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How To Become A Gopuff Driver: Requirements & How To Apply

  • Gopuff offers flexible working hours and decent pay, averaging $14 per hour.
  • To become a driver, apply online, submit documents, and pass a background check.
  • Drivers deliver various items, including groceries and restaurant orders, from micro-fulfillment centers.
  • Maximize earnings by working peak times, completing missions, and providing excellent customer service.

Understanding Gopuff

Gopuff is a commerce platform that delivers a host of products, ranging from food and alcohol to health and home supplies.

This is where the company’s competitive edge comes from, its range of delivery offerings.

You can find several items, including pet food, candles, party supplies, and even quick ready-made meals from restaurants like Panera.

How has Gopuff achieved this level of product diversity? Well, it’s all thanks to its fool-proof business model.

Ever since its inception in 2013, the company has established hundreds of micro-fulfillment centers, allowing it to operate through a vertically integrated model.

This factor has given it a headstart in profit-making since it owns a key stage in a supply chain. It reduces the costs of production, giving the company a better opportunity to reduce delivery fees to customers.

On top of profitable benefits, owning micro-fulfillment centers also gives Gopuff more control over the delivery process.

It has real-time access to item stock and can update these assortments in no time. Subsequently, customers won’t have to worry as much about out-of-stock issues after their orders.

Overall, these advantages have distinguished Gopuff from other popular delivery services, like Grubhub and UberEats.

In 2020, the company served more customers than all the previous years combined, showcasing major sales and profit growth.

In terms of geographic reach, Gopuff delivers to over 500 U.S. cities. It delivers across areas like Philadelphia, which is its headquarters’ location, Chicago, Miami, and Nashville.

The Appeal of Driving for Gopuff

Like lots of other delivery services in the gig economy, Gopuff offers several benefits for its employees.

  • Schedule Flexibility: You can choose to drive whenever and wherever you want for Gopuff. The delivery service gives you maximum control over your working hours.
  • Potential Earnings: The app operates on little fees, giving drivers more share of payment. Earnings go above minimum wage in all of Gopuff’s locations. You can typically earn an average of $14 per hour.
  • Vehicle Versatility: You don’t need to own a car to drive with Gopuff. Once you have a licensed vehicle, you’re good to go.
  • Job Variety: Unlike other delivery services, Gopuff offers a variety of products. You can opt to deliver groceries, convenience store items, and restaurant orders.
  • High Reliability: You won’t have to worry about delivery slumps with Gopuff. The app usually offers plenty of delivery requests and opportunities, so you’re busy most of the time.

Who Is It Suitable for?

Becoming a Gopuff driver is ideal for those looking to earn an extra side income. We suggest applying if you want a flexible position that isn’t too demanding and can easily fit within your lifestyle.

The driver role can fit several profiles, whether you’re a college student looking for part-time work or a nine-to-five employee trying to save up for a future large expense.

Either way, the role’s flexibility, high earning potential, and reliability provide an enticing offer.

Requirements to Become a Gopuff Driver

Fortunately, becoming a Gopuff driver is straightforward and won’t require too much.

Besides owning a smartphone and having a couple of years of driving experience in the U.S., you’ll need to pass these requirements.

  1. Age and Legal Requirements: To apply, you must be at least 21 years old or older. You’ll need the necessary documents, including a driver’s license.
  2. Vehicle Requirements: Your vehicle must be insured under your name. You can ride a car, scooter, or motorcycle.
  3. Background Check: You can expect a criminal history check, identity verification, social security number traceability check, and motor vehicle record search.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Once you’ve decided you want to reap the benefits of becoming an independent delivery contractor for Gopuff, here’s what to expect in your application process.

1. Online Application

First, you’ll need to sign up for the role via the company’s web platform or mobile application. It’ll ask you to key in your location and zip code, so you can specify your delivery range.

You’ll then be prompted to submit your personal information, including your address and phone number.

2. Document Submission

The platform or app will then ask you to submit certain documents to process your application.

Those will include your driver’s license, auto insurance documents, ID, and vehicle registration.

You’ll need to attach them to your application when submitting it.

Afterward, the company will undergo a thorough background check to ensure your legal documents are valid, and you meet the requirements.

The check can be completed in three to four days. Depending on the documents provided, some checks can take longer than others.

2. Onboarding Session

The onboarding session will first involve downloading another app besides the main Gopuff one, called “When I Work.” It’ll allow you to create your work schedule.

During onboarding, you’ll need to pass a short test to ensure you know how to use the app sufficiently.

After onboarding, you’ll be given brief online training courses. These videos will primarily teach you how to treat customers and safety protocols.

3. App Setup and Getting Started

After setting up the app, you’ll be assigned to one of Gopuff’s many fulfillment centers. Tasks will include restocking inventory, packing orders, and delivering items to customer homes.

What Happens After Applying

After you’ve submitted an online application to become a Gopuff driver, you’ll need to wait around three to four days.

During that time, the company will pass you through a background check to ensure you meet all of its requirements and standards.

Your application submission will likely get delayed if there are any missing documents or discrepancies.

If you pass the background check, the company will email you a copy of the background report. The next day, you should receive a call from the nearest facility.

They’ll ask you to organize a time for orientation and onboarding.

In some locations, you could get a call to come for an interview with the facility’s general manager. Alternatively, it could be carried out over the phone.

During the interview, you can expect basic questions, such as:

  • Why should we hire you to work for Gopuff?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work for Gopuff?
  • What is your availability?

Overall, between the start of your application to your first delivery order, it can take about a week.

As you wait for your application to process, you can start familiarizing yourself with the company’s app and web platform interface.

You can search through the company’s appearances in the news to gain more insight into its business trajectory. We also highly recommend preparing your vehicle.

It’s about to go through lots of wear and tear from frequent deliveries, so you can organize a maintenance schedule to ensure upkeep.

Maximizing Earnings and Efficiency

While Gopuff offers exceptional compensation, you can find ways to maximize these earnings and reap higher rewards.

Find the Best Times

The busiest times on the Gopuff delivery app are usually during the evening. You’ll also have better earning chances when delivering during weekends, special events, and holidays.

Do Missions

Missions is an extra-earning feature given by Gopuff where drivers complete a certain number of orders in a given set time.

You can find the option in the Earnings tab on the app. Once you “Start Mission,” you’ll receive periodic notifications for each Mission.

Fortunately, you won’t get penalized for failing to complete a mission.

Work on Building Customer Relations

Tips make up a significant portion of your earnings. You can’t afford to miss out on extra cash just by being nice to customers.

Plus, one of the perks Gopuff offers its delivery partners is a double-tip opportunity, where customers can tip you during order placement or after delivery.

For this reason, you don’t want to waste these opportunities and provide the best service you can. Check out some tips below to help you out.

  • Check the Delivery Instructions: Be aware of any special requests from customers, such as leaving the food on the doorstep.
  • Keep Customer Communication Open: Don’t leave your customers in the dark about your arrival time. If you’re expecting traffic, inform the customer that you could be running a little late.
  • Double-Check Orders: Ensure every item in the order is with you before going to the customer. It’ll cut down on future issues where you have to go back to the fulfillment center to get any missing items.
  • Smile: A smile will give you a better chance of earning a tip. It creates the right attitude that reflects well with customers.

Final Thoughts

Should you become a Gopuff driver? From the flexible working hours to the extra potential earnings, the role is ideal for those looking to break into the gig economy.

On top of these benefits, Gopuff offers a variety of delivery roles, whether you want to go grocery shopping or pick up items from one of their many ghost kitchen affiliates.

Applying to become a Gopuff driver is straightforward. The steps primarily involve submitting an online application complete with a few legal documents, waiting for the background check, getting onboarded, and starting your delivery journey.

This sort of independent contractor work is perfect for students or those looking to earn an extra source of income on top of another full-time position.

If the versatile working hours easily fit into your lifestyle, we highly recommend giving the side gig job a try.

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