Best Lessons From Uber Kids

Best Lessons From Uber Kids

Uber kids were introduced to ensure that the concerns of the parents are well addressed. With uber kids, the transport of children, especially during school activities, has been made easier. To be safe, it is good to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by uber concerning their transport system. The instructions come in handy should any single thing happens.

For starters, it is good to remember that kids are not allowed to have uber accounts, so they can only use an adult account or family profile accounts for transport. Also, it would be unwise to let little kids ride without an adult accompanying them. Here is further information about uber kids.

Barnardo and Uber partnership

Uber has always been concerned about the safety of their customers. When it comes to kids, the concern is upped a notch higher. This is by partnering with a film that trains their clients on tips to safeguarding the kids and also the vulnerable. The training entails the identification of behavioral patterns in the victims that show signs of distress or panic. Note that It is always safe to hire uber drivers who have taken Bernardo’s training course to transport your kids.

Uber kid seats

This is a very vital feature in uber kids. When it comes to uber kids, ensure you know the ride seat for your kid. Also, not always will you find a uber taxi with uber child seat so, be sure to procure a decent chair that you will always bring for the ride.

Child seat guidelines

When using a child seat, the assumption is that the kid is 12 years old or below and that the kid is 1.3m tall. Kids above 12 years and above 1.3m tall need not use a child seat. Furthermore, they are always expected to have the seat belt worn.

There are two types of child seats available.

  • Concerning height known as i-size seats. In the UK, only buy child seats label E and having R129 number. This means that the European Union certifies the position.
  • Regarding weight. You buy these, bearing in mind the weight of your kid. Again, they must be certified by the European Union by being labeled E and have ECE R44.

When fitting the seats in the Uber taxi, ensure that the car’s seats have diagonal seat belts. Also, ensure that the anchor points in the car seats are ISOFIX certified.

Suggestions when using Uber kids

In case you are paranoid

Uber guarantees your safety. This is by ensuring that you can always notify your close contacts of where you are. This makes you feel safe as you are sure that you know that someone is aware of where you or your kid is.

When on transit, you can share the whereabouts of your kid to up to 5 people in your contacts, and these will receive information about where your kid is and the information on the driver and his vehicle.

The family profiles

uber allows you to include your whole family in your account. This is helpful since your kids cannot have their uber accounts. With the family profile, your kids will be billed on your card, and this becomes very effective. With the family profile, you will be in control, especially when it comes to having your teenage kids using the uber rides. You will always receive all the records concerning their travels. It always elicits a sense of control, knowing the whereabouts of your kids.

Trip of more than four passengers

What happens when you are five in number, or even six. Remember, ordinary uber taxis can only accommodate four passengers. Well, it is good to know that uber have you covered. With UberXL, you can request a ride for the six of you and get more space for your luggage. The service is affordable, and you will be guaranteed comfort by using vans.

To request for UberXL is very easy, visit the site or you the app and after keying in your destination, press the UberXL option and confirm. Your ride will be an awesome one. Keep in mind that the payment method to be used will be the one you use for ordinary uber rides only that the charge will be a little more.

The best thing about using UberXL is that you will have more space in the vehicle, meaning that your kids will have a comfortable ride.

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