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How DoorDash Challenges Can Increase Income For Drivers

  • DoorDash challenges incentivize Dashers with bonuses for completing tasks.
  • Challenges appear based on location, Dasher activity, and DoorDash needs.
  • Rewards include cash bonuses, calculated after meeting specific delivery goals.
  • Challenges are worth participating in for extra earnings and engagement.

What Are DoorDash Challenges?

DoorDash Challenges are incentives designed to motivate drivers to accept and complete more restaurant and grocery delivery orders promptly.

These challenges often come with bonuses for drivers who meet specific criteria within a set period. For example, a challenge might offer extra payouts for completing six orders within a certain timeframe.

a screenshot showing doordash challenges

Challenges are introduced especially when there’s a shortage of drivers in an area or when many small orders without tips are being placed, which drivers might typically avoid.

The bonus from a challenge serves as an enticement for drivers to accept and complete these orders.

Where Do You See Challenges In the Dasher App?

To participate in DoorDash Challenges, drivers simply need to sign into the DoorDash driver app and indicate they’re ready to deliver.

To find eligible challenges in your area using the DoorDash Dasher app, navigate to the Dash Now screen, select your starting location, and view the list of open challenges for that time.

The app will display any active challenges in their area, and DoorDash automatically enrolls qualified drivers into these challenges.

Tapping on a challenge reveals details like potential earnings and duration.

Typically, only one challenge is available in a given area at any time, ensuring a focused effort towards meeting the challenge’s objectives.

How Do You Qualify for DoorDash Challenges?

Qualifying for DoorDash Challenges largely depends on timing and location, without a direct action you can take to be selected.

DoorDash tailors challenges to encourage delivery in specific areas or at times when demand is high but driver availability is low.

Regularly checking the delivery app when you’re available to work increases your chances of finding a challenge.

DoorDash determines eligibility for challenges based on various factors including customer demand, time of day, and business levels of local restaurants.

These challenges are targeted at different groups:

  • Location: Challenges may be set up in areas with high order volumes but low driver sign-ups, possibly due to drivers preferring more populated areas or concerns over profitability.
  • New Dashers: To retain new drivers, DoorDash may offer challenges as an incentive, encouraging them to continue dashing by boosting their initial earnings.
  • Long-Time Dashers: Loyalty is rewarded with challenges designed for experienced drivers who dash consistently, aiming to provide them with opportunities to earn extra money.
  • Inactive Dashers: DoorDash also targets drivers who haven’t logged in for a while, offering challenges as an incentive to return and earn bonus money.

By logging into the app daily, you can see if you qualify for any challenges, as DoorDash automatically enrolls eligible drivers.

How Much Extra Do DoorDash Challenges Pay?

The bonus from these challenges varies, ranging from modest amounts to substantial bonuses during special periods, like the pandemic, where new Dashers could earn an additional $150 for completing ten deliveries by a set date.

DoorDash Challenges reward drivers with extra cash for completing specific tasks, potentially boosting weekly earnings significantly, especially during peak pay times.

Drivers can participate in multiple challenges at once, choosing the most lucrative options.

DoorDash also offers guaranteed earnings challenges, promising a specific amount for a certain number of deliveries within a timeframe.

If a driver’s earnings fall short of this guarantee, DoorDash will pay the difference, ensuring drivers meet the promised earnings threshold.

How Do Challenges Work With Peak Pay?

During busy times, DoorDash offers Peak Pay, like an extra $3.00 per delivery.

If you’re in a challenge when Peak Pay is active, deliveries count for both, allowing you to earn challenge rewards and Peak Pay simultaneously.

For instance, four deliveries with $3.00 Peak Pay adds $12.00 to your total earnings.

How Do You Track Your Challenge Progress?

To track your challenge progress, check the “Dash Now” home screen in the DoorDash app.

A status bar at the top displays current incentive amounts and remaining deliveries to meet your goal.

Tapping this bar reveals further details about the challenge, including its active dates.

Cheating on DoorDash Challenges is not possible due to the app’s tracking system. Instead, Dashers can enhance earnings through legitimate tips.

These include using a DasherDirect card for quick payments, staying in busy areas, maintaining a high rating for better scheduling, and exploring new towns for potential higher earnings, all within DoorDash’s rules.

Where Do You See Your Challenge Earnings?

After a challenge ends, check your weekly earnings screen in the DoorDash app to see your total earnings, including challenge rewards, listed under “Challenge Details.”

Earnings pay out on Tuesday, or you can opt for DoorDash’s Fast Pay for immediate access.

Is It Worth It To Do DoorDash Challenges?

Participating in DoorDash Challenges can be a worthwhile endeavor for drivers looking to earn extra income. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Challenges offer a chance to make additional money.
  • The set delivery amounts are reasonable and attainable.
  • Increases profits for small businesses through online orders.
  • You earn extra by doing what you're already doing - delivering.

  • Not every challenge is open for all drivers.
  • You can only participate in one challenge at a time.

Conclusion: Yes, DoorDash Challenges Are Worth It?

DoorDash Challenges are generally worth it. They’re designed to seamlessly integrate with your regular deliveries, often rewarding you without the need for explicit sign-ups.

While not every challenge may be available to every Dasher, and you can only do one challenge at a time, the opportunity to earn additional money for tasks you’re already completing makes them an attractive option.

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