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Spark Driver Waiting List Explained [& Available Options]

  • Spark Driver waitlist controls active drivers to prevent oversaturation and ensure demand.
  • Wait times vary: some wait 9-10 months, others just 4 days.
  • Factors include location, demand, timing; urban areas often have shorter waits.
  • Reduce waitlist time by checking status, contacting support, and staying informed.

If you’ve applied to be a Spark driver, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the waitlist that many drivers find themselves on after applying.

When I first heard how much Spark pays drivers, I jumped right in and applied.

However, I was disappointed to not get approved, but instead, found myself on the wait list.

This is a question that I’m getting from readers more and more, so I put together a post to quickly explain what the list is, why you’re on it, and what you can to do change it.

What is the Spark Driver Waiting List?

The Spark driver waitlist is a list of applicants that have applied to deliver with spark, but are temporarily put on hold as a way to manage the number of active drivers in a given area.

In essence, waitlists are a way for gig economy companies to ensure that they have enough drivers to fulfill customers orders, but not so many that the drivers end up not being busy.

This is an important method of preventing oversaturation and keeps the delivery process running smoothly.

There’s no definitive average time for how long a driver can expect to be on the waitlist, with the time widely varying by driver and region.

Some drivers I’ve talked to have reported being on the waiting list for more than 9 months, while others have been accepted and approved in a matter of days.

Personally, I applied to Spark roughly 6 months ago (as of this writing), and I’m still on the wait list.

You can check your Spark driver waitlist status at any time by logging into the Delivery Drivers Inc driver portal.

If you’re still waitlisted, once you log in you’ll see a notification that you haven’t yet been approved.

a screenshot of the Spark driver waiting list notification

I check my application status roughly once per month, but I consistently see the same thing – that I’m still waitlisted and that I should check back later.

I’ve been waitlisted by Instacart and DoorDash, among others, so I’ve come to realize that this is just part of the process.

I expect that I’ll receive an email notifying me that I’m off the waiting list once a spot opens up in my area. Until then, I’ll keep consistently checking.

Factors That Impact Waitlist Duration

I did a bit of research and found that the waitlist duration varies based on factors like location, demand, and timing.

It seems like your best best for getting approved quickly is to apply in a dense urban area with a lot of customers and high driver turnover.

Alternatively, applying during a peak period, like holidays (especially around Black Friday and Christmas), can help to reduce wait times because of inflated demand for drivers.

I have also noticed that some smaller markets with limited access to drivers also see quick approval times. It seems like the mid-sized markets are the slowest for waitlists.

a screenshot of the spark driver waiting list inquiry on Facebook groups

Why I’ve Come to Embrace the Waitlist

Getting waitlisted can be frustrating, I understand.

However, they are an important part of the gig economy, and will actually work to your advantage later on when you do get approved to deliver with Walmart.

You see, delivery companies are in a bit of a touch spot. They need to fine a balance between hiring too few and too many drivers to make their operations efficient.

If they hire too few drivers, customers will experience delayed deliveries and become dissatisfied customers.

If the companies get it wrong, especially on the orders of customers who are using the service for the first time, they might not come return.

Customers have a ton of different options which means there really isn’t an excuse for late, delayed, or inefficient deliveries.

On the other hand, overstaffing by hiring too many drivers can result in a lack of deliveries, which reduces earnings and causes drivers to churn – quitting the service for more consistent services.

The companies need to forecast demand accurately, as well as maintain a bit of a buffer for seasonal trends or unexpected events.

These companies learned this the hard way during huge demand surges like the COVID-19 pandemic, when online shopping and delivery services skyrocketed.

Understand that these companies know what they’re doing, and try to see is as a benefit for the future, not a frustration now.

Can You Reduce Waitlist Times?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that you can do to reduce your time on the wait list other than regularly checking your status.

There is the proactive option of reaching out to support to have them check your status.

Some drivers have found success in getting off the waitlist by consistently reaching out to support about their status.

I suggest taking this time to familiarize yourself with the Spark delivery driving process and getting prepared before you’re approved so that you know what to expect when you start driving.

Do you have questions or comments? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

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