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5 Medication Delivery Jobs That Offer Flexible Income

Medication delivery jobs are easy to come by, but which ones are actually worth your time? Here are five great companies to get you started.

  • Medication delivery jobs offer steady income and a relaxing work atmosphere.
  • Types include pharmaceutical, medical equipment, courier, home health nurse, and veterinary delivery.
  • Requirements include a valid driver’s license, clean record, and physical fitness.
  • Earnings range from $36,000 to $55,000 annually, with additional benefits available.

If you’d like to get paid to cruise around town while listening to podcasts and music, you’ve come to the right place.

Medication delivery jobs provide a steady stream of income and often make for a more relaxing atmosphere compared to other transportation work. 

Types of Medication Delivery Jobs

There are a few different jobs with different responsibilities and requirements under the medication delivery umbrella. Let’s go over a few of them to help you figure out which one works for you:

  • Pharmaceutical delivery driver: Pharmaceutical drivers deliver prescription and non-prescription medication to patients’ homes and businesses.
  • Medical equipment delivery driver: Medical equipment drivers deliver equipment such as wheelchairs and DVT pumps. In addition to transport, their job is to explain how to use the equipment in question for first-time patients.
  • Home health nurse: Registered nurses can opt to work for pharmacies. Their job is to deliver and administer medicine to patients at their homes.
  • Medical courier: Instead of working for a pharmacy, you’d work for a medical courier business that picks up and delivers orders for a wide range of clients.
  • Veterinary medication driver: Veterinary clinics also need frequent medication deliveries from veterinary pharmacies. In addition to clinics, you may deliver medication to farms and pet owners.

What You’ll Need to Do a Medication Delivery Job

Many pharmaceutical companies require that their medication delivery drivers be at least 18 or 21 years of age, have a high school diploma, and have a valid driver’s license.

Some companies may require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) instead.

Most of them also run a background check to ensure their delivery driver has no criminal record.

You’ll have to use a GPS to find pick-up and drop-off locations, and knowing your way around the city can help, too.

You also need a clean driving record and be physically fit to do the job. For instance, medical equipment drivers may have to perform pick-ups and drop-offs for items over 50 pounds (22.6 kg).

You must be a responsible person with excellent time management skills and strong attention to detail, as delivering the wrong medication to a patient can spell disaster.

Remember, many patients are elderly and have bad eyesight, and it’s up to you to ensure their safety.

Strong communication skills and patience are also required, especially if you have to explain how to take medicine or operate a piece of equipment. 

How Much You Can Make as a Medical Delivery Driver

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical couriers make around $17.6 per hour or about $36,700 annually. Glassdoor reports annual salaries in the $36,000 to $55,000 range.

This is in line with most other delivery jobs, but medical drivers tend to receive more generous benefits.

Note that the pay varies significantly depending on the company, your qualifications, and the exact work you’ll do.

Top 5 Companies to Find Medication Delivery Jobs

The best places to work are pharmaceutical companies and clinics. Here are some of the largest that regularly hire drivers:

1. CVS Health
Best overall pick

1. CVS Health

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The world’s largest healthcare and pharmaceutical company is always in need of drivers to deliver medication to patient’s doorsteps.

In addition to their delivery service, they hire drivers to transport medication between distribution centers, retail stores, clinics, and pharmacies. 

You’ll work under one of their subdivisions. For instance, if you apply to work at Omnicare, your job will be to deliver medicine to patients’ homes.

There’s plenty of space to grow, especially if you have or plan on getting an A or B-class driver’s license.

CVS Health has a large network of pharmacies — you likely have one near you that you could apply to work at.


  • Excellent perks: You’ll get a competitive salary, matching 401(k) contributions, discounts at CVS stores, medical insurance, and several other benefits.
  • Company vehicle: All drivers get to drive a company-provided vehicle with modern equipment. The gas is all paid for, too, and you won’t have to worry about running costs or maintenance.
  • A feeling of appreciation: Your colleagues and clients will feel grateful for your delivery service, and you’ll have a clear sense of purpose in your work.


  • Stressful work environment: You’ll be overwhelmed with work and won’t have much time for breaks, with frequent overtime.
  • Poor organization: The management at CVS Health is understaffed, and they tend to make mistakes that can result in you losing time or underperforming.
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Medical Couriers practically pioneered the medication transportation business.

They’ve been in business for over 5 decades and have a network of delivery drivers who work with hospitals, long-term care pharmacies, and labs.

As you can imagine, working at Medical Couriers is as seamless an experience as it can get.

You’ll be alone most of the time, and you’ll often find yourself traversing the same few routes.

Medical Couriers provide more freedom than most others — you can listen to music, relax, and cruise around town.

However, you’re still expected to execute all deliveries meticulously and be on time. They pride themselves on their excellent service and claim they’ve never lost a specimen.


  • Relaxing work: You get a clean, well-maintained company car to drive.
  • Great culture: Management is friendly and will take care of you. You’ll feel appreciated and have someone to talk to if you hit a rough patch.
  • Well-developed system: Routes are some of the best optimized in the industry. You’ll get used to them quickly and miss them sorely if you change your workplace.


  • Tight deadlines: Running into bad traffic can easily result in having to work overtime to get everything delivered.
  • Low pay: Salaries at Medical Couriers hover around minimum wage, and you’ll struggle with getting a raise.
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Cardinal Health is another massive healthcare company that has hundreds of locations around the globe. 

They’re in constant need of drivers, and chances are, they need one near you.

You might deliver items from labs or medication and medical equipment directly to patients in nursing homes.

Cardinal Health also has night shifts available, but they’re not for the faint of heart.


  • Excellent work environment: A company-provided car, friendly management, and great co-workers make for a healthy work environment.
  • Great benefits: As you might expect, the health insurance coverage is some of the best in the industry. You also get paid time off, 401(k) savings, flexible spending, etc.
  • Early hours: Work for delivery drivers starts early, and if you finish everything on time, you’ll get off early, too.


  • Low pay: Getting a raise as a delivery driver at Cardinal Health is challenging.
  • Overtime: There’s a lot of inevitable overtime that you’ll have to do.
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If you’re looking for a delivery job with fixed schedules and not too much overtime, look no further than Guardian Pharmacy.

You’ll occasionally deliver medicine to patients, but a large chunk of your workday will be between health facilities.

Guardian Pharmacy’s requirements are standard for the job, with one caveat — you need at least 2 years of relevant experience or an advanced degree. 


  • Excellent benefits: A matching 401(k) plan, medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage, along with paid time off, makes Guardian Pharmacy perfect for a long-term stay.
  • Fixed schedules: You can choose between evening, morning, night, and day shifts, and you can stick to them long-term.
  • No stress: This is one of the few medical delivery jobs where you won’t have a lot of pressure from management.


  • Inadequate pay: Guardian Pharmacy’s drivers make around $37,000 annually, which is about average for the job.
  • High requirements: You must be an experienced driver and know how to work with little supervision or help.
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Lincare is Linde’s sub-brand that specializes in providing healthcare to a wide range of customers.

If you become a delivery driver for them, you’ll transport both medication and medical equipment to patients. 

Lincare’s patients rely on regular deliveries of oxygen tanks and other respiratory-related equipment.

A good portion of your work will be explaining how to use equipment such as respirators and wheelchairs.

Still, it’s a driving gig, and you’ll spend most of your time behind the wheel. 


  • Great work environment: Friendly co-workers and patients will give you a clear sense of purpose and make you feel welcome.
  • Excellent benefits: You’ll get 401(k) matching, health, dental, and life insurance, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and more.
  • Good pay: Lincare pays some drivers over $23 per hour in some locations, well above average for this job.


  • Too much work: Some drivers have reported working for over 60 hours per week, which sounds believable, as Lincare is always in need of drivers.
  • Being on call: You may get called up to work on weekends, even if you had a long week, which can make for an unhealthy work-life balance.

Questions Gig Workers are Asking

Do I Need Prior Experience in Healthcare to Work as a Medication Delivery Driver?

You don’t, but it can be a helpful asset to land the job. The main requirement is a commercial driver’s license for most medication delivery jobs and experience in similar jobs.

Are There Opportunities for Career Advancement Within Medication Delivery Roles?

There are a few opportunities for medical drivers. If you stay long enough with a company, you may be invited to a supervision or management role, as you’ll have the hands-on experience needed to monitor and even optimize operations.

Other Jobs to Consider

If transporting medication and equipment sounds too stressful, here are a few alternative jobs to consider:

  • Bike Delivery Jobs: If you’d prefer to deliver using a bike rather than a van, here are a few jobs to get you started.
  • Delivery Side Hustles: Want to make some money on the side? Here are some flexible delivery side hustles.

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