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What is Amazon Flex and How Does it Work?

  • Amazon Flex allows people to deliver Amazon packages as independent contractors.
  • You need a valid driver’s license, be at least 21, and pass a background check.
  • Use the Amazon Flex app to check for delivery opportunities and accept delivery blocks.
  • Payment is received weekly through direct deposit, with potential for tips and bonuses.

What is Amazon Flex?

Not everything you order through Amazon gets delivered by the company.

Amazon Flex is part of the Amazon delivery network and guarantees that the package you order arrives within a few hours.

It’s one of the package delivery services provided by Amazon to ensure customer satisfaction.

This is a gig work service provided by Amazon, allowing people to work as independent contractors. You deliver Amazon packages, even if they don’t work for the company.

People can sign up and look for delivery opportunities that work for them, book them, and deliver the packages to their desired destination.

If you’re interested in learning how this service works, this article is for you. We’ll explain how you can sign up for the service and earn money by delivering for Amazon.

Signing Up as a Delivery Partner

Signing up to deliver packages through Amazon Flex is a straightforward process. You just need to download the app and follow the signing-up process.

Once done, you should check the recruiting cities on the app. Amazon Flex currently operates in more than 100 cities in the US, in addition to other countries like Canada, Japan, the UK, and Australia.

But if your city isn’t hiring, join the mailing list. The app will notify you once there’s a delivery opportunity available.

To be able to work as an Amazon Flex independent contractor, you need to pass a few requirements.

Have a Valid Driver’s License and Social Security Number

You should have a valid driver’s license to apply for Amazon Flex. Amazon also requires drivers to have social security numbers before they deliver packages.

So, you should have these sorted out before you apply for a job.

Be At Least 21 Years Old

Although you can apply for a driver’s license at ages 16 to 18 in the US, Amazon Flex specifies that you should be 21 or older to work as a delivery associate.

It’s due to insurance and liability issues. Insurers under 21 are high-risk and charged higher premiums for their coverage.

Amazon wants to avoid risks and extra costs, so it refuses to accept candidates younger than 21.

Have Access to an Acceptable Vehicle

You should have access to a mid-size or large 4-door sedan or SUV. Having a van or a truck with a covered bed is also acceptable.

Plus, you should maintain personal auto insurance that complies with the local requirements in your city and state.

Pass a Background Check

Amazon, like most gig work companies, will run a background check to ensure you’re safe to deliver packages.

Once you apply for a job at Amazon, you’ll authorize the company to do a background check on you.

In most cases, third-party companies run these checks to see if you’re convicted of any crime.

But, the check will also reveal any arrests, warrants, pending charges, court records, incarceration, or if you’re recorded as a sex offender.

Additionally, Amazon will check your driving record, looking for charges of DUI or any other violations.

It might also look into your credit history to assess your financial situation. Most checks cover 10 years or more.

Have a Vehicle Report

Since you’ll be driving your vehicle, Amazon will ask for a vehicle report. This shows ownership of the vehicle and any alterations made.

Own a Smartphone

Although this isn’t a listed requirement, it’s essential to have a smartphone to work for Amazon Flex.

It will allow you to check for delivery appointments and book the ones that work for you.

How Deliveries Are Made

The purpose of signing up with Amazon Flex is to make deliveries and earn money. This is how deliveries work.

Checking for Deliveries

Whenever you have time, check for delivery opportunities. Each offer mentions the potential earnings and how long it takes to complete.

Some delivery associates also mark themselves available. This allows the app to automatically approve you for instant offers.

Accept Delivery Blocks

These delivery blocks or shifts usually take two to six hours. So, if you see something that works for you, you should accept it on the spot.

Amazon Flex offers you the flexibility to accept shifts that suit your schedule, whether you prefer to work in the morning, evening, or on weekends.

Pick Up your Package

Once you’ve accepted the order, Amazon will direct you to the nearest Amazon location for different types of delivery.

These include warehouses for Amazon.com orders, an Amazon Fresh location for groceries and household essentials, a Prime Now location, or a Store Order from a store that participates in Amazon deliveries.

When you arrive at the warehouse, the app will direct you through the process of scanning and loading the package into your vehicle. Now, the order is your responsibility.

Deliver Your Package

The app will guide you turn by turn until you reach your client’s location.

Mark packages as delivered when you reach the delivery location to avoid mistakes. You should also get the customer’s signature.

Wrap Up Your Block

After completing all the orders in your block, the app marks them as done. This allows you to monitor your progress. Ask the customer to sign as proof of delivery.

Earnings and Payments

The app offers reasonable pay and shows you how much money you’ll earn in a single block in the pay-per-delivery block model.

Several factors can affect your total earnings.

  • Your market and the availability of drivers.
  • Number of deliveries to make in a single shift.
  • Number of deliveries you can load into your truck.
  • Difficulty of delivery, like having time-sensitive groceries that should be delivered fast.
  • Your location and traffic conditions.
  • Promotions and potential tips.
  • Surge pay during busy times like on weekends or holidays.

Promotions and Discounts

The more you deliver with Amazon Flex, the more you gain through rewards and discounts.

Drivers who make a lot of deliveries receive discounts on roadside assistance, car maintenance, and gas. Plus, you’ll get cashback on your Amazon Flex debit card.

You receive points for every delivery you make, with a minimum of 10 points per block.

Your standing can increase from Fair to Great, and then Fantastic, which grants you more points per delivery and block.

Successful drivers receive discounts on several products, including tires, service parts, slip-resistant shoes, and other products that facilitate delivery for Amazon.

The preferred schedule is an upgrade that allows you to set your preferred delivery station, delivery shifts, and delivery hours. As you get upgraded, you’ll receive more orders.

Getting Paid

As an Amazon Flex driver, you will receive your payment every Wednesday for every delivery made in the past seven days. Yet, some people prefer to get paid daily.

Amazon Flex pays through direct deposits into your bank account, and you can track your payment on the app.

The Main Benefit: Flexibility and Independence

Package delivery is a flexible gig that allows people to plan their work schedules and earn money independently.

Unlike other jobs with fixed delivery schedules, people can book their delivery shifts or blocks according to their lifestyle and availability.

Through the app, you can check a wide pool of delivery opportunities, each with its estimated earnings.

This allows you to plan your work-life balance, whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, or someone looking for extra income.

In addition to this flexibility, you’re not tied by any employer-employee traditional relationship.

You work independently, so you won’t be fired if you don’t deliver for some time.

Controlling your workload allows you to focus on other aspects of your life and only accept orders when you’re available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Packages Do You Get for a 3-Hour Block on Amazon Flex?

Most drivers get 30 to 35 deliveries per 3-hour block, but sometimes, you might get 40 to 45 deliveries.

Do I Need Insurance for Amazon Flex?

Yes, you need auto and personal insurance to deliver Amazon packages while using your vehicle. The auto insurance only applies when you’re driving the vehicle to deliver packages.

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