that it not available at that moment when you should have updated that on the menu instead.

Speaking of menu updates and adjustments, if you have multiple restaurant locations, you’ll be required to make adjustments to each restaurant location individually. The menu maker doesn’t have a way to make menu updates for multiple restaurant locations automatically.

You can observe the item that has more customers and make sure that the item never gets out of stock. In so doing, you’ll be retaining customers and attracting new ones at the same time.

Do the changes you make take long? Well no. But it depends on what adjustments you make. Some adjustments, like removing items on the menu and lowering the prices for items happen spontaneously without needing to be reviewed by the Uber Eats team. On the contrary, other changes need to be approved by the Uber Eats team before they can show up for customers to see. The Uber Eats Company does that ensure quality and consistency in its operation. The Uber Eats team whatsoever ensures that it takes the shortest time possible to address the adjustment.

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