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How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make in 2024? [Explained]

  • Uber Eats drivers earn between $12.87 and $19.77 per hour, with annual incomes ranging from about $26,770 to $41,121 for full-time work.
  • Earnings depend on local demand, time of day, and area. Tips and strategic scheduling during peak hours can increase income significantly.
  • Cities like San Francisco, Bay Area, and San Diego top the list, with average hourly earnings up to $19.77.
  • Drivers’ pay includes base pay, bonuses, and tips. Optimizing work times and locations can maximize earnings.

How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make in 2024?

Uber Eats drivers typically earn between $12.87 and $19.77 per hour, based on city-specific data. This translates to an annual income range of approximately $26,770 to $41,121 for a standard 40-hour work week.

The variance in earnings is influenced by factors such as local demand, the time of day, and the specific area within a city.

Tips significantly boost income, and strategic scheduling during peak hours or high-demand days can further enhance earnings.

Type of PayAmount
Average hourly pay:Ranges from $12.87 to $19.77, depending on the city.
Base pay per hour:Averages $7.17, forming the foundation of the earnings.
Bonus pay per hour:Averages $0.31, contributing to the variability in total earnings.
Tips per hour:Averages $7.70, significantly boosting overall income.
Best days to work:Typically include Sunday and Saturday, indicating higher demand on weekends.
Best ours to work:Varies greatly, with some peak times in the early morning (1:00 AM) and others in the evening (6:00 PM to 8:00 PM).

These insights suggest that while base pay forms a consistent part of earnings, bonuses and especially tips play a crucial role in increasing the total income. Additionally, choosing the right days and times to work can further optimize earnings for Uber Eats drivers.

Top-Paying Cities and States for Uber Eats Drivers

Now let’s take a look at the city-specific numbers. We’ve taken the 15 top cities among the 60 in total that we analyzed:

City, StateAverage Hourly PayBase Pay per HourBonus Pay per HourTips per Hour
San Francisco19.7711.101.657.02
Bay Area19.5811.551.156.88
San Diego19.339.871.547.92
Los Angeles18.079.241.896.94
Washington, D.C.
Top 15 Averages17.668.620.708.27
Data source: Marketplace Insights

The Best Times to Drive In Those Cities and States

City, StateBest Days to WorkBest Hours To WorkAmounts Earned
San FranciscoSunday, Tuesday, Saturday1.00 AM17.33
Bay AreaSunday, Tuesday, Saturday7.00 AM14.90
San DiegoSunday, Tuesday, Saturday1.00 AM17.00
SacramentoSunday, Monday, Tuesday6.00 PM14.33
SeattleSunday, Monday, Saturday2.00 AM18.87
Los AngelesSunday, Tuesday, Saturday6.00 PM12.02
MinneapolisSunday, Friday, Saturday2.00 AM18.81
RiversideSunday, Tuesday, Wednesday2.00 AM13.80
KnoxvilleSunday, Friday, Saturday10.00 PM19.21
AkronSunday, Tuesday, Saturday7.00 AM20.18
CharlestonMonday, Wednesday, Saturday10.00 PM15.14
HuntsvilleSunday, Monday, Saturday1.00 AM16.33
PortlandMonday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM17.93
DenverSunday, Friday, Saturday4.00 AM15.50
Washington, D.C.Sunday, Friday, Saturday5.00 AM17.31
Top 15 Averages16.58
Data source: Marketplace Insights

How is Uber Eats Driver Pay Calculated?

Uber Eats driver pay is determined by a mix of base fare, trip supplements, promotions, and tips.

The base fare encompasses pickup and drop-off fees, along with charges for distance and occasionally time. Trip supplements are added for more extended or intricate trips.

During busy periods or in areas with high demand, promotions such as Boost and Surge enhance earnings. Additionally, drivers retain 100% of their tips.

  • Base Fare: Calculated for each delivery, including pickup and drop-off fees, plus a distance rate.
  • Trip Supplements: Added for deliveries that require more time or cover a longer distance.
  • Promotions: Includes Boost (higher rates at specific times/places) and Surge (extra pay during high-demand periods).
  • Tips: Drivers receive all tips from customers, adding to their overall earnings.
  • Hourly Pay: On average, drivers can earn around $20-$25 per hour, varying based on location and time.

Factors Affecting Uber Eats Driver Earnings

vector graphic of an uber eats driver riding a bike and money icons flying out behind him to show how much do uber eats drivers make

Uber Eats drivers’ earnings are influenced by several key factors. The total number of orders they fulfill, the distance covered for each delivery, and the efficiency in completing pickups and drop-offs are essential determinants of their income.

Additionally, the location where drivers operate matters; drivers in densely populated areas often see more orders, potentially leading to higher earnings.

Tips from customers also significantly contribute to an Uber Eats driver’s income. While tipping is at the customers’ discretion, drivers often notice that prompt and friendly service can result in more substantial tips.

On average, a driver might receive around $5 in tips per delivery, which meaningfully increases their overall earnings.

Don’t Forget About Expenses and Deductions

Working as an Uber Eats driver involves various expenses that can impact the actual income a driver takes home.

Fuel expenses are a significant factor, fluctuating based on the distance covered for each delivery. Vehicle maintenance, necessitated by regular wear and tear, is another cost that drivers must factor into their earnings calculations, as it can affect the job’s overall profitability.

Drivers should also account for other costs, such as the investment in a smartphone and data plan for using the Uber Eats app, any extra insurance required for delivering food, and parking fees incurred during pickups and drop-offs at restaurants.

To understand their real earnings, drivers need to deduct these expenses from their gross income.

Easy Ways To Maximize Earnings

To maximize your earnings as an Uber Eats driver, consider these easy strategies.

Firstly, capitalize on surge pricing and high-demand periods. You’ll find that working during lunch and dinner rushes, when food delivery demand spikes, can significantly increase your pay. Uber Eats often offers boost promotions during these times, further enhancing your earning potential.

Next, Efficient planning and smart decision-making are also key. Target densely populated areas to find more orders and complete deliveries faster.

Additionally, consider working with multiple food delivery services concurrently. This approach ensures a consistent flow of orders, allowing you to optimize your earning time.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively increase your earnings as an Uber Eats driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Uber Eats Drivers Get Paid?

Uber Eats drivers get paid through weekly direct deposits, with earnings calculated from Monday to the following Monday and deposited by Thursday, or through instant cashouts, allowing immediate transfer of available funds to a debit card or bank account, usually instant but sometimes taking up to three days.

Is Driving for Uber Eats Worth It?

Driving for Uber Eats is a flexible way to supplement income, offering the freedom to choose hours and delivery methods.

While it’s not the highest-paying option and involves expenses like vehicle wear and tear, for those seeking a low-commitment side hustle, it can be worth it for extra earnings.

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