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How Much Does DoorDash Pay Drivers In 2024?

  • DoorDash drivers make an average of $15.03 per hour across 60 cities.
  • Earnings include $14.95 base pay, $0.04 bonus pay, and $7.53 tips.
  • High-earning cities pay up to $16.58 per hour on average.
  • Pay varies by location, time, and demand, with peak hours being most profitable.

Driving for DoorDash is one of the most proven, lucrative ways to make money as an on-demand delivery driver in the gig economy.

But, how much does DoorDash pay drivers – actually – and is this gig still worth considering in 2024?

We’ll break down the data and answer that question in the post below.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay Drivers?

On average, DoorDash drivers make $15.03 per hour, according to earnings data that I analyzed from over 60 of the top cities in the United States.

When we break down the figures behind that number, we find that $14.95 is base pay, $0.04 is bonus pay, and $7.53 is tips.

When we isolate the 15 highest-paying cities among the 60 that we analyze, we find that the average hourly income increases to $16.58. $8.21 is base pay, $0.06 is bonus pay, and $8.32 is tips.

These numbers came in a bit lower than I expected to be honest. After all, Spark drivers are making an average of $22.53 per hour, which is notably higher than this.

However, DoorDash earnings are around what is probably average for a food delivery driver.

Uber Eats, the largest delivery service, pays between $12 and $16, so these figures are not that far off that.

How Does DoorDash Calculate Pay?

DoorDash calculates pay for Dashers using three key components: Base Pay, Promotions, and Tips.

  1. Base Pay: This ranges from $2 to $10+ per order, depending on the estimated time, distance, and desirability. Longer distances, higher times, and less popular orders receive higher base pay.
  2. Promotions: These include Peak Pay and Challenges. Peak Pay offers extra earnings during busy times, while Challenges provide bonuses for completing a certain number of deliveries in a set time frame. Delivery Streaks reward Dashers for completing consecutive deliveries.
  3. Tips: Dashers receive 100% of customer tips, which are added on top of the Base Pay and Promotions. Tips can be given at checkout or after the delivery is completed.

This combination of Base Pay, Promotions, and Tips ensures that Dashers have multiple ways to maximize their earnings while maintaining transparency and fairness.

Example Pay Calculation for DoorDash Drivers

Here’s an example of how DoorDash calculates pay for a delivery:

  1. Base Pay: The order requires the Dasher to travel 8 miles, which is estimated to take 25 minutes. Given the distance and time, DoorDash sets the base pay at $6.
  2. Promotions: The delivery is during a Peak Pay period, offering an additional $3. Additionally, there is a Challenge active, and this delivery completes the requirement for an extra $5 bonus.
  3. Tips: The customer leaves a $4 tip at checkout.

Total Pay Calculation:

  • Base Pay: $6
  • Promotions: $3 (Peak Pay) + $5 (Challenge) = $8
  • Tips: $4

Total Earnings for the Delivery: $6 (Base Pay) + $8 (Promotions) + $4 (Tips) = $18

In this example, the Dasher earns $18 for completing the delivery, with $6 from base pay, $8 from promotions, and $4 from customer tips.

Highest-Paying Cities for DoorDash Drivers

Some cities have a better profit margin than others for DoorDash delivery. Here’s a sampling of the earnings data:

CityAverage Hourly PayBase Pay per HourBonus Pay per HourTips per Hour
San Diego16.649.600.007.04
Washington, D.C.16.358.930.027.41
St. Louis16.167.860.058.25
Top 15 Averages16.588.210.068.32
Data source: Solo

The Best Times to Drive In Those Cities and States

Within the top 15 cities for Spark drivers, we can provide further context by analyzing the best times to drive within that region:

CityBest Days to WorkBest Hours To WorkAmounts Earned
SeattleSunday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM19.76
PortlandSunday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM19.74
DenverSunday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM18.33
SpringfieldThursday, Friday, Saturday6.00 PM18.75
Tacoma-OlympiaWednesday, Thursday, Saturday6.00 PM17.99
San DiegoSunday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM19.52
BaltimoreSunday, Friday, Saturday12.00 PM18.64
PhoenixSunday, Friday, Saturday12.00 PM14.48
Washington, D.C.Sunday, Friday, Saturday7.00 PM15.31
DetroitSunday, Friday, Saturday12.00 PM13.66
St. LouisSunday, Friday, Saturday6.00 PM14.13
AkronSunday, Friday, Saturday7:00 PM17.65
ProvidenceSunday, Friday, Saturday6.00 PM17.01
HartfordSunday, Wednesday, Saturday2.00 AM13.35
ClevelandSunday, Thursday, Friday7.00 PM17.75
Top 15 Averages17.07
Data source: Solo

Understanding These Figures

When looking at these figures, we are able to get a clearer picture into whether or not DoorDash is worth the effort.

The key here is not just signing up to drive and then going out and doing it. Instead, driving for DoorDash takes a bit of strategy and knowledge.

A few things that I noticed in my analysis that can help you to earn more and maximize your time behind the wheel include…

1. Base Pay vs. Tips

The data reveals a significant variance in base pay for DoorDash drivers, with Baton Rouge offering the highest at $10.67 per hour and Oklahoma City the lowest at $6.00 per hour.

Tips play a crucial role in boosting overall earnings, particularly in cities like Denver and Minneapolis, where drivers earn $9.66 and $9.48 per hour in tips, respectively.

This disparity in base pay and the substantial contribution of tips highlight the importance of location in determining a driver’s income.

Understanding these dynamics can help drivers strategically choose where to work and when to maximize their earnings through higher base pay and generous tipping areas.

2. Bonuses are Minimal

Bonuses for DoorDash drivers are generally minimal, averaging around $0.04 per hour across most cities.

However, Portland stands out with a notable $0.24 per hour in bonuses, indicating the presence of occasional incentive programs.

These incentives can significantly impact earnings, providing an additional boost to the overall pay.

For drivers, understanding which cities offer these bonus opportunities can influence their decision on where to work.

By targeting cities with higher bonus rates, drivers can increase their hourly earnings, making their efforts more financially rewarding even in markets where base pay and tips might be lower.

3. When You Drive Matters

Peak days for DoorDash drivers are consistently Sunday, Friday, and Saturday across almost all cities, making these the most lucrative days to work.

Additionally, the most profitable hours are generally in the evening. For example, in Seattle, drivers can earn as much as $19.76 per hour at 7:00 PM.

This trend underscores the importance of strategic scheduling for drivers, allowing them to maximize their earnings by working during these peak times.

Understanding and leveraging these patterns can help drivers significantly boost their income, ensuring they work the hours that offer the highest financial returns.

4. Where You Drive Also Matters

Earnings for DoorDash drivers vary significantly by location.

High-earning cities include Seattle, Portland, Denver, and San Diego, where drivers enjoy higher hourly pay. In contrast, Miami, Orlando, and Memphis rank among the lowest in average earnings.

Geographical differences further highlight this disparity: West Coast cities like Seattle and Portland generally offer higher earnings compared to many East Coast cities.

Meanwhile, cities in the Midwest and South, such as Wichita and Birmingham, tend to have lower average pay.

For drivers, understanding these regional variations is crucial for making informed decisions about where to work to maximize their income potential.

Takeaway: Is DoorDash Worth It?

Driving for DoorDash in 2024 can be worth it, but it depends on strategic planning.

The average hourly pay is $15.03, with significant variations based on location, time, and tips. High-earning cities like Seattle and Portland offer better pay, while Miami and Memphis are on the lower end.

Peak days (Sunday, Friday, Saturday) and evening hours are most profitable. Bonuses are generally minimal but can boost earnings in some cities.

Understanding these factors can help drivers maximize their income.

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