How Does Addison Lee Compare With Uber

How Does Addison Lee Compare With Uber?

Traveling is something we can’t avoid. If you are navigating London for fun or you are heading for a business trip, you might consider hiring a taxi. So between Addison Lee and Uber, which one should you consider using for your trip services? Well, Addison Lee and Uber are both great companies popular used in the UK. They were both launched to offer similar services to the passengers. However, you comprehend that competition is the only thing that makes a business thrive, and these two are no exceptions. In this article, we are going to share with you a comprehensive comparison between Uber and Addison Lee to help you make an informed decision when working with either of them.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee is one of the popularly used apps in the UK that work the same way as Uber. Though it is similar to Uber, it is tailored more excellently. Passengers argue that they wait up to 35 minutes after booking; however, you can try booking in advance. This app best-fit airport journeys since a specific pick up time must be confirmed in advance.


Uber is a fast-growing app in the UK, offering a variety of vehicles to choose from depending on the size, quality, and cost. For pocket-friendly services, UberX is well known for fast pick up and will arrive at your doorstep in minutes. Addison Lee is arguably equated to UberXL in the aspects of car size. Due to high demand, the prices increase up to 1.3X, making the UberXL option fare to surge £1 higher than the Addison Lee fare. Basically, most drivers use white Prius car models, which are relatively smaller than the Addison Lee vehicles. The Uber drivers are also courteous, and they maintain a high level of hygiene.

How Addison Lee and Uber compare

Despite the Addison Lee offering great services to the passengers, it is yet to up their game in their marketing strategy. Launched in October 2014, the company has been offering a discount to attract customers. Anyone who has had any experience with Uber for the last 2.5 years and Addison Lee for the last ten years can attest to the following:


You have read so many stories about Uber pricing, right? Well, UberX is commonly used because it is a cheap option. It looks forward to enlarging the market for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank by attracting individuals who have never had experience with taxi service before. Addison Lee, on the other hand, is consistent in the way it charges its clients. It is literally 50% expensive compared to UberX without including when there are surging prices.


If you have used Uber services before, you understand how incredibly slick the experience is. You only need to click on the app, tab the type of Uber you want, and the car turns up at your doorstep. After ordering, you will receive the receipt on your email, with the information that you provide. Addison Lee, on the other hand, argues on how much it has invested in upgrading its technology, giving the passengers an easy experience. That said, the Addison Lee has the technical expertise, and the passengers have to navigate through many steps when ordering compared to the Uber app.


One thing that differentiates Addison Lee and the Uber is the approach of ordering a taxi ahead of time. Uber offers an on-demand taxi service, which means the taxi driver has no specific time to pick you at your location. This is presumably an aspect not ideal for early morning travelers to the airport. You also need to know that the Addison Lee option provides on-demand service; however, the waiting time is somehow longer compared to Uber.


Addison Lee and Uber are two competitive companies devoted to offering exemplary trip services to passengers. The fact that Uber offers low fare, convenience, and slick traveling experience to the passengers, there is still a lot that you can enjoy from the Addison Lee counterpart. Just compare the two wisely and select the best, depending on your needs.

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