List Of Things That You Need To Know About Uber Helicopter

List Of Things That You Need To Know About Uber Helicopter

???? Meaning of uber helicopter

Uber helicopter is the first multimodal experience of the uber that leverages the power of its platform. This means that there is a use of the Uber app to book a flight to and the heliports. Besides, it acts as a foremost step of transforming aviation in the towns and streamlining product mobility through urban air.

???? Steps for booking a uber helicopter

Key in your specified destination on the Uber app. On the resulting menu, select the copter, then confirm the location that you will be picked.

Select the number of seats, and click on Next

Select your preferred route, and then click on Next. Follow this instruction by tapping on agree and appeal to finalize the booking.

???? How uber helicopter works

Direct air carriers’ partners, such as LLC and Heli Flite, are the leading operators of the flights. Note that uber is not a direct air carrier, making it not to be involved in the flight operation. When it comes to the service of the uber copter, its travelling experience is multimodal. So, by booking it, the trip will be arranged, and included in the uber app. the booking, particularly in London, is available from 8 am to 6 pm, starting from Monday to Friday.

What you need for uber helicopter flight

???? One baggage, and personal item

The weight of baggage should not exceed 50 pounds, and its total length, width, and height should not be more than 62 inches. On the other hand, the personal items that you are expected to have are a briefcase, purse, and a laptop bag. It is essential to keep in mind that the bag stated as the personal item should be able to accommodate your feet or lap. Extra luggage beyond that does not meet the stated requirement may fail to be allowed in the helicopter. Alternatively, it may lead to a change of the time scheduled for the flight due to high weight or loss of balance.

???? National Identity card

For one to be allowed in the copter flight, the name present in his/her ID must match perfectly with the names used in creating a uber account. It is the one used to reinforce security as it is checked at check-in. The activity carried out here is stressed further by asking passengers questions regarding the validity of the ID owner.

????️ Weight of the passenger

The passengers’ weight is taken before the flight as a way of operation verification, and compliance of the regulations meant to reinforce safety. Remember that the importance of personal luggage should also be included here.

???? Prohibited items

Many items, especially those that can act as a primary cause of any form of an accident during the flight, are not permitted in the uber helicopter. Some of such items include explosives, aerosol cans, lithium batteries, e-cigarettes, flammables, radioactive materials, oxidizers, weapons, and toxins. Other items such as pets are prohibited, but they can be allowed to travel under particular conditions.

Benefits of umber helicopter

???? Safety

This is a top-notch priority that is given to all flight passengers. This is why umber helicopters Dubai is operated by top-ranked partners licensed by carriers of direct air. All the partners involved here, such as Heli Flite, has been given high safety ratings. Such ratings typically come after confirmation of the operator’s safety programs. Furthermore, some additional features in Heli Flite reinforce more security. Such features include dual-piloted aircraft, twin engines, and instrument-rated pilots. The other system that has been put in place by the Heli Flite management safety system. The system uses an approach of data-driven to prevent the occurrence of an accident. To achieve this, the system incorporates analysis of trends and reporting of hazard robust.


Uber helicopter has come to save time that was previously wasted on travelling. For instance, it offers door-to-door trips to the airport to save the time that an individual can spend in traffic jams.

???? More enjoyable

Today, taking a flight is comparatively the same as making a ride order. For example, when you need to take a trip, you will just be required to key in the umber app, specify the time of your departure, and the number of seats you want. Umber representatives will do the rest for you.

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