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How Costco Same-Day Delivery Works [Step-By-Step]

Do you want your groceries and other perishables delivered to your doorstep? Try Costco same-day delivery service and enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Costco partners with Instacart for same-day grocery and perishables delivery.
  • Members can enjoy Costco discounts and special offers through Instacart.
  • Delivery fees start at $3.99 for orders over $35; service fees also apply.
  • Instacart Express Membership offers free delivery on orders over $35 and reduced service fees.

Does Costco Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Costco’s same-day delivery is a convenient service, allowing people to get their orders in as little as two hours.

This concept changed the nature of grocery shopping and delivery with an efficiency that suits our fast-paced lives.

This article will explain the nature of same-day delivery offered by Costco, including third-party apps like Instacart. So, if you want to benefit from this service, keep reading.

Costco’s Same-Day Delivery Options

There are two ways to have Costco orders delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

Through Costco

Costco members can order perishable products, including meat, poultry, produce, dairy, and seafood, delivered on the same day by Instacart.

Members subscribe to one of two tiers for several benefits, including a same-day or two-day delivery.

They get discounts on Costco travel, free technical support on electronics, and have their prescriptions filled and picked up or delivered to their locations.

They also get discounts and exclusive offers from Costco partners.

Head to Costco’s website and add items to your same-day delivery cart. This will be different from your regular Costco.com cart.

This service is available in certain zip codes, so you must check the website regularly for updates. All eligible items will be listed.

Browse all the items available for same-day delivery and add them to your cart. Then, choose your delivery window and check out.

Instacart assigns a professional shopper who heads to Costco and navigates the aisles of your local store, gathering your items and ensuring that they’re adding fresh ones to your cart.

Through Instacart

Instacart fulfills deliveries for Costco. This is a leading grocery delivery platform that matches you with an available Instacart shopper who picks up your order and delivers it in as little as two hours.

You can access this service from the Instacart app, which allows you to make orders from various stores. Prices are substantially higher on Instacart

screenshot showing costco instacart screenshot

Understanding the Costs

The convenience of same-day delivery is undeniable, but it’s crucial to understand all the costs involved before choosing this service.

Delivery Fees

Instacart charges a delivery fee that starts at $3.99 for same-day orders that cost more than $35. Orders with a total of less than $35 have higher delivery costs, so it’s best to order in bulk to save money.

Several factors can affect your delivery fee, including the day, delivery window, and order size.

Orders you make during busy times like weekends and surge hours will cost more money.

Service Charge

Instacart applies a service charge to your order and the delivery fee. This fee helps cover operational costs, shopper background checks, and customer support to keep the application working.

This service charge varies depending on the nature of your order and the number of items you ordered.

For example, if your order contains alcohol, it might have a separate higher service charge.

Instacart Express Membership

Instacart+ offers an easy way to save cash while ordering your favorite grocery and household items.

It’s an optional membership program that offers free delivery on orders that exceed $35. Members also enjoy lower service fees and 5% credit back.

You can subscribe for $9.99 per month or $99 per year, and the membership pays for itself after a few orders.

It’s a good investment if you regularly use Instacart to shop from Costco or other vendors. Instacart currently allows new members to use this feature for free for two weeks.

Buffer for Replacements

When you’re using Instacart to shop from Costco, there will be a temporary hold on your credit or debit card for an amount that exceeds your total order.

The shopper can use this extra money when the item you chose isn’t available at the store, and they have to add a replacement.

Some replacement item prices will be higher, and the buffer covers the extra cost. You can opt out of this feature, so if the item you’ve specified in your list isn’t available, the shopper will skip it.

Cost-Saving Strategies

Same-day delivery orders cost more, but you can save money with your orders by following these strategies.

  • Consider combining small orders in one bulk order to reach the minimum of $35. Ordering in bulk also allows you to benefit from the savings by Costco.
  • Select off-peak times to have your orders delivered. You can avoid ordering on weekends and busy time slots, when there will be fewer shoppers available for delivery and the service will cost more.
  • Review your replacements carefully or cancel this feature to prevent the extra costs.

How to Use Costco Same-Day Delivery via Instacart

Using Costco same-day delivery via Instacart is straightforward. The process of creating your account and adding items to your cart doesn’t take much time.

Setting Up Your Account

Head to the Google Play Store or App Store and download Instacart. Then, open the app and press the “Sign Up” tab. You can create an account using a Google account, Apple ID, Facebook account, or email.

Add your personal information, like your name, delivery address, and payment method. Instacart accepts most major credit and debit cards issued in the US and Canada.

At some locations, you can also pay for your orders using Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna, and EBT cards. Instacart doesn’t accept cash payments, but you can tip your shopper in cash.

While setting up your account, you can consider adding a Costco membership to Instacart. This way, you can double your benefits by accessing exclusive Costco membership deals.

Placing Your Order

Once you log in, type Costco in the search bar and select the closest store from the list. It might also be listed as a featured store if there’s an exclusive offer.

screenshot showing how to use costco on instacart

Instacart displays a wide selection of Costco products available for same-day delivery.

Browse the aisles or categories for bakery, fresh produce, groceries, meat, seafood, poultry, and other bulk essentials.

Tap “Add” next to the items you want to add to your cart and adjust the quantity using the plus and minus signs.

Ensure these items are marked as “Available Today” to guarantee they’re eligible for same-day delivery.

You can leave specific instructions like replacement instructions for your shopper if the item you chose is unavailable.

Choosing Delivery Times

After you finish shopping, head to the checkout window. You’ll see several delivery windows for same-day delivery. Most windows are available for one to four-hour delivery.

In some delivery windows, like evenings and weekends, your delivery will cost more, and delivery windows will fill up faster.

Placing your Costco order during off-peak hours results in lower fees and more availability.

Checking Out

Review your order summary, ensuring the items, quantities, and delivery window are correct. Apply any promotions or discounts, if any, including membership discounts or special offers.

screenshot showing how to use costco on instacart

Enter your payment information if you haven’t. Instacart will assign a shopper to head to the nearest Costo to pick up your order.

You can leave any delivery instructions, like not ringing the doorbell or leaving your order at a specified location.

Track your order by checking updates about the shopper’s location and the estimated delivery time.

Instacart allows customers to communicate with shoppers before they deliver the order to discuss special instructions or ask questions.

Adding a tip is suggested when you receive your order successfully.

Tips for a Successful Costco Same-Day Delivery

Maximizing your benefits from Costco’s same-day delivery is possible by following these tips.

  • Order as early as possible to secure your preferred delivery spot. Popular delivery windows fill up early, especially during weekends and peak hours, so try to place your order early to avoid delays.
  • Activate the substitutes option to have all the items you need in one bulk order, and set clear instructions on how you want your shopper to handle substitutes. You can also opt out of this option if you’re worried they will bring something you don’t want.
  • Be responsive and check the app, as your shopper might contact you if they have questions about a specific item.
  • Consider Instacart limitations on bulk and heavy orders. You might need to spread out heavier items across multiple orders.
  • Keep an eye on promotions and discounts that allow you to save more cash.

Alternatives to Costco Same-Day Delivery

Although same-day delivery is a convenient option, there are other alternatives you can consider.

Try next-day delivery if you don’t have an urgent order. This service focuses on non-perishable essentials like pantry products, cleaning supplies, and paper products. Orders above $75 qualify for free delivery.

You can also head to your local Costco and pick your favorite items by yourself. Browse all the products online and add them to your shopping cart, then arrive at the designated time slot and grab your order from the pickup point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Days is Costco’s Standard Delivery?

When you order the standard delivery, you can expect to have your order delivered within two to ten business days. This depends on several factors, like your location and availability of items.

Is Costco Same-Day the Same as Instacart?

Yes, Costco offers a same-day delivery with Instacart. You choose Costco from the Instacart app and add your items to the cart. A shopper will pick up the items from the nearest Costco and deliver them to you.

Are Costco’s Delivery Times Accurate?

The delivery time is an approximation, so expect some deviation. You can track your order using the order number for a better delivery time estimate.

Final Thoughts

Costco offers a same-day delivery service through Instacart, allowing you to have your favorite items delivered to your doorstep within a few hours.

The app is straightforward, and you can save extra money by adding promotion codes.

Try this service before your next Costco order and get items delivered as soon as possible. Follow our tips to set up your accoun

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