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What DoorDash Background Checks Look For & How To Pass

  • A DoorDash background check ensures the safety and reliability of its delivery drivers.
  • It examines an applicant’s criminal record, driving record, and the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • The background check takes 5-10 business days but can be delayed by various factors.
  • Applicants can dispute inaccurate results and seek reconsideration if they believe the decision is unfair.

What is a DoorDash Background Check?

DoorDash background checks are a part of the application process when somebody signs up as a Dasher to make sure they’re safe to work as a delivery driver.

DoorDash hires a company called Checkr to look for red flags in an applicant’s driving record, make sure they don’t have a criminal history, and ensures that they aren’t on the National Sex Offender Registry.

The end goal is to ensure that the drivers doing deliveries are trustworthy and responsible, making the process safe for everyone.

This is a very standard procedure for the gig economy, and is also run by other on-demand companies. For example, Instacart also conducts a background check before giving the green light to shop.

    Criteria for Passing the Background Check

    For drivers to pass the background check, they must meet specific standards directly related to their criminal and driving records.

    Most people should be able to pass the check fairly easily, especially if there are no legal issues.

    Those that do have these types of issues will usually be very aware of them – especially while searching for work.

    Driving Record

    When evaluating the driving record, DoorDash looks for:

    • speeding tickets
    • drug and alcohol-related traffic violations (including DUIs)
    • accidents
    • driving without insurance
    • stoplight tickets

    The driving record review typically goes back three years, with DUIs and drug-related convictions being reviewed for seven years.

    Criminal History

    The criminal history check involves reviewing felony convictions, sexual offenses, theft, property damage, and violent crimes.

    Certain issues will automatically disqualify an applicant, including:

    • sexual offenses
    • drug or alcohol issues (such as DUIs)
    • felony convictions
    • having three or more moving violations
    • driving without a license
    • leaving the scene of an accident
    • driving on a suspended license

    The background check covers the last seven years for criminal records, although felony convictions may be considered regardless of their age.

    Many drivers I’ve talked to indicate varying experiences with their prior convictions and how those weigh against the approval process of driving.

    Thankfully, DoorDash seems to have a bit of flexibility and discretion related to hiring, so even if you have something on your record that you think will prevent you from applying, I suggest giving it a shot anyways.

    How Long Does a Background Check Take?

    DoorDash background checks usually take around a week to complete, but I like to tell drivers to expect 5-10 days total.

    It’s important to understand that small nuances can cause delays, and set expectations accordingly. There’s really no one-size-fits-all answer here.

    For example, a high volume of applications can slow the process down, as the team needs more time than usual to conduct reviews.

    In this case, you’ll likely find yourself on the DoorDash waitlist. This doesn’t mean you’ve been denied, but simply that the amount of drivers is intentionally being limited as a way to curb a huge influx of applications.

    There’s also the chance that Checkr will need more time than usual to review complex situations. If your application has more extensive records than usual, you can expect to have some delays.

    To set yourself up for success from the start, I highly suggest having your information in order when you apply.

    If the team reaches out for clarification on anything they find, be diligent in promptly responding and getting them what they need right away.

    DoorDash Background Check Statuses

    Throughout the background check process, you will likely see your application cycle through a handful of statuses. These include:

    • Clear: The check returned favorable results, and the applicant is approved to drive.
    • Consider: Results are marginal and require further review by DoorDash.
    • Pending: The check is still in process, possibly awaiting additional information.
    • Disputed: The results are under review following a dispute by the applicant.
    • Suspended: The check is paused due to missing or unclear information.

    Regardless of where your application is in this process, I suggest exercising a high amount of patience. At this point, it is simply a waiting game until the next step.

    screenshot showing a doordash background check status update

    How Often Does DoorDash Background Check Drivers?

    When you first sign up for DoorDash, the company will background check you to make sure you’re safe and reliable.

    However, you can expect to also get background checked from time to time after that.

    Drivers are usually checked once per year, but they might do random checks along the way if they have a reason to be concerned.

    I’ve heard of drivers who have gotten deactivated needing to go through the background check process again as a condition of getting re-approved.

    While this might be a frustrating process, I do understand why they do it. As a frequent DoorDash customer myself, I also appreciate it greatly.

    Common Concerns and Issues

    If you’re a law-abiding citizen who takes great care in staying on the good side of the law, you probably don’t have to worry about anything.

    However, if you fall on the other side of the camp, you might want to take caution if you’re relying on DoorDash as a means of income.

    The re-checking process can be quite problematic for those who have new legal issues after initially getting approved.

    Sometimes, the process isn’t very clear, and drivers get confused or worried, especially if they are suddenly not allowed to drive anymore, even if they had a clean record at the beginning.

    It’s important to understand how these background checks can impact the long-term aspect of Dashing.

    It is very important to keep a clean record even after you pass the first check. Keeping everything in order helps make sure drivers can keep working without problems.

    Handling Disputes and Appeals

    If DoorDash denies you due to a background check, you can dispute it.

    First, ask DoorDash for the specific reason for the denial and get a copy of your background check report from Checkr, the company they use.

    Review the report for errors and, if you find any, file a dispute with Checkr. They must investigate and respond within 30 days.

    I suggest providing as much documentation, facts, and evidence that you can to support your claim. In this case, the more helpful and relevant information that you have, the better.

    If the error is corrected, you can request DoorDash to reconsider your application.

    If you’re not satisfied with Checkr’s response, consider seeking help from a background check attorney to resolve the issue and potentially pursue compensation.

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