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How To DoorDash In 2024 [Step-By-Step]

If the idea of working as a delivery driver in your spare time crossed your mind before, you’ve likely heard … Read more

If the idea of working as a delivery driver in your spare time crossed your mind before, you’ve likely heard of DoorDash. It’s one of the better-known delivery apps next to household names Uber Eats and Grubhub.

Maybe you’re a beginner wondering how to DoorDash in 2024 and are looking for a guide to get you started.

If so, you’re in the right place; this article covers everything from requirements to payments and the signup process.

How DoorDashing Works

DoorDash is one of the best-known food delivery apps in the US. The company behind it has partnered with popular restaurants in over 7,000 U.S. cities. Outside the US, DoorDash is available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a DoorDash delivery person, you get paid for picking up and dropping off food for DoorDash customers every day, but you must meet the platform’s criteria to sign up. We discuss them below.

DoorDash doesn’t have strict vehicle requirements for Dashers. You can Dash for the app with almost any vehicle, be it a motorbike, car, bicycle, e-bike, or scooter.

Free Welcome Kit

When you successfully sign up as a new Dasher, you can request a free welcome kit containing materials you’ll need for deliveries.

These materials include insulated bags (the hot bag), starter manuals, and the platform’s Red Card. The hot bag keeps the food you’re delivering warm, while the pre-funded Dasher Red Card pays for the items you’ll pick up.

Please note that you don’t need the welcome kit to start delivering. The app will send you orders you can do without the bag. Once you complete your first Dash, you’ll receive an email and text informing you when your hot bag will arrive.

Declining and Accepting Orders and Deliveries

You set your schedule with DoorDash.

When you open the app, it’ll show you available orders along with their minimum earnings and distance. Use this data to decide whether they’re worth taking. You have 40 seconds to decide before DoorDash shows the order to another Dasher.

When you accept an order, you can use the Dasher app to navigate your way to the pickup and drop-off locations.

Telling the restaurant staff you’re delivering for DoorDash and giving them the customer’s name is enough to identify yourself.

Top Dashers recommend reading the order’s special delivery instructions in the Dasher app while waiting for the order. It’ll save you time at the delivery point. You can also contact the customer directly if you have any questions (via in-app phone or text).

DoorDash doesn’t impose a minimum acceptance rate. Therefore, you can decline as many orders as you like without worrying about your account being deactivated.

We go into more detail on how DoorDash pickups work in another article.

Getting Paid

You’re expected to provide a bank account when you sign up for DoorDash. The platform offers three ways to receive your DoorDash earnings: you can get paid instantly, daily, or weekly.  

DoorDash provides instant fee-free payments through its DasherDirect program. You can join and get a DasherDirect card, which the app loads with your earnings after each Dash. With it, you also earn 2% cashback on gas and other purchases.

Through Fast Pay, you can cash out your earnings daily for a small fee ($1.99). This option requires a direct debit card and that you meet Fast Pay’s eligibility criteria.

Finally, DoorDash pays you directly into your bank account every week.

Regarding the types of earnings you’re entitled to after every Dash, they include:

  • Base Pay: This is the set amount you receive for every Dash. DoorDash calculates it using the order’s estimated time, distance, and desirability. You’ll also receive tips on top of it.
  • Promotions: DoorDash runs promotions that pay you more per delivery. These include peak pay (e.g., during busy times or a dinner rush), challenges, and delivery streaks (back-to-back orders). You can see these higher-paying opportunities and their locations within the app.

You can see what you’ve earned for the day by opening the “Earnings” tab in the app. There, you can cash out your Fast Pay or DasherDirect earnings and view your earnings history.

Tips to Earn More Money With DoorDash

If you’re ready to start delivering for DoorDash, keep the following tips in mind to earn extra money:

  • Choose Good Delivery Times: To maximize the number of orders you embark on and earn more as a Dasher, deliver during peak hours—lunch and dinner time.
  • Contact Support: Always contact DoorDash support if you run into any issues during a delivery. It’ll save you the heartache of lowering your completion rate due to botched orders.
  • Book Dashes In Advance: DoorDash is competitive, and a gray map means less money. You can avoid this by scheduling Dashes early; the app lets you plan days ahead.
  • Abide By Customer Instructions: If you want to earn tips from customers, you’ll need to follow their instructions to the letter, as well as provide impeccable service.
  • Keep Customers Posted: It can help to send regular updates to customers to ensure that they’re always informed about the status of their deliveries. This transparency will go a long way to getting a good rating. Also, while there’s no guarantee, you could earn tips from happy customers in this way.
  • Look Out for Promos: DoorDash promos equal higher-paying delivery gigs. Keep an eye out for them.

Implementing the above tips could help you maintain a spotless DoorDash record, which can affect the desirability and frequency of the orders you receive.

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