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List Of Things You Need To Know About Uber Assist In The Uk

List Of Things You Need To Know About Uber Assist In The UK

Last updated: May 15, 2021

Recently, Uber has experienced resistance over allegations of not paying drivers properly. This challenge has done little, if anything at all, in blurring Uber’s vision. The multinational seems more determined than ever. It has even introduced a new feature known as Uber Assist.

????Who is Uber Assist for?

Uber Assist comes to the rescue of physically disabled customers, and those with limited vision and mobility. The service must have been one of the best travel solutions for expectant women. Let’s dig deeper into what Uber Assist is and its application.

???? What are the available options?

Anyone who needs extra assistance in commuting has two options; Uber Assist, and UberWAV. These are the services we’re going to narrow down on.

⛍ Uber Assist

This program hooks up trained drivers with their clients who need extra assistance with either boarding or alighting.

✔ What are the requirements?

Uber Assist drivers must first be trained and certified by qualified third parties, on assisting special needs customers.

Vehicle operating under Uber Assist also must be adequately spacious to accommodate the customers’ aid equipment such as wheelchairs, foldable scooters, walkers, and clutches. Drivers are also inducted on how to help a customer from a wheelchair into the cab.

???? What you should expect

One awesome feature for customers who need an Uber Assist is that they do not have to pay extra for the driver’s assistance. The rates are exactly as those charged for UberX rides. The only downside is that since not many drivers sign up under Uber Assist, the average waiting time is longer.

Uber Assist is available in the majority of the developed nations with Uber presence, including the UK.

♿ UberWAV

UberWAV is just like a specialty Uber Assist. If you’re in a wheelchair for some reason, and the wheelchair doesn’t fold (most motorized wheelchairs do not fold), UberWAV is for you.

What are the requirements?

Cabs operating under UberWAV are required to have a ramp or a lift to help the rider board in a wheelchair. WAV actually stands for ‘wheelchair-accessible vehicle’. With a ramp at the back of the car, the cab driver just pushes the ride in a wheelchair into the car. Those cars with a lift help the driver board his rider without the latter having to leave his/her wheelchair.

Just like with Uber Assist, these drivers must undergo training and certification by a third-party provider. The drivers learn all about safety while assisting and driving a customer in a wheelchair.

???? What you should expect

Average wait time is also an issue here. It’s due to a smaller number of drivers and cabs qualifying and willing to operate UberWAV. The charges are also standard, same as UberX.

UberWAV is currently under test in a number of US cities and overseas in the UK and Australia.

???? How do I use Uber Assist and UberWAV?

Using Uber Assist or UberWAV is as easy as ordering a ride the ordinary way. Follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Uber app on your smartphone. If you’re new with Uber, you simply download the app on the Google Play for Android users or the Apple Store if you use an iPhone. create an account, and you’re good to go.
  • Type in your destination on the box marked “Where to?”. A drop-down list pops up with suggested places matching your search term(s).
  • Verify the pick-up and destination points. Scroll down to choose between Assist and WAV. These options will show if only you’re in a country with these Uber services.
  • Subject to driver availability, the request will go through, and you’ll be asked to wait. If there is no driver available, you can try again after a while. As you wait, you can track your cab on the app.

Cybercrime has crept into every corner of the digital world. Hackers can intercept your info and impersonate your driver, for whatever malicious intents. When the cab arrives, make sure to check the license plate and car model against the information on the app. If in doubt, ask the driver his name. If it doesn’t cause him discomfort, he/she is most probably legit.


Uber assists play an integral part in the traveling field. They always ensure our loved ones with disabilities have safe riding experiences.

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