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4 Of My Favorite Bike Delivery Jobs & Why I Recommend Them

Bike delivery jobs provide flexible income opportunities for those looking to ride around town. Read on to learn the jobs available and where to work.

  • Bike delivery jobs offer flexible schedules and decent pay, around $24 per hour.
  • Key job types include food delivery, grocery delivery, courier services, and medical courier.
  • Top platforms for bike delivery include GrubHub, DoorDash, Instacart, and Uber Eats.
  • Essential requirements: bike, navigation tools, customer service skills, and physical fitness.

Are you searching for a delivery job but don’t have a valid driver’s license?

With the growing demand for delivery services in major metro areas like New York, bike courier positions are more available than ever.

However, finding a company that pays well and offers flexibility can be challenging.

Here’s a guide to the top bike delivery jobs you can do to earn money.

Whether you’re looking for extra income or a full-time job, you’ll find everything you need to start delivering in your location.

Types of Bike Delivery Jobs

The field offers various job categories to match different interests and skills. Here are the most common ones:

1. Food Delivery

Working for food delivery apps demands attention to detail and knowledge of navigation tools to find customers’ addresses.

You set your hours and get paid per delivery. It’s best for individuals with good knowledge of the local area.

2. Grocery Delivery

These jobs require individuals with knowledge of local store layouts, proper organization, and customer service skills.

You check order details on an app, pick items at grocery stores, and then drive or bike to make deliveries. 

3. Courier Services

On-demand delivery companies hire bike couriers to quickly deliver packages, flowers, and items from businesses to customers. It’s ideal for quick cyclists who enjoy a fast-paced environment. 

4. Corporate Catering

Local restaurants hire you to deliver large meal orders to offices, meetings, and business events around the city. It’s best for anyone familiar with the local commercial buildings and downtown offices. 

5. Medical Courier

Healthcare providers employ cyclists to securely transport medical samples, equipment, and documents between hospitals, labs, and offices. The job demands careful attention to detail and reliability.

What You’ll Need To Do Bike Delivery Jobs

Bike delivery jobs require specific tools and skills to perform well. Here is what you need to do bike delivery jobs.

  • Gear: You’ll need a bike, lights, locks, gloves, and padded shorts. You’ll also require a smartphone to receive orders and navigation apps to map efficient routes in your delivery location. 
  • Skills: Helpful skills include physical fitness for riding many miles, navigation abilities, and customer service skills. Responsibility and time management skills help you deliver orders on time. Bike maintenance skills allow you to do minor repairs. 
  • Other requirements: Many companies require background checks, state-issued ID, and proof of insurance. Food delivery companies may ask for food handling training certification. 

How Much You Can Make as a Bike Delivery Driver

The amount you can make depends on the company you work for and your level of experience.

Full-time bike drivers can make a decent living, especially in cities with a high demand for delivery services and generous tipping customers. 

The average base pay for bike couriers in the US is $24 per hour, which amounts to an annual average salary of $49,879.

You can also boost earnings by working overtime or taking shifts during peak times like lunch and dinner, which can increase your yearly income to around $55,017. 

Top Platforms To Find Bike Delivery Jobs

Several on-demand delivery apps offer opportunities for finding bike delivery jobs. Here are the most popular ones to check out:

1. GrubHub

1. GrubHub

  • Choose orders before accepting
  • Weekly pay with base rate guarantee
  • Freedom to set schedule
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GrubHub allows you to choose orders from partner restaurants in urban areas. You can see details like estimated earnings, pickup and drop-off locations before accepting a delivery. 

If you work at GrubHub, you can choose your hours and will receive delivery equipment. The platform pays weekly and has a guarantee to ensure you make at least a base rate per hour. 

  • Easier registration: The platform’s support team guides you on how to create an account. You’ll also undergo a brief orientation on the process before you can start making deliveries. 
  • Schedule hours in advance: The platform allows you to lock in predictable income streams. 
  • Freedom to choose: As a GrubHub driver, you may work as much or as little as you deem fit. You can deliver a few hours weekly or accept additional shifts during peak periods. 
  • Areas: The company limits you to one area. There’s no option to deliver even to zones neighboring a driver’s area. 
  • Penalties: The company penalizes delivery drivers for canceling multiple orders or missing out on shifts. That may happen due to the app’s malfunctioning or the bike breaking down. 
2. DoorDash

2. DoorDash

  • Real-time delivery notifications
  • Flexible scheduling without deactivation
  • Potential high earnings in high-demand areas
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DoorDash connects you with orders from restaurants and stores. You get real-time notifications for delivery opportunities nearby. 

The platform lets you choose which orders to accept based on factors like distance. You can track progress and earn ratings after completing deliveries. DoorDash pays weekly and offers a reward program for drivers.  

  • Work break: The company lets you take as much time off as you need from making deliveries without deactivating your account. 
  • Freedom to choose: Drivers can skip orders with low payouts or far distances. 
  • Potential for decent pay: Drivers who live in under-served areas with high demand for delivery services can make good money. 
  • Rating system: Bad reviews can jeopardize the ability to partner with the platform.
  • Competition: You must be fast and efficient to make more as a DoorDash driver because the competition for orders is high. 
3. Instacart

3. Instacart

  • Shop and deliver groceries
  • Flexible work hours
  • Instant cash payment option
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With Instacart, you shop for and deliver groceries to customers. The app shows you available grocery orders from local stores, and you claim open delivery slots that fit your schedule. 

Using the in-app shopping list, you can pick out all requested items while the app tracks your time.

After checkout, you load up your bags and deliver the groceries to the customer’s door. Customers can rate you and tip after successful deliveries.

  • A range of deliveries: The platform lets you choose alternatives that complement your lifestyle or personal preferences. You may do meals, groceries, or package deliveries. 
  • Flexibility: Instacart gives you the power to control when to work. You can review the calendar to see which hours are available for pick-up. 
  • Timely payments: The platform’s instant cash offering guarantees you’ll always have money to clear bills. 
  • There’s no shift guarantee: You can only pick available hours. How many hours or payments you’ll receive remains uncertain, rendering it challenging to plan with bills. 
  • It can be tiring: Shopping during busy times may be overwhelming. Congestion, weather conditions, and long lines at shopping stores can cause delays. 
4. Uber Eats

4. Uber Eats

  • Notifications for nearby deliveries
  • Unlimited work hours
  • Weekly payments with Instant Pay option
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The platform allows you to deliver meals from restaurants to customers. You get notifications of delivery opportunities nearby through the Uber Eats app.

It also displays the location of the pick-up restaurant, delivery destination, time, and the amount you’ll earn. You have the freedom to accept or reject an order. 

The company offers weekly payments and incentives during busy times and lets you cash out after each delivery for quick access to earnings.

  • Unlimited shifts: The company allows you to work for whatever hours you’d like to, making it a flexible and convenient hustle. 
  • Experience places: Working as an Uber Eats driver is an excellent opportunity to experience different places and discover hidden gems. 
  • More payment options: You can receive weekly payments through direct deposit or use Instant Pay to cash out whenever you want if you have a  balance of $1 and above. 
  • Fluctuating demand: You can stay for some time without getting a single order request. Choose to work during peak hours like dinner or lunch to get more orders. 
  • Long wait times: Sometimes, restaurants take a lot of time to prepare customers’ orders.

Other Side Jobs To Consider

Here are other popular side jobs if you want more money: 

  • Driving Gigs: These let you use your car to transport passengers or deliver goods using apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. If you want to leverage your car for easy money, these are worth checking out. 
  • Transporting Car Jobs: They entail delivering vehicles across the country for dealers and private owners. Check them out if you enjoy being on the open road while earning big. 
  • Food Delivery Jobs: Use your car to deliver meals from restaurants to customers through apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats. They’re an ideal option if you’re looking for a well-paying gig with flexible hours. 

Wrapping Up

Bike delivery jobs provide an active way to earn extra cash on a flexible schedule. Consider getting started if you’re looking for an outdoor gig with the freedom of being your boss.

Let us know your thoughts about our bike delivery jobs guide in the comments below. Share the article with other friends if you found it helpful. 

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