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How Much Do Grubhub Drivers Make In 2024? Figures Explained

  • Grubhub pays drivers $13.71 per hour on average, influenced by multiple factors.
  • Payment includes base pay, mileage compensation, bonuses, and customer tips.
  • Earnings can be received via direct deposit or instant cash out options.
  • Earnings vary based on shifts, location, time, day, and vehicle maintenance costs.

Are you looking for a new side hustle? Or are you simply curious about how much other delivery apps pay?

You may be wondering just how much Grubhub pays their delivery drivers!

Food delivery services like Grubhub have risen in popularity thanks to worldwide lockdowns and isolation requirements over the past few years.

Much like any other food delivery service, the premise is simple: they connect hungry customers with restaurants!

The meals get delivered by drivers straight to your doorstep. The driver’s job is to ensure a speedy and safe drop-off of the food.

Working as a food delivery driver can be a great side hustle, as it’s generally pretty flexible. As a driver, you can choose your hours, which can fit around study or other work.

This article will cover:

  • How Grubhub’s payment structure works
  • What factors can impact your earnings
  • The average salary of Grubhub delivery drivers.

Let’s get started!

How Much Does Grubhub Pay?

According to Indeed, Grubhub delivery drivers earn $13.71 per hour on average. However, this is heavily influenced by multiple factors.

First, let’s examine what exactly Grubhub pays its drivers for.

The earnings can change based on a few different factors, but each payment is made up of:

The Base Pay per Order

This refers to the amount of money earned from the order itself.  Before accepting an order, drivers can see how much they’ll make from it.

Then, they can either accept or decline the order. The base payment accounts for the mileage, delivery type, time spent delivering, and the current market.

Grubhub Contribution

Following that, there’s a contribution from Grubhub. On slow days (where drivers earn less than $10 an hour), Grubhub can top up a driver’s earnings as compensation. The top-up is based on the average market in the local area.

However, the drivers must have accepted at least 75% of available orders to be eligible to receive this contribution.

Mileage Compensation

In California, a law requires Grubhub to pay drivers $0.34 per mile in compensation.

This is a part of the legislation Prop 22 that was introduced to protect the right to be your own boss.

Promotion Bonuses

Grubhub also sometimes gives out bonuses to their drivers. This usually happens when a driver completes goals called Missions.

For example, a driver may be able to earn a $10 bonus for completing 4 orders. The Missions appear on the app and change every so often to show completed, active, and upcoming Missions.

Tips from Customers

Finally, the last part of the payment is the tips.

Customers on Grubhub typically tip the driver 10% of the total order cost. However, this can be increased depending on how well the driver performs. This means that drivers can potentially earn more from orders if they provide excellent service.

How Do You Get Paid On Grubhub?

Now, let’s look at how Grubhub sends their drivers their earnings. There are two main ways that Grubhub pays their drivers, which are chosen by personal preference:

Direct Deposit

This is a weekly payment that gets sent straight to a nominated bank account. The payment day is automatically set for Thursdays.

Instant Cash Out

The other way is for drivers to choose to collect their earnings at any particular moment.

This means they could get paid after a couple of days of work rather than waiting a week for the money to come through.

For this method, the earnings either get sent to the driver’s bank account or onto a debit card. The cash out is free for members of Chase Bank, but other bank customers will have to pay a $0.5 fee.

Other Factors That Impact Grubhub Earnings

There are also a few other factors that can affect how much drivers earn from Grubhub.

Much like any other delivery service, drivers can earn more depending on what time they work and how many orders they complete.


Grubhub offers drivers the option of choosing time slots to work. This ensures that there aren’t too many drivers around at any given time.

While this makes the work flexible, it also makes the earnings unpredictable. As the shifts change from week to week, drivers might earn more or less based on what’s available.

Location, time, and day of the week

Another factor that impacts earnings is the location of the delivery area. For example, drivers in highly populated cities like metropolitan areas might earn more due to the orders being concentrated in a smaller space.

The time of day in which a driver is delivering can also be an important factor.

For example, more orders will come through in the evening or at regular meal times, which means drivers will have more work to fulfill. On the other hand, there might not be much work available late at night.

This is also true for different days of the week. Weekends are more likely to be busier, while weekdays will be quieter. Overall, the amount of work available will impact a driver’s earnings.

Order Volume and Efficiency

Sometimes, drivers can receive Bundled orders. These are multiple orders from restaurants that are close to each other.

What this means is that the driver saves time and earns more money from doing orders right after each other.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

However, a factor drivers must consider is how the delivery job will impact their car.

Driving can be dangerous, and getting into minor accidents means more money spent on fixing up your car. These added costs can eventually erode your earnings.

Comparing Grubhub Pay to Other Delivery Services

Grubhub pays drivers around $13.71 an hour. This is just below the average earnings for delivery drivers.

Other delivery companies pay slightly more. For example, Doordash pays drivers around $19.59 an hour, and Instacart pays $15.51.

However, these numbers can be slightly misleading.

The amount of money you can make is influenced by different factors as highlighted above. Some days you might earn more than others, especially during busy periods of the week.

Is Grubhub Worth It? The Verdict

Grubhub is definitely a good side hustle to take on if you’re looking to make some extra cash.

However, I’d recommend using other delivery apps such as Uber Eats or Instacart at the same time to really maximize your earnings!

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