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How To Claim A DoorDash Student Discount In 2024

Wondering if you’re eligible for the new DoorDash student discount? Get all the details, from what it includes to how to sign up.

  • DoorDash offers the DashPass Student Plan with 50% off the regular rate.
  • DashPass removes delivery fees on eligible orders but a reduced service fee applies.
  • Sign up via account settings with student verification for $4.99/month or $48/year.
  • For smooth delivery, tip well, provide clear instructions, and be accessible.

Does DoorDash Offer a Student Discount?

Yes, DoorDash offers a student discount called the DashPass Student Plan, which provides college students with 50% off the regular DashPass subscription rate.

This plan grants members free delivery on eligible orders, members-only discount codes, and other exclusive benefits like reduced service fees and 5% cashback on pickup orders.

To qualify, students must be enrolled in an American university as undergraduates or graduates.

screenshot of the doordash student discount signup page on DoorDash.com

Does DashPass Really Remove Delivery Fees?

Yes, DashPass removes delivery fees on eligible orders, which include food orders over $12 and grocery orders over $25 from restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery shops displaying the DashPass green logo.

However, a reduced service fee still applies.

How Do You Sign Up for DashPass Student Plan?

Signing up for this DashPass plan is straightforward and only requires a few extra steps.

  1. On your account settings section, tap the “Get $0 delivery fees” button
  2. Choose “DashPass Student Plan”
  3. Input your full name, college, date of birth, and email address to be verified automatically as a student
  4. Choose the annual plan for $48 or the monthly payment of $4.99

And that’s it! You’ll get a confirmation on the app, and your credit card will be charged with the amount you chose.

Tips for College Students Claiming DoorDash Discounts

As a driver myself, I have learned that servicing deliveries on college campuses is sometimes burdensome. In talking with other drivers, they also agreed.

To make the most of your DoorDash student discount, we’ve compiled a set of practical tips to help college students:

  1. Be Generous with Tips: Many drivers share that college students tend to tip less. Remember that drivers are more likely to pick up and deliver your order promptly if the tip is fair.
  2. Provide Clear Instructions: Drivers often face challenges with campus deliveries due to vague directions. Be sure to include detailed instructions and apartment numbers in your address.
  3. Be Accessible: If your residence requires a keycard or special access, meet the driver outside or be available to answer your phone for a smooth hand-off.
  4. Order Responsibly: Understand that small orders can be less attractive to drivers, especially if the tip is low. Consider grouping orders with friends or ordering at less busy times.
  5. Safety First: For both your safety and the drivers’, choose a well-lit and safe pickup location, and be prompt in receiving your order to avoid any unnecessary risks or inconveniences.

By following these tips, college students can ensure a better experience for themselves and the drivers, making the most of their DoorDash student discount.

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