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Rev Up Your Side Hustle: 10 Apps Like Roadie To Earn Big

Discover your dream side hustle through these ten apps like Roadie, and unlock your maximum earning potential through delivery side gigs.

  • Instacart and Shipt offer flexible, high-paying grocery delivery jobs.
  • DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats provide lucrative food delivery opportunities.
  • Postmates, Amazon Flex, and GoPuff offer various delivery services and competitive pay.
  • Favor Delivery and Seamless focus on regional or specialized delivery jobs.

Roadie is one of the best courier services on the market and a great side hustle.

However, it might not be the best fit for you, but that’s not to say that you cannot profit from the gig economy and earn an income from a similar app. 

To that end, here are the top ten apps like Roadie to help you find the perfect side hustle.

But first, let’s get better acquainted with the benchmark.

An Overview of Roadie

Roadie is a crowdsourced delivery system that provides on-demand package deliveries across the US.

The app collaborates with some of the country’s top brands, including Home Depot, Walmart, and Delta Airlines. 

In 2020, Walmart named Roadie as its best delivery partner, thanks to its exemplary service and “high driver customer satisfaction.”

Roadie currently employs more than 200,000 freelance drivers who cover over 20,000 zip codes in the US.

Based on location, package size, and travel distance, these drivers earn anywhere from $8 to $650 per delivery, making Roadie one of the best package delivery apps

Where Does Roadie Excel?

  • High earning potential, with the average gig being $15 
  • Ability to bundle multiple gigs to maximize efficiency earnings
  • Outstanding customer support with 24/7 availability

Where Does Roadie Fall Short?

  • Some drivers have noted that the app can be glitchy
  • Descriptions of the delivery items are often inaccurate

The Top Apps Like Roadie at a Glance

Here’s a sneak peek into the top Roadie alternatives you can turn into side hustles to supplement your income:

  • Instacart
  • DoorDash
  • Grubhub
  • GoPuff
  • Postmates
  • Favor Delivery
  • Seamless
  • Amazon Flex
  • Pointpickup
  • Shipt

Editor’s Choice: Our Top Picks Overall

Of the ten apps like Roadie in this guide, two stand out as the best alternatives. 

What is the Best Alternative to Roadie?

Instacart: With multiple gig options and an average pay of about $30 an hour, Instacart is definitely the top Roadie app alternative.

Instacart allows freelance drivers to sign up and earn at different levels, from in-store shoppers to full-service providers. 

Who is Roadie’s Biggest Competitor?

DoorDash: This is among the best delivery apps to work for.

The app boasts about 65% of all meal deliveries in the US and offers competitive pay, with some drivers earning up to $32 with surge pricing. 

The Best Roadie Alternatives

A deep dive into the top Roadie alternatives to help find the best side gig for you:

1. Instacart: Our Top Pick Overall

Instacart is one of the top grocery delivery apps in the market and a staple for gig workers across the US.

It lets users shop online and enjoy same-day grocery delivery straight to their doorstep. 

  • The good: A choice of three gig options depending on your availability and preference
  • The bad: Work is available in shifts, which you have to schedule in advance
  • When to choose product name: The perfect side hustle for people who enjoy shopping

Instacart is popular among gig workers thanks to its flexible working hours and high earning potential.

The average driver’s pay is about $14 an hour, but experienced Shoppers can rack in up to $45. 

Typically, upon accepting a delivery request, a shopper will pick up the items on the customer’s list and deliver them directly to the customer. 

Well, if they are a full-service shopper. You see, instacart provides different tiers of service, namely:

  • Instore shoppers: where a gig worker only picks out customers’ orders within a store
  • Delivery-only shoppers: where gig works only deliver customers’ goods
  • Full-service shoppers: where gig works provide the complete service, shopping to delivery

Why is Instacart a Great Option?

  • Users can chat with their shoppers to confirm delivery routes
  • Minimum payment for full-service shoppers of $7–10
  • Minimum payment for delivery only shippers of $5

Drawbacks to Instacart

  • Higher delivery cost than other options, potentially putting off some users.
  • The app does not offer an hourly pay guarantee
  • Shopping can involve heavy lifting (about 30–40 lbs)

2. DoorDash

DoorDash is another great local delivery service for people looking to make some extra money on the side.

Dashers make money by picking up and delivering goods from local businesses, nearby restaurants, and convenience stores. 

  • The good: One of the largest food delivery services in the US 
  • The bad: Variable job availability depending on the app’s popularity
  • Why choose DoorDash: The ability to choose working hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work

A typical DoorDash delivery earns a base pay of $2 to $10, depending on the delivery time, distance, and urgency.

However, the average Dasher makes about $18 per hour.

Dashers can also earn extra money for completing a specific number of deliveries during peak delivery hours. 

What Makes DoorDash a Great Option?

  • Offers surge pricing for increased pay
  • Plenty of incentives, bonuses, and opportunities to earn more
  • Widespread adoption thanks to its enticing user subscription model

Drawbacks to DoorDash

  • An intensive screening process, including a background check
  • Business expenses like gas and car insurance can eat into your earnings

3. Grubhub

Grubhub is popularly regarded as the best food delivery business for people looking to make extra money through a courier industry side gig. 

  • The good: Available across all 3,200 cities in all 50 states of the US
  • The bad: The app chargers higher delivery fees than other delivery apps, making it less popular with some customers
  • Why consider Grubhub: You can choose how much you work and when—part-time, full-time, or in your spare time. 

The app guarantees a minimum hourly wage for time spent on the job. The pay model sees delivery drivers earn up to $13 an hour.

Additionally, drivers keep 100% of their tips and can participate in promos to increase their income. 

When planning their shifts, drivers are encouraged to schedule a delivery block when they’re available to work.

This makes them more likely to be picked to deliver food than drivers who don’t. They can also sign up for extra shifts to earn more. 

Payments on GrubHub are made through direct deposit, although the app also offers an instant cash-out option at a fee. 

What Makes Grubhub a Great Delivery Service Option?

  • Offers a guaranteed minimum hourly wage 
  • Provides an instant cashout option on earning up to $500
  • Drivers can see order information upfront before accepting a gig

Drawbacks to Grughub

  • As independent contractors, drivers are responsible for all operational costs, including car maintenance, gas, auto insurance, and service fees.

4. GoPuff

GoPuff is an excellent platform for on-demand delivery services.

The app facilitates the delivery of countless everyday essentials, including delicious food items, pet supplies, and over-the-counter medications.

  • The good: Minimum hourly wage of $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends
  • The bad: The app only offers weekly payouts
  • Why consider GoPuff: Flexible delivery options and a guaranteed minimum hourly wage

GoPuff drivers earn an average wage of $13 an hour. Driver payment typically includes the base fee per delivery and tips.

Similar to other apps like Roadie, GoPuff drivers are private contractors.

However, the platform offers a minimum hourly wage of $10 during the week and $12 over the weekend as part of its commitment to fair wages. 

What Makes GoPuff a Top Option for Delivery Drivers?

  • The app offers surge pricing during peak hours and a guaranteed pay minimum
  • 27/4 operations in select markets for more flexible hours and earning opportunities
  • No specific vehicle requirements, just a valid driver’s license and registration

Drawbacks to GoPuff

  • It may require drivers to successfully complete a paid alcohol delivery training course.
  • Does not offer promos and incentives to improve earnings

5. Postmates

Postmates offers on-demand delivery services for local restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more.

Owned by Uber, Postmates is available in over 100 metropolitan areas across the US.

  • The good: Plenty of opportunities to improve earnings
  • The bad: Use of a variable pay formula
  • Why consider Postmates: Widespread adoption and popularity, in addition to benefiting from Uber’s reach and brand power

Postmates pays its drivers based on the pickup, drop-off, wait time, and distance traveled such that drivers can earn up to $1,500 a week. 

In addition to this pay model, Postmates recently started an incentive program where drivers earn more by hitting certain milestones.

For example, a driver could earn $500 for completing 30 deliveries. 

Another feature that makes Postmates a top alternative to the Roadie app is its lack of a scheduling function.

Drivers can work whenever they want by indicating they are available on the app. 

What Makes Postmates a Great Same-Day Delivery Service?

  • Competitive performance-based pay
  • Complete autonomy in scheduling work hours 
  • Plenty of incentives to improve performance and earnings

Drawbacks to Postmates

  • Postmates drivers are independent contractors and are not entitled to minimum wage

6. Favor Delivery

Favor Delivery is a popular online food delivery service and a top side hustle app, much like the Roadie app. 

  • The good: A “hidden gem” for freelance gig drivers in Texas with multiple side hustles
  • The bad: Only available to local stores and restaurants in Texas
  • Why consider Favor Delivery: A great opportunity to supplement income as an addition to your gig app portfolio

Favor Delivery pays its delivery drivers, or Runners, between $10 and $18 per hour with a guaranteed minimum of $9 per hour, not including tips.

Runners can earn up to 35% of the delivery fee and retain all their tips. 

The delivery platform offers flexible schedules since it has no working restrictions.

However, runners earn more during peak times and in busy areas as an added incentive. 

Earnings are made available weekly by direct deposit, although the app also supports an instant withdrawal option at a fee of $0.99.

What Makes Favor Delivery a Great Option?

  • Has a quick approval process with no extraneous requirements beyond a valid driving license
  • Runners are covered by third-party liability
  • No minimum or maximum working hours restrictions

Drawbacks to Favor Delivery

  • Only available to gig drivers in and around Texas’ metropolitan and suburban areas

7. Seamless 

Seamless has established itself as one of the best food delivery apps through partnerships with over 25,000 restaurants across America.

  • The good: Guaranteed hourly pay with opportunities to earn more
  • The bad: The app is not available in all cities across the US
  • Why consider Seamless: The service boasts a vast network of partner restaurants that guarantees consistent work and pay

Seamless drivers are freelance workers who choose when they work.

They enjoy a minimum hourly pay of about $10, provided they accept at least 90% of orders.

Seamless also recommends tipping its drivers 15–20% of their order value.

Seamless’ pay model is based on the weekly hours and types of orders completed.

The average delivery driver rakes in $11–-12 an hour, not including tips. 

What Makes Seamless a Great Option?

  • Offers an attractive guaranteed minimum hourly rate
  • Popular with customers thanks to the fast delivery, discounts, and reasonable price
  • Responsive technical support team

Drawbacks to Seamless

  • Some users complain of errors when paying for orders 
  • Minimum pay is only available to drivers with a 90% order acceptance rate

8. Amazon Flex

Flex is another great Roadie app alternative.

It offers freelance workers the opportunity to earn extra cash through parcel delivery services for Amazon and its partners.

  • The good: Offers one of the most competitive pay rates
  • The bad: Package delivery can involve a bit of heavy lifting
  • Why consider Amazon Flex: Plenty of work and opportunities to earn a decent income

Flex drivers are paid based on where they live and the type of deliveries they make.

The app organizes drivers’ schedules in delivery blocks and gives them all the information they need to complete the delivery process and receive payment. 

Amazon Flex offers among the most competitive rates for gig economy drivers.

On average, the app pays between $15 and $19 an hour, which shoots up to about $18 to $25 an hour with tips. 

This makes Amazon Flex one of the few mobile applications where independent contractors can make minimum wage even after operation costs like gas and car maintenance. 

What Makes Amazon Flex a Great Option?

  • Competitive hourly rates with opportunities to increase earnings
  • Flexible delivery work options to suit every Amazon Flex driver
  • Consistent work with payment processing twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Drawbacks to Amazon Flex

  • Higher entry threshold beyond just a valid driver’s license
  • Drivers must consent to a background check, which they must pass
  • Flex drivers must work three to six-hour blocks to receive payment

9. Point Pickup

Point Pickup is a courier service that offers businesses and retailers last-mile delivery services where drivers pick up delivery items from retailers and bring them directly to customers’ doorsteps.

  • The good: Availability of scheduled and on-demand last-mile delivery jobs
  • The bad: Drivers are responsible for the app insurance deductible
  • Why consider Point Pickup: Great app for scheduling your working hours for maximum efficiency and profits

Because of its style of operation, Point Pickup supports pre-scheduled orders, allowing drivers to choose the most convenient delivery times for them. 

Additionally, Point Pickup uses GPS technology for real-time tracking through the Precision Matching System.

The web platform also provides a live chat feature for easier communication and troubleshooting during delivery.

Drivers earn an average hourly pay of about $14, with payments usually processed within 24–48 hours, in addition to tips offered by clients and retailers. 

What Makes Point Pickup a Great Option?

  • Use of API technology for easier integration with retailers’ e-commerce systems
  • Drivers can choose pre-scheduled or on-demand orders at their convenience
  • Direct notifications to drivers when an order matches their schedule

Drawbacks to Point Pickup

  • The app can be glitchy and sometimes stops working when accepting a job
  • Drivers are allowed only one delivery for every hour, potentially limiting earnings
  • Drivers are responsible for the app’s insurance deductible and any other issues

10. Shipt

Next on the list of delivery apps like Roadie is Shipt—a technology platform that provides same-day last-mile delivery across different niches and vendors like CVS, Target, Lucky’s Market, Roche Bros, and more.

  • The good: Competitive pay rates and opportunities to increase earnings
  • The bad: The job regularly requires a bit of heavy lifting (up to 40 lbs), limiting some drivers
  • Why consider Shipt: Perfect for contractors looking for a lucrative side job with flexible hours and multiple opportunities to earn money.

Shipt Shoppers can expect to earn at least $15 an hour working for the delivery platform.

However, Shipt does not offer an hourly wage. Instead, payment is based on where a driver lives and the number of orders delivered, with a commission of about $6 or $7 per order, plus tips.

Drivers pick up delivery items from a fulfillment center and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps.

They are free to work as much as they want and anytime in areas where the service is available 24/7.

Drivers plan their work week by scheduling when they can deliver and take on new work as soon as they are on the calendar.

Payment is made available at the end of the week, usually through direct deposits.

What Makes Shipt a Great Option?

  • Available to over 80% of American households in over 5,000 US cities
  • Partnerships with popular grocery stores and big-name retailers
  • Drivers get a free Shipt membership with perks such as same-day delivery for themselves

Drawbacks to Shipt

  • Does not offer an instant cashout option like some of the best apps
  • Does not offer a guaranteed hourly pay rate

Notable Mentions: Even More Apps Like Roadie to Check Out

Here are more apps like Roadie you should consider:

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an odd-job service that connects busy people needing help with trusted Taskers to complete everyday jobs, from running errands to assembling IKEA furniture. 

Taskers have free reign over when they work and the kinds of jobs they do.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon to get paid to do something you love on TaskRabbit, whether a hobby or a unique skill.

And with 50+ job categories, you’re sure to find a task you’re great at.

To land jobs on TaskRabbit, you must create a stellar profile and a “quick pitch” that showcases your skills and highlights your ability to solve specific problems.

2. Beelivery

Beelivery is a delivery service based in the UK that enables users to earn extra cash by delivering goods within their area.

The app supports deliveries by car, bike, or scooter, where drivers take on jobs they can complete within 60 minutes or less. 

Payment is made per delivery based on the distance traveled and order size at the end of the day.

Drivers are considered independent contractors and can work as much or as little as they want.

However, drivers who regularly accept jobs and provide excellent customer service have first preference.

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another great alternative to Roadie.

As a top delivery platform benefiting from Uber’s brand recognition, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a well-paying side hustle.

Uber Eats offers its drivers an average hourly rate of about $20—which is more competitive than most other apps, and same-day payment withdrawals. 

The app also offers further opportunities for drivers to earn more through Quests and Boosts, not to mention the ability to work as rideshare drivers, doubling their income.

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