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Claim A DoorDash Sign Up Bonus Using This Referral Code

  • DoorDash offers new drivers sign-up bonuses through referral links or codes.
  • Bonuses can reach up to $750 in select cities, based on demand.
  • New drivers must complete a set number of deliveries within a timeframe.
  • Bonuses are credited automatically once delivery requirements are met.

What is a DoorDash Sign Up Bonus?

The DoorDash referral program gives new drivers a signup bonus if they use a referral link or code from a current Dasher when signing up.

DoorDash is currently offering significant sign-up bonuses for both drivers, in the form of what they call “Guaranteed Earning Incentives”.

New drivers can earn up to $750 in select cities, depending on market demand and fulfilling the required number of deliveries.

To earn the bonus, the new driver must complete a specific number of deliveries within a set time frame.

The referring Dasher also earns a bonus when the new driver meets these requirements.

This bonus varies by location and is intended to attract new Dashers in areas with high demand.

Become a Driver
Become a DoorDash Driver Now
  • Flexible schedule
  • Easy earning calculations
  • Requires transportation and smartphone

How Guaranteed Earnings Incentives Work

The Guaranteed Earnings Incentive is a DoorDash promotion ensuring new Dashers earn a minimum amount during their initial period.

To qualify, new Dashers must sign up through a special link and start dashing within 30 days.

The incentive works by guaranteeing a specified earnings threshold, such as $1,500 for 150 deliveries in 30 days.

If the Dasher’s earnings fall short, DoorDash pays the difference, ensuring the promised amount is met.

How to Sign Up With a DoorDash Referral Code

To qualify for a new driver or customer bonus, sign up through your referrer’s code or follow the referral link to have the bonus automatically applied to your account.

Once you click through to the link, you should see an application screen that looks similar to this:

a screenshot of the doordash sign up bonus screen

After that, simply follow the rest of the application steps as prompted along the way.

After the application is complete, you’ll need to consent to a background check.

If you pass that, you’ll be approved and on your way to making deliveries that count toward the bonus requirements.

Once approved, don’t forget that you need to start dashing as soon as possible to maintain eligibility for the bonus.

I see a ton of referred drivers get approved, yet don’t actually work toward the bonus until later. Do this right away.

The sooner you start doing deliveries, the more time you have without having to rush to complete the bonus requirements later.

Once you meet the requirements, the bonus will appear in your account automatically.

You will most likely receive an email notifying you that you’ve successfully earned the bonus, but you can also manually check the status in the “Earnings” tab of the Dasher app.

It’s important to note that if you don’t use the referral code/link, neither you nor your referrer will receive the bonus.

Referral bonuses cannot be applied retroactively, so ensure you sign up correctly from the start.

Luckily, DoorDash has recently updated their system so that as long as you’re using a direct referral link, the relevant information such as the referrer’s phone number will be automatically filled in.

Additional Information About This Bonus

While DoorDash bonuses are fairly easy to understand, there are a few things I thought would be worth clarifying to clear up any confusion readers might have.

Guaranteed Earnings Vs Challenges

Guaranteed Earnings ensure new Dashers make a minimum total amount by topping off earnings if they fall short.

For example, if the guarantee is $1500 for 150 deliveries in 30 days, DoorDash will pay the difference if the Dasher earns less.

Challenges, on the other hand, offer extra money for completing a set number of deliveries within a specific timeframe, providing additional earnings on top of regular earnings for meeting the challenge criteria.

What Counts Towards Guaranteed Earnings?

Guaranteed Earnings calculations for DoorDash include base pay, tips, pay received for canceled orders, and any Peak Pay bonuses.

These components all contribute to the total earnings a Dasher accumulates during the promotional period. However, referral payments are excluded from this calculation.

This means while Dashers can earn from various sources, only specific types of earnings count towards meeting the Guaranteed Earnings threshold.

Handling Unassigned or Canceled Deliveries

Canceled deliveries do not count towards the total number of completed deliveries needed to qualify for Guaranteed Earnings.

However, any earnings from canceled orders do count towards the total earned amount and will be factored into the calculation for the guaranteed amount.

Why This is a Great Incentive to Check Out

Like Lyft and Uber, DoorDash gives incentives to excite drivers about joining the platform and driving for DoorDash.

The DoorDash referral bonus encourages more people to work for the service, helping the company expand its operations to new cities and giving new drivers an incentive to make more deliveries.

On the driver’s side, the referral bonus is a no-brainer. You get paid extra money to gain experience working for DoorDash.

Not only do you receive the bonus, but through making the minimum number of deliveries, you gain valuable experience that you can use to earn even more in the future.

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