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Does Trader Joes Deliver? Delivery Options & Alternatives

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery store chain founded in the 1960s by a Californian entrepreneur. It was created to … Read more

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery store chain founded in the 1960s by a Californian entrepreneur.

It was created to cater to well-traveled young people and to offer them worldly foods at attainable prices.

Today, while there are still those in this demographic that shop at the store, it is popular among many people who belong to many different demographics.

Have you wanted to shop at Trader Joe’s but do not have one around you?

You might have questions like, does Trader Joe’s deliver, or how much it costs.

Wonder no more!

We have all the answers for you here regarding delivery from your favorite tiki-themed grocery store, what it costs, and how you can make it work.

Does Trader Joe’s Deliver?

Trader Joe’s does not deliver from the store to your home.

However, there are a few workarounds that you can use to get Trader Joe’s goods from the store to you.

A couple of these workarounds include Dumpling Delivery and Taskrabbit.

We will look at those more thoroughly later on.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Online Shopping?

Trader Joe’s does not offer online shopping directly through their website or another store-supported site.

However, you can order Trader Joe’s products online in various ways.

Such ways include purchasing through Amazon and eBay.

Does Trader Joe’s Have an App?

Trader Joe’s has a store-sponsored app, but it is not for online ordering, curbside pickup ordering, or delivery services.

Instead, the app is for people who want to shop at Trader Joe’s and have neurodiverse abilities.

It is an inclusive option for those who want to enjoy the Trader Joe’s experience.

They have partnered with MagnusMobile to create this app.

You can read more about it here if you like!

Why Does Trader Joe’s Not Sell Online?

Trader Joe’s prefers to invest in the people who work for the company, their consumers, and the products they sell.

Instead of looking into selling through the online market, they invest in keeping their products of high quality, paying their workers a fair wage, and keeping their stores clean and up to date.

The VP of Marketing, Matt Sloan, stated on an episode of the Trader Joe’s podcast that organizing delivery or curbside services is too much for the grocery store chain to take on.

Sloan added that the company prefers to use people to interact with customers instead of technology or self-checkout stations.

Has Trader Joe’s Ever Delivered Orders?

Trader Joe’s has never delivered orders.

Even amidst the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, when many other stores offered delivery, they did not.

Why is this, you might be asking?

Part of their business model is to get customers in the door, to have them look around at all of their reasonably priced products, and have them buy more.

They have even designed their store to get you to spend more cash on their products!

Due to their core values and marketing strategies, they are unlikely to begin offering delivery or curbside pickup in the future.

Who Delivers Trader Joe’s?

Though Trader Joe’s does not have its own delivery service, a few third-party delivery services will deliver your most loved Trader Joe’s goodies to you!

Here is a short list of them:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Dumpling
  • Taskrabbit

Does Instacart Deliver Trader Joe’s?

Currently, Instacart does not deliver Trader Joe’s.

Third-party services like Instacart or Doordash have an agreement with the store to let couriers purchase and deliver food.

Since Trader Joe’s does not offer delivery, they do not sign these agreements with these types of companies.

Will Trader Joe’s Ever Be On Instacart?

It is unknown whether or not Trader Joe’s will ever be on Instacart, but it is possible in the future.

While it is possible, it is unlikely due to comments made by marketing and merchandising employees within the company.

Although, there is no way to say for sure.

Does Postmates Delivery Trader Joe’s?

Postmates does not deliver from Trader Joe’s.

Similar to Instacart, a store must sign a contract allowing Postmates to deliver their food.

Trader Joe’s does not have that type of deal with Postmates.

Therefore you cannot order delivery from Trader Joe’s through Postmates.

Does Amazon Fresh Deliver Trader Joe’s?

You cannot buy Trader Joe’s groceries from the Amazon Fresh department of Amazon, but you can buy Trader Joe’s products on the site that will ship to you just like any other product you buy from the online retailer.

Many products are available with Prime!

Trader Joe’s Products Can You Buy on Amazon

Good news!

From Amazon, you can buy Trader Joe’s products like boxed snacks, canned goods, household items, spices, and sauces.

To be clear, Amazon does not ship Trader Joe’s delivery orders, but there are many Trader Joe’s products for purchase on the website, just like any other item listed on Amazon.

Speculoos cookies, the Spice Market gift set, Meyer lemon cake mix, peanut butter-filled pretzels, and much more are available through Amazon.

Many of these items come in packs of two or three, so you can get your money’s worth!

Does DoorDash Deliver Trader Joe’s?

For the same reasons that Instacart and Postmates do not deliver Trader Joe’s products, DoorDash does not deliver either.

Workaround: Dumpling Delivery

You might feel discouraged if you know you can not get Trader Joe’s delivered to your home.

However, there are two key workarounds to this problem.

The first is Dumpling Delivery.

What Is Dumpling Delivery?

Dumpling Delivery is a personal shopper delivery service designed similar to other gig-working services like Uber.

People sign up to become personal shoppers with Dumpling Delivery, and they can make their own hours and become personal shoppers for hire through the app.

Most people are personal shoppers for groceries.

How Does Dumpling Delivery Work?

With Dumpling, you can find a loyal personal shopper who will go to any grocery store you like and purchase items for you.

You will always have the same personal shopper, so you can grow to rely on them to shop for you just like you would.

You can also schedule your deliveries, so you do not have to worry about missing them or having your groceries sit out too long.

How Can You Get Trader Joe’s Orders Delivered With Dumpling?

With Dumpling, sign up for the app by following the instructions on the app.

Then, find a personal shopper, ask them what you need at the store through their easy-to-use communication model, then pay through the app!

Second Workaround: TaskRabbit

The second workaround for the delivery issue with Trader Joe’s is with TaskRabbit.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a service mainly used for home improvement projects, moving projects, or cleaning services.

However, they also offer delivery services for almost anything you can imagine.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

To use TaskRabbit, sign up through their online instructions.

Then, look for someone who delivers groceries and tell them what you need.

Then, similar to Dumpling, you pay through the app.

How Can You Get Trader Joe’s Orders Delivered With TaskRabbit?

Getting your orders delivered with TaskRabbit is as easy as any other online service.

First, sign up through the app or website, then follow the instructions for ordering a TaskRabbit service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about delivery from Trader Joe’s?

Here are a few frequently asked questions we have researched to find the answers for you.

Is Trader Joe’s expensive?

Trader Joe’s is perceived as higher quality, so the prices are slightly more inflated than other grocery stores.

However, there are plenty of good deals and comparable prices on many items.

If you shop exclusively at Trader Joe’s, it might be more than if you shopped at multiple stores looking for the best deals on your favorite items.

It is not as expensive as stores like Whole Foods.

Watch this video to learn more about the price model of Trader Joe’s.

Who owns Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is owned by the German brand Aldi Nord, which also owns the budget food store Aldi.

The original owner of Trader Joe’s sold the store to Theo Albrecht, the CEO, and Owner of Aldi Nord, about 12 years after starting Trader Joe’s, and the company has owned it ever since.

Wrapping Up

So, does Trader Joe’s deliver?

Trader Joe’s is a unique store with a well-known theme and business model.

Part of that iconic model is that they do not offer delivery or curbside services even though it is popular in today’s market.

If you want delivery from Trader Joe’s, there are a few ways to work around their policy.

Comment if you have any other questions or recommendations about getting delivery from Trader Joe’s!

They might not offer it directly, but you can get items delivered with a bit of extra ingenuity and effort.

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