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What Instacart Background Checks Look For & How To Pass

  • Mandatory for all applicants, conducted annually to ensure ongoing safety standards.
  • Checks driving and criminal history, focusing on potential risks to customers.
  • Typically completed in 3-7 business days, but can vary based on record availability.
  • Applicants can dispute inaccuracies in their background check results.

What is an Instacart Background Check?

An Instacart Background Check is a mandatory process for all applicants who apply to become Instacart shoppers.

This check is conducted using the applicant’s Social Security Number to access both public and private databases for relevant information.

Instacart outsources these background checks to two companies, Checkr and Sterling, who inform applicants prior to conducting the check. Applicants receive a copy of their background check results.

These checks are not a one-time procedure; Instacart requires them annually to ensure the safety of its employees, business partners, and customers.

Applicants must consent to and pass this background check to work with Instacart, as the company does not allow anyone to shop for them without undergoing this process.

What Does the Instacart Background Check Look For?

Instacart background checks primarily look for red flags in an applicant’s driving and criminal history. These mainly include red flags that would put customers at risk during interactions with a shopper.

For driving history, the check focuses on:

  1. Moving violations.
  2. Instances of driving under the influence.
  3. Major violations indicating negligence towards vehicle safety.

These elements are typically sourced from public driving databases across the country.

Regarding criminal history, the check appears to focus on:

  1. Recent felony convictions.
  2. Any violent crime.
  3. Patterns of crime indicating consistent recidivism.

This information is obtained from public criminal records databases. The process includes an SSN Trace, a Locator Select search, and a search of the Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database.

How Far Back does the Background Check Go?

The duration covered by an Instacart background check is not fixed and varies based on the availability of records and the policies of state and local governments.

Juvenile records are typically not included in these checks, as explicitly mentioned by Sterling, one of the background check companies.

Therefore, there is no specific time limit set for how far back these checks can go.

The Process of Completing an Instacart Background Check

The process of completing an Instacart background check is actually incredibly simple.

First, gather the required documents.

During this process, you’ll need your social security number, a government issued ID, and vehicle insurance if you plan on driving.

Next, consent to the check.

Legally, your consent is necessary for the background check to proceed. Fortunately, this doesn’t involve any extra steps for you, as giving consent is typically integrated into the application process.

How Long Does an Instacart Background Check Take?

The duration of an Instacart background check varies depending on the company conducting it and the availability of your records.

Checkr typically completes the process in 3-7 business days, while Sterling completes 90% of their checks within one business day. However, these timeframes are not guaranteed, and complications can cause delays.

Once submitted, you’ll see yourself move through different statuses:

  • Complete: Your background check is finished, but no conclusions have been drawn yet.
  • Pending: Your background check is ongoing.
  • Clear: Your background check is clear, indicating no issues that would lead to rejection by Instacart.
  • Consider: There are some issues found, but not significant enough for immediate disqualification.
  • Dispute: You are disputing the results of your check.

While it is possible to check your background check status, the process for checking the status varies by company.

Checkr, which frequently handles these checks, provides updates through their candidate portal, to which you’ll have access once notified of the background check.

What Happens If I Get Denied From Instacart?

If you find yourself denied from Instacart due to the results of a background check, it’s important to know that this isn’t necessarily the final decision. You have the option to dispute the background check, and it’s highly recommended to do so.

The reasons for failing an Instacart background check can vary significantly, so there’s still hope if you’re currently facing rejection.

Remember, background check agencies can make mistakes or be uncertain about their findings. If you are rejected, it’s crucial to request a copy of the background check results.

Carefully review them and dispute any discrepancies or inaccuracies that do not align with your experience.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Reversing a rejection decision depends largely on the reasons for your denial.

For instance, a rejection due to a serious criminal conviction like felony murder might be more challenging to dispute compared to minor issues such as a few traffic violations.

However, each case is unique, and outcomes can vary.

How to Dispute a Rejected Background Check

Like much of what we’ve covered so far, how you dispute the rejected background check will depend on the individual company that’s doing it.

For Checkr, you will need to reach out to their disputes email – [email protected] – and explain the reason for your dispute. If you make a compelling enough case, it could sway them.

Sterling, on the other hand, has more particular instructions that they will detail in the email they send you with your rejection.

These are both what Instacart lists on their website, but if you receive other dispute instructions from the individual company, go with what the company says, as the Instacart page may be out of date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an Instacart Background Check Phone Number?

No, Instacart does not provide a specific phone number for background check inquiries. However, you can contact Checkr via email at [email protected] for disputes.

Sterling, if involved, will provide contact instructions in their email. For non-dispute matters, follow any contact details provided by the background check company.

Can I Do Instacart Without a License?

Yes, you can work for Instacart without a license, but only as an in-store shopper. This role involves shopping for groceries without the delivery aspect. Instacart offers positions specifically for in-store shoppers, allowing you to be part of their team even without a driver’s license.

How Do You Know if Instacart is Deactivated?

Hopefully, you will find this out when Instacart sends you an email notifying you of this development. Otherwise, you might find out only by discovering that you can’t log in to your account in the Instacart shopper app.

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