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How To Get Paid To Drive In 2024 [My Favorite Options]

Key Takeaways The rise of the gig economy has transformed people’s thoughts about their jobs and earning potential. Nowadays, people … Read more

Key Takeaways

  • Ride-Sharing Apps: Drive for Uber or Lyft to earn flexibly.
  • Food Delivery: Deliver with DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats for variable earnings.
  • Package Delivery: Work for Amazon Flex or Roadie for fewer customer interactions.
  • Grocery Delivery: Shop and deliver with Instacart or Shipt for active income.
  • Vehicle Advertising: Earn passively by wrapping your car with ads via Carvertise or Wrapify.
  • General Task Services: Drive for TaskRabbit for diverse gig opportunities.
  • Other Services: Consider Postmates, Turo, Rover, Caviar, or Favor for additional earning options.

The rise of the gig economy has transformed people’s thoughts about their jobs and earning potential. Nowadays, people are drawn to flexibility and part-time work to coincide with their 9 to 5-desk jobs.

One of the most common gig roles involves driving, whether for a ridesharing app or a grocery, packaging, or food delivery platform. Gig workers can also earn passive income from wrapping their car with an ad and driving around.

Read on as we explore the best driving side hustles in today’s growing gig economy, including their benefits and earning potential.

Ride-Sharing Services

The first jobs you’ll likely consider when wanting to get paid to drive are ridesharing gigs. These roles offer exceptional earning potential and flexible working hours.


Among all ride-sharing apps in the market, Uber dominates as the largest and most notable. It pioneered the industry in 2009 and ever since then has taken over 68% to 74% of the U.S. ridesharing market share.

Why It Made the List

With an undoubted increase in demand for ridesharing and surge pricing opportunities, Uber is a critical member of this list.

You can drive as long as you want and receive automatic weekly payments. All you need is to pass the driving screening test, create your profile, and start your gig.

Earning Potential

Your earnings on Uber vary based on your activity. The more you drive, the more you’ll earn. Plus, factors like your location can also influence your earning potential.

For instance, driving in New York will offer better rates than cruising around Connecticut. On average, you can expect to earn between $13 and $27.


Lyft is also a widely recognized ride-sharing app in the U.S. market, earning a 26% share slice. Similar to Uber, Lyft allows you to drive around passengers to their destinations.

Why It Made the List

Thanks to the app’s flexibility and support, Lyft offers an enticing driving side gig. As an independent contractor, you get to work on your terms with versatile hours and chosen locations.

Earning Potential

Compared to Uber, Lyft may not be as rewarding in terms of earning potential. The ridesharing app’s base pay is slightly lower than Ubers’, but not by much. Overall, you can earn an average hourly rate of $15 with Lyft.

Food Delivery Services

If you’re looking to get paid to drive, but aren’t comfortable with constantly meeting strangers in your car, food delivery services could be a more suitable gig for you.


DoorDash offers delivery driving services for a whopping 500,000 restaurant merchants. With such a wide reach in the food and beverage industry, you can expect to find lots of opportunities to drive with the food delivery giant.

Why It Made the List

Working for DoorDash gives you more leeway to work on your main job while earning extra money on the side. The app streamlines the signup process. All you need is a working car or bike, and you can start dashing your way to earning more income.

Earning Potential

After combining the base pay, average tips, and promotions, dashers can expect to earn between $12 and $18 per hour.


GrubHub is another well-known food delivery service app in the industry. It’s also one of the oldest, launching its services in 2004.

Why It Made the List

On top of working hour flexibility and its quick application process, the food delivery service also provides training to its drivers. Plus, drivers get an insulated bag on their first day. You also receive a debit card that you’ll use to pay for the customers’ orders.

Earning Potential

GrubHub offers a higher earning potential than DoorDash, providing drivers around $7 to $30 per hour. Your pay will primarily depend on factors like delivery time, location, and mileage.

Uber Eats

Extending from the ridesharing giant, Uber, Uber Eats is another exceptional food delivery service app to earn extra income.

Why It Made the List

Drivers typically pick Uber Eats for its versatility, daily cash-out features, and straightforward app layout. All you have to do is accept orders, go through the in-app instructions when you reach the restaurant, and drop off the order.

Earning Potential

With Uber Eats, you can earn approximately $18 to $25 per hour. You’ll earn higher amounts if you deliver in certain states like California and Virginia.

Package Delivery Services

Welcoming strangers in your car sounds unappealing to you. Food delivery service could seem messy or more tedious to you. In this case, you can try your hand at package delivery instead.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex’s service model entails delivering Amazon products as an independent contractor using your vehicle. The Flex model offers several job options. You can be a Prime Now, Fresh, or Logistics driver.

Why It Made the List

Being a Flex driver means fewer interactions with customers, a consistent payment scheme, and Amazon perks. In terms of the latter, drivers can earn points to level up and win rewards associated with that level.

Earning Potential

You’ll likely earn around $20 per hour as a Flex driver. Your earnings will depend on factors like customer tips, delivery time, location, and number of offers you sign up for.

When it comes to payment methods, you can get a direct deposit and track your income through the Earnings section in the Flex app.


Roadie is a more spread-out platform. As a delivery driver for the app, you can expect to transport tools, groceries, equipment, and medicine.

Despite not gaining as much popularity as apps like Amazon, Roadie is still legit and considered a subsidiary of the United Parcel Service (UPS) after an acquisition in 2021.

Why It Made the List

Roadie is an ideal gig if you have other side hustles lined up. Alone, you won’t be making as much extra money compared to other gig apps. Nevertheless, you’re still getting the same benefits of flexible working hours and diverse delivery opportunities.

Earning Potential

Roadie’s salaries hover at $17 per hour, which is relatively on the low end in the gig industry.

Grocery Delivery Services

If you’re one of the many who enjoy going grocery shopping, these delivery app service jobs are perfect for you.


As an Instacart delivery driver, you’ll be a personal shopper for customers. You’ll be able to shop from plenty of stores including Costco, Whole Foods, and Petco.

Why It Made the List

Grocery shopping delivery services have grown in demand, especially after the pandemic. More people are relying on the service for its convenience and time-saving benefits.

Working with Instacard will give you more time to walk out and about, rather than staying enclosed in your vehicle for long hours.

You also get to set your working hours, without having to drive out too late, since your job hours are limited to grocery shop opening hours.

Earning Potential

Instacart shoppers get paid around $15 to $43 per hour. You can boost your earnings by driving in high-demand areas, getting peak-hour pay boosts, and enhancing your customer rating.


Shipt offers the same grocery delivery services as Instacart. Target acquired Shipt in 2017 for $550 million, giving the app a same-day delivery advantage.

Why It Made the List

Unlike Instacart, Shipt allows you to choose delivery-only trips. So, if you don’t feel like grocery shopping, you can pick up the order and head straight to the drop-off zone.

Earning Potential

With Shipt, you get paid per order, maximizing your profit potential. You can earn anywhere between $15 to $17 for every order. If we’re talking about hourly pay, Shipt offers a generous $15 to $25 rate.

General Task Services

Apps like TaskRabbit allow workers to utilize a specialty skill. Nevertheless, if you’re only searching for driving gigs, you can apply for moving and package delivery gigs.


TaskRabbit is a solid gig-based income provider. You can choose between multiple jobs that involve driving, whether you’ll be moving someone’s furniture or delivering a package.

Why It Made the List

In addition to its ease of signing up and flexible scheduling, TaskRabbit also allows drivers to develop a strong network of clients. You can build these steady connections that’ll keep you in mind for more moving days and referrals.

Earning Potential

TaskRabbit earnings usually depend on your location and the task’s complexity. For instance, if you’re running a short errand for a client, you’ll likely earn less than moving someone else’s furniture.

Overall, you can increase your earning potential through raising your rates, diversifying your skillset, and maintaining high customer ratings.

Vehicle Advertising

This won’t require nearly as much effort as all other services in this list. All you have to do is stick an ad to your car and drive around crowded regions.


Carvertise is a car wrapping ad company. The process is easy to follow. You just have to meet the app’s car requirements, sign up, connect with a brand deal, get your car wrapped, drive, and reap the passive earning benefits.

Why It Made the List

Using apps like Carvertise offers the easiest passive income methods in the gig market. The car wrapping app is available in several states.

Earning Potential

Your earnings depend on the ad’s size. For example, you’ll likely get paid higher rates if you wrap your entire car rather than stick a partial ad. You can earn over $300 per month via direct deposit. The app allows you to maximize your earning potential by showing up in Swarms.


Partnering with brands like Zoom, Amazon, and Squarespace, Wrapify is a credible car wrapping ad company.

Why It Made the List

The best part about using Wrapify is the free sign-up and zero commitment. If you don’t want to advertise for a certain brand, you can pass the offer. Overall, it’s one of the most convenient and low-effort ways to earn income.

Earning Potential

You can earn between $200 and $450 with Wrapify. Drivers get paid primarily depending on mileage.

Other Notable Services

Besides all the popular apps mentioned above, you can find several others worth considering as well below.


Postmates competes with giant brands like Instacart, GrubHub, and DoorDash. The company expanded its delivery services to items other than food, such as medicine, equipment, and electronics.

Why It Made the List

The delivery app is a notable name in the industry and offers similar benefits as other gig roles, including schedule flexibility.

Earning Potential

As a Postmates driver, you can potentially earn around $18 to $26, which is relatively average compared to competitors.


Rather than become a rideshare driver, you can rent your car out for others to drive. Using Turo is often compared to renting your car out like an apartment for Airbnb.

Why It Made the List

From its ease of use and high passive income potential to its reliable $750,000 liability insurance, Turo gives you several advantages when renting out your car.

Earning Potential

According to Turo, you can potentially earn an annual $10,516 from renting one car and as much as $94,642 for listing nine vehicles.


If you’re an animal lover and want to spend your free time transporting pets, consider the Rover app.

Why It Made the List

Rover offers flexible working hours for its independent contractors. Keep in mind that the app does focus more on pet-sitting and walking, so you may not find as many pet transport opportunities.

Earning Potential

Your earnings largely depend on your location and mileage. In general, Rover boasts exceptional income potential, with users earning about $1,000 per month from just dog walking.


Caviar specializes in premium food delivery services. You’d primarily be delivering for luxury restaurants. It was acquired by DoorDash for $410 million.

Why It Made the List

If you have two years of delivery driving experience and pass the background check, you can start earning with Caviar. It’s easy to apply for the app since it follows a similar business model to DoorDash.

Earning Potential

Caviar delivery drivers can earn between $24 and $25 per hour, offering an exceptional side earning potential.


Favor specializes in food and grocery transport. It offers similar services to giant competitors like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Instacart. As a delivery person for Favor, you’ll be referred to as a Runner.

Why It Made the List

While working as a Runner, you can reap benefits like getting free car insurance, keeping 100% of the customer tips, and flexible working hours.

Earning Potential

Your earning potential heavily depends on the delivery volume, mileage, location, and time of day. You can earn around $9 to $18 with the app. Subsequently, it’s not the highest earning method on the list.

Final Thoughts

Owning a car in today’s gig economy spells opportunity. From using ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft to becoming a personal shopper for Instacart, you can maximize your earnings through these new income streams.

The good news is that the industry offers diverse driving side hustles. If you enjoy meeting new people and socializing, a ridesharing job is perfect.

Meanwhile, if you prefer limiting your customer interactions, a car wrapping ad gig is right up your alley.

Either way, most of these roles offer similar benefits, including flexible working hours and reliable earnings.

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