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Easy Ways To Get Drizly Free Delivery In 2022

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Drizly is a delivery app that allows those of legal age to purchase alcohol and have it delivered to their doorstep.

This app prevents making long trips to the nearby liquor store, grocery shop, or convenience store.

The perks of using Drizly are that consumers do not have to find a shop and secure transportation to and from the store. But how can customers get Drizly free delivery?

Find out more about why Drizly makes it easy for consumers to browse a wide range of liquor, wine, and beer from their homes.

What is Drizly Alcohol Delivery?

Customers who want to take advantage of this alcohol delivery app need to know how to use the app, the shipping details, and the factors influencing the app delivery times.

How Does Drizly Work?

New users must understand how to use the app to avoid any missed orders or issues ordering alcohol for delivery.

Customers must go through these steps to correctly place an order on the app:

  1. Register online using the Drizly homepage
  2. Place an order through the smartphone app
  3. Pay for the order via the app
  4. Choose delivery preferences (i.e., leave at the front desk, don’t ring the bell, etc.)
  5. The retailer sends a confirmation to the consumer
  6. The delivery driver checks the government ID
  7. Done!

How Much Does Drizly Cost to Deliver?

There are various fees associated with Drizly delivery.

The average delivery price for most orders is $5 — however, this number depends on the specific market the consumers use and fee zones.

In addition to the delivery fee, Drizly also charges a $1.99 service fee that takes care of the maintenance, products, and services offered by the app.

Lastly, the final fee customers should keep in mind is the ground shipping flat rate cost.

This flat rate price is pre-determined by the retailer and courier, meaning it can differ based on the specific store customers order from.

Does Drizly Charge More Than Other Delivery Apps?

Drizly has a delivery fee of $5 for most orders.

Compared to other alcohol delivery apps, this is a competitive price.

Does Drizly Do Free Shipping?

Drizly does not do free shipping.

The delivery costs for each customer’s order vary depending on the location and the specific store.

However, consumers can find resources to get discounts on shipping or free shipping fees through coupons, rewards, and promo codes for current users.

Why Does Drizly Take So Long to Deliver?

The Drizly delivery times differ based on the time of the order, delivery location, order volume, and real-time traffic conditions in the specific area.

Some factors are outside of the app’s control, such as traffic accidents, road closures, or lack of stock within a specific store.

However, Drizly still aims to have most orders delivered within the hour.

Ways to Get Drizly Free Delivery

Customers who want to get alcohol delivered to their doorstep need to know how to use the app and cut down on delivery costs.

Although Drizly does not offer free delivery on normal orders, there are certain coupons, rewards, and promo codes which reduce delivery fees.

Although Drizly does not offer free shipping to their consumers, certain websites offer coupon codes and rewards for current or new users, whereas Drizly offers promo codes for existing users to cut down on delivery fees.

1. Drizly Coupon Code

Various websites offer Drizly coupon codes, such as Forbes, Coupon Follow, Retail Me Not, Wired, and others.

2. Drizly Rewards

There is no Drizly rewards program for current or future users, but Drizly does offer a referral program that can provide current users with Drizly rewards.

This program provides every user who refers to another person with a $5 promo code for products.

3. Drizly Promo Codes for Existing Users

Drizly provides rewards for those who are current and frequent use of Drizly by including promo codes.

These promo codes range from free delivery on bulk orders to $5 off expensive orders.

Coupon Follow, Ridester, and Hot Deals all offer a range of promo codes for current users.

Other Apps that Offer Free Alcohol Delivery

What if you want free delivery for your alcohol?

Other apps offer alcohol delivery, like Saucey, Winc, Minibar, Swill, Postmates, Curiada, Reserve Bar, and many others.

However, all alcohol apps currently on the market cost money for delivery:

  • Saucey — $4.99 delivery fee  
  • Winc — $13 per bottle for a monthly subscription
  • Minibar — $3 to $5 delivery fee
  • Swill — Depends on products purchased
  • Postmates — $0.99 to $3.99 for partners
  • Curiada — $17.99 delivery fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who are considering using Drizly need to know the most commonly asked questions to learn how to use the app and avoid high delivery fees.

How does Drizly know your age?

Drizly uses an age verification process to ensure the app user is of legal age to order and consume alcohol.

The delivery courier requires the consumer to produce a valid government-issued ID that states the customer is over 21 years old.

The delivery driver uses barcode scanning technology to ensure the person’s ID is valid.

If a person does not provide a legal ID, the delivery driver has every right to refuse delivery.

Deliveries returned to the merchant will incur a $20 fee.

Does Drizly accept cash?

Drizly does not accept cash for orders.

However, in some locations, consumers can tip their delivery drivers using cash.

Customers can only use credit cards or debit cards to pay for their orders.

Wrapping Up

Drizly is a reputable alcohol delivery app that can deliver wine, beer, and liquors to customers who are of legal age.

Since this company only has a delivery fee of $5 for most orders, this offers a competitive rate compared to other apps.

For consumers who want to purchase alcohol without going to their closest liquor store or grocery shop, Drizly is a convenient and fast method to order products.

Do you have more questions about Drizly and its service terms?

Comment below if you need to find out more information about this app.

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    April 25, 2022
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