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How Much To Tip Grocery Delivery Drivers

Do you tip furniture delivery? Yes! Learn about whether tipping furniture delivery agents is customary and how much is a reasonable tipping amount.

  • Tip grocery delivery drivers at least 10% or five dollars, whichever is higher.
  • Standard tipping for grocery delivery is 20%, reflecting service industry norms.
  • Confirm and adjust pre-selected tips on apps, or calculate manually at checkout.
  • Tipping ensures quicker service, covers driver expenses, and boosts their earnings.

How Much To Tip for Grocery Delivery

How much to tip for grocery delivery may vary. The general rule of thumb for tipping delivery drivers is a minimum of 10% or five dollars, or whichever is higher.

However, the standard service industry tip of 20% is more popular since the driver performs a convenient service.

When you place a grocery delivery order, you might balk at the list of fees that appear at the bottom of your bill. So, it’s understandable if you feel a bit slighted when you’re expected to tip, too.

For example, on a standard Instacart order, you’ll see five line items:

  • Subtotal
  • Delivery fee
  • Service fee
  • Taxes and fees
  • Fuel surcharge

In some instances, you might also have a long-distance delivery fee, adding another five dollars to your bill.

You could easily have an added ten or fifteen dollars in fees on a standard delivery order.

However, the tip is sometimes the only portion that goes to the driver alone and isn’t split up, so you should still consider tipping the minimum amount on your total to give your driver a boost.

How To Calculate Your Tip

Many online grocery delivery apps or services will calculate a tip for you during checkout. For example, Instacart has a default tip of twenty percent for all orders.

Other apps might automatically apply a ten or fifteen percent tip, so always confirm the percentage and not just the dollar amount before approving.

If you aren’t satisfied with the pre-selected tip amount, you can enter your own manually or, in some cases, choose another percentage.

Most will give you the following choices:

  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%
  • Custom

These options make it simple to give any amount you feel reflects your appreciation for the time and effort it took for the shopper to deliver your groceries.

If your app doesn’t offer a pre-selected tip amount or provide you with a calculation tool, calculating your tip is relatively easy.

You can multiply the bill amount by .2 using your calculator or double the total and move the decimal two places to the left.

Both of these methods will give you twenty percent of your total. Then, you can adjust accordingly.

Why Should You Tip for Grocery Delivery

Tipping for services is an age-old debate that will likely never find a consensus.

Some think it’s a worthwhile expense, while others believe it’s unfair to customers.

Most think the onus to pay workers should be on the business owner. However, consider the following.

  • Relying on customer tips helps business owners keep prices down
  • Tips pay for the driver’s time to and from your home
  • Tips pay for things like fuel and vehicle maintenance
  • Tips make up for the bulk of a driver’s hourly wage
  • The average grocery trip takes an hour at minimum 

You might look at this list and think, “Isn’t that what all those fees are for?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Those fees don’t go to the DoorDash or Instacart shopper.

Instead, they’re what keep the lights on and allow the company to continue to offer you delivery services to your local stores and restaurants.

Another benefit to tipping is that it guarantees that a shopper will pick up your order.

If there’s a long list of orders to choose from and shoppers see that yours doesn’t include a tip, your order might languish in a queue.

Can You Tip in Cash on Grocery Delivery?

You also always have the option to leave a cash tip for your grocery delivery. You can leave cash to make sure the tip goes directly to the driver.

Just know that the driver might assume you’re not leaving a tip if you don’t include one ahead of time, so your order might not get picked up right away.

What do you think about tipping on grocery delivery services? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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