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Top 9 Apps Like Gopuff for Seamless On-demand Delivery

  • Apps like GoPuff offer flexible, efficient delivery services for various needs.
  • DoorDash and Instacart are top alternatives, providing competitive pay and flexible schedules.
  • Many delivery apps offer unique perks like cash bonuses, referral incentives, and insurance.
  • Choosing the right app depends on availability, job type, and individual preferences.

Apps like Gopuff are revolutionizing the courier industry by enhancing service efficiency.

As a delivery staff, you gain access to the best employee benefits and perks, multiple orders, enhanced security, improved delivery schedules, and better insights, enabling you to plan routes and deliver groceries efficiently. 

While Gopuff might have some of the best features for drivers and other service staff, it is not the only on-demand grocery delivery service in this game.

Today, we look at other best food delivery services and apps like Gopuff that can give you a similar experience and offer convenience at its best. 

An Overview of Gopuff 

Gopuff is one of the best delivery services that brings drinks, food, medications, and other home essentials to customers.

The platform provides an intuitive delivery app for Android and iOS devices, enabling drivers to accept online orders and plan routes efficiently.

The app features a resource-intensive business model and hundreds of micro-fulfillment centers from which deliveries of its over 4,000 products happen. 

screenshot of the Gopuff delivery homepage - showing apps like gopuff header

Where Does Gopuff Excel?

Gopuff provides a guaranteed minimum rate for its drivers, which depends on location. The app also lets drivers keep 100% of the tips received on orders.

Since you operate as an independent contractor, the total earnings you accumulate from the hourly pay depends on the number of deliveries you complete, your luck, and the state of the market. 

Where Does Gopuff Fall Short?

It can take a long time before they can get back to you after applying, especially if there are no vacant positions.

You may also be restricted from accessing the app if you fail to show up for your scheduled delivery blocks. 

As a driver, you are responsible for confirming the customers’ ID when delivering alcohol and vape products.

Our Top Picks

  1. DoorDash – Best Overall 
  2. Instacart – Runner Up
  3. Uber Eats – Also Great 
  4. Grubhub – Require Own Delivery Service
  5. Amazon Fresh – Contactless Delivery 
  6. Postmates – Real-time Order Tracking 
  7. FreshDirect – Best Employee Perks
  8. Favor – Restaurant Delivery Service 
  9. Caviar – Easy Access to Employee Deals 

The Best Gopuff Alternatives at a Glance 

Check out these frequently asked questions before we get into reviewing each Gopuff alternative.  

What is the Best Gopuff Alternative?

The best Gopuff alternative is DoorDash.

It gives its delivery drivers several other ways to earn extra money, which include Peak pay, referral bonuses, and Dasher promotions.

Its unparalleled technology powers millions of orders seamlessly, enabling Dashers to provide full-service delivery efficiently.

Who is Gopuff’s Biggest Competitor? 

Gopuff’s biggest competitor is DoorDash. The app is similar to Gopuff to some extent. But features greater availability and accessibility.

Besides, DoorDash has already established a broad driver and customer base of more than 32 million users.

This means you almost always get delivery gigs.

The Best Gopuff Alternatives in 2023

Read on as we explore to see what the individual delivery service providers have to offer:

1. DoorDash
Our Pick

1. DoorDash

  • Good: Drivers benefit from guaranteed base pay, 100% tips, referral bonuses, peak pay, and other Dasher promotions. 
  • Bad: Unpredictable earnings and lack of compensation for the time spent waiting for orders. 
  • When to choose this alternative: If you can provide rapid food delivery.
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DoorDash is a popular food delivery service established in 2013. The delivery app acts as the link between local restaurants, delivery drivers, and local consumers across the USA, Australia, and Canada. 

DoorDash has already hired over one million drivers who work as dashers. Like other apps similar to DoorDash, you can sign up to the app and start earning today using a mobile app or browser extension.

Why is This a Great Option?

This grocery delivery app pays dashers their earnings weekly through a secured direct deposit to a personal bank account. US Dashers enjoy no-fee daily deposits via DasherDirect as well as withdraw earnings once daily via Fast Pay for a $1.99 service fee.

The app also allows dashers to get extra money by referring family and friends to deliver with DoorDash. You open your dasher app, click on the account tab, and then click on the refer friends banner.

Drawbacks to DoorDash

Earnings are unpredictable because Dasher’s earnings largely depend on when, where, and how often the drivers deliver.

DoorDash does not compensate you for the time you spend while waiting for orders. You also don’t enjoy other benefits, such as health insurance. 

4. Grubhub
Our Pick

4. Grubhub

  • Good: Steady workflow and access to an extensive range of local restaurants and menus. 
  • Bad: Inconsistent delivery times and poor customer service. 
  • When to choose this alternative: If you have your own delivery service.
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Grubhub is taking the grocery delivery market by storm by offering a convenient and secure way to get food and fresh fruits delivered to doorsteps. To quickly go over how Grubhub works, know that it serves as your own logistics platform for local deliveries.  

The delivery app uses the customer’s computer or smartphone’s geolocation feature to find them. Grubhub then scans to highlight local restaurants in the area that offer delivery. The customer can make choices from the list and give order specifications. 

Why is This a Great Option? 

You can work as an independent contractor to deliver orders for select restaurants. The platform features a user-friendly mobile app interface, making it easy to track deliveries. 

Drawbacks to Grubhub 

Grubhub is only available for US residents. You may not get delivery gigs or other work if you reside in other countries. Some drivers have also complained about the lack of supp

2. Instacart
Our Pick

2. Instacart

  • Good: Multiple delivery options and consistent, competitive hourly wage.
  • Bad: The delivery service is unavailable in many optimized local delivery routes. 
  • When to choose this alternative: If you are willing to work as a personal shopper for online grocery shopping.
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Instacart is a grocery delivery app that gives customers access to various food items and other products from their favorite stores.

If you’re wondering how Instacart works, the app employs trained personal shoppers who select items for customers and deliver the groceries to their doorstep. Instacart partners with numerous grocery store chains, enabling its personal shoppers to access grocery shops in minutes.

Why is This a Great Option?

You only need to meet five requirements to become an Instacart shopper: be 18 years and above, possess a bank account, have the eligibility to work in the US, possess a recent smartphone, and carry 40lb. 

Instacart offers multiple delivery options. They include scheduled deliveries up to two weeks in advance, next-day delivery,  and same-day or express deliveries. 

Drawbacks to Instacart

Getting product substitutes for customers as an Instacart shopper can be stressful as there are not always alternatives to missing items. 

Instacart doesn’t do remote delivery in many rural delivery routes due to a lack of partner grocery stores.

3. Uber Eats
Our Pick

3. Uber Eats

  • Good: Decent earnings, order tracking in real time, and no minimum order. 
  • Bad: No earnings guarantee, and Uber Eats drivers can sometimes delay the order delivery. 
  • When to choose this alternative: If you’re also interested in working with the Uber ridesharing app. 
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Uber Eats is a modernized food delivery service that partners with hundreds of local restaurants, drivers, and other service providers to take care of customers’ fresh foods, snacks, and supply needs. This app ensures its riders have all it takes to offer fast delivery, powered with top delivery tracking systems. 

Why is This a Great Option?

Uber Eats gives its workers decent pay. The gross earnings can be between $12 – $16 per hour. The earnings vary depending on the time of the day and location. 

The app also allows the delivery staff to increase earnings through Boost and Surge promotions. Boost promotions help you get more money per trip due to higher rates at specific times and locations. With Surge promotions, your earnings rise with an increase in demand. 

Drawbacks to Uber Eats 

Similar to other apps like Uber Eats, there is no guarantee that you will accumulate the same earnings as you did the previous day or weeks ago. However, you may have access to steady work. 

5. Amazon Fresh
Our Pick

5. Amazon Fresh

  • Good: Decent earnings slightly above the minimum wage. 
  • Bad: Not available everywhere and limited delivery options. 
  • When to choose this alternative: If food safety is your priority.
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Amazon Fresh is a new grocery store offering a great experience both online and in-store. Its users gain access to a wide assortment of high-quality meat, produce, and seafood alongside an array of deliciously prepared foods. 

Its proprietary order management system enables its service staff to manage orders and deliveries effectively. Amazon Fresh also offers on-demand alcohol delivery with contact-free ID verification. 

Why is This a Great Option?

Amazon Fresh offers decent earnings. Its delivery partners earn an average of $18 – 425 per hour, which is slightly above the minimum wage.

Amazon’s staff and customer service system is top-notch. The platform has a helpline that stays open 24/7 and accepts online orders promptly, enabling users to enjoy convenient on-site shopping.

Drawbacks to Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is not available everywhere. Confirm if it is available in your area before applying for jobs.

The delivery app has limited options compared to local stores. Thus, you may not have access to steady work all through.  

6. Postmates
Our Pick

6. Postmates

  • Good: Real-time order tracking and easy access through the mobile app.
  • Bad: Staff support is not good enough.
  • When to choose this alternative: When looking for an app with real-time order tracking.
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Postmates is one of the most efficient apps like Gopuff that allows customers to order food, groceries, and other essentials in a few clicks. 

Thanks to its widespread availability across all US cities and user-friendly features, Postmates is an essential companion for anyone looking to earn quick cash by making deliveries. You can download its mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to use the platform anywhere, anytime and apply for work. 

Why is This a Great Option? 

Postmates allows you to track orders in real time. As a delivery staff, you can provide customers with constant updates about their delivery progress and estimated arrival times. The real-time updates make it easy to monitor the entire process. 

You gain access to an extensive range of local stores and restaurants. It increases the number of deliveries you make daily, leading to higher earnings. The good thing is that Postmates processes all delivery requests in minutes.

Drawbacks to Poshmates 

Postmates delivery staff have to fuel cars on their own as well as save some money for taxes. Staff support is also not good enough.

If you seek an immediate response, you may not get help, as their policy states that they reach out in 48 hours.

7. FreshDirect
Our Pick

7. FreshDirect

  • Good: Variety of jobs, unlimited free deliveries, and extensive employee perks.
  • Bad: Demands long, irregular work hours, and the app is not widely accessible.
  • When to choose this alternative: When looking for an in-season fresh grocery delivery app 
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FreshDirect is a mobile app for grocery delivery with streamlined product categories, curated lists, and advanced search.

Unlike other delivery apps, FreshDirect sources products directly from farmers, producers, and fishermen to ensure consumers get fresh food at its best.

The app allows you to enjoy exclusive partner discounts, coupons, and other deals for all repeat purchases.

Why is This a Great Option? 

FreshDirect provides a variety of jobs. They include food experts, route drivers, shipping associates, inventory control, and customer service agents. 

You also enjoy extensive employee benefits and perks. They include learning and development opportunities, healthcare coverage, employee grocery stores, employee discounts, and paid time off.

Drawbacks to FreshDirect 

It demands long, irregular work hours, which may include holidays and weekends to accommodate customer schedules.

This can result in poor work-life balance, affecting personal relationships. Again, the pay is small compared to other delivery apps. 

8. Favor
Our Pick

8. Favor

  • Good: Fast recruitment process, a vast range of trained runners for quick delivery, and a user-friendly interface. 
  • Bad: Only available in Texas, and low-cost employee perks.
  • When to choose this alternative: If you are looking for delivery gigs in Texas.
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Favor is a Texas-based restaurant delivery app designed to facilitate personalized and efficient customer delivery experiences.

Its user-friendly interface, secure multiple payment modes, and real-time tracking make Favor a go-to solution for anyone looking to offer effortless food delivery services.

If you intend to start a delivery business, this is the perfect app to partner with. 

Why is This a Great Option? 

Favor features a fast recruitment process. You can even begin work the same day you apply to Favor and receive a $100 bonus upon completing ten deliveries.

The app already has a vast network of trained runners who ensure customers get desired food items at their doorsteps. 

Its user-friendly app design makes it easy for beginner delivery staff to start. You don’t need any prior experience. Favor also allows you to retain 100% of customer tips. 

Drawbacks to Favor 

Favor is only available in Texas. Job seekers from all other 49 US states cannot use this service for now. 

You may experience a few glitches while using the app. Favor also has a low-cost employee perk for its delivery drivers.

9. Caviar
Our Pick

9. Caviar

  • Good: Higher earnings as Caviar services high-end restaurants.
  • Bad: Certain delivery locations may not have available restaurants on the app during peak season, affecting your workflow. 
  • When to choose this alternative: When looking for an app with the best deals for customers, drivers, and delivery businesses.
Read More

Caviar is another Gopuff alternative with numerous unique features for speedy food delivery.

The app partners with hundreds of restaurants and service staff in different cities to ensure customers get what they need. 

Why is This a Great Option? 

The app provides higher earnings. Since Caviar services high-end restaurants, its delivery drivers handle more expensive orders.

It enables them to earn more per every order request and in tips. Total earnings include guaranteed base pay, tips, and promotions.

On top of that, Caviar offers referral bonuses for new drivers.

Delivery staff have access to a good interactive interface, exclusive options, and a variety of food categories to cater to diverse needs. 

Drawbacks to Favor

Its restaurant availability varies, depending on the delivery address. The high-demand season can make some restaurants unavailable for delivery.

Sometimes, users fail to see any available restaurants delivering to their chosen delivery addresses. You may miss opportunities if you are in those locations. 

Notable Mentions: Even More Options to Check Out 

Here are some additional apps like Gopuff:

1. Freshly

Freshly lets customers plan weekly menus or get a list of ingredients and macros for nutritional meals with only a few simple tabs. 

You can apply to work at Freshly as a chef and delivery driver, among other job opportunities. It sends friendly reminders to help you stay in the loop about new meals and delivery updates.

Its drawback is the app delivers meals in single servings, making it challenging to meet the needs of those who need multiple servings.

2. Walmart Grocery 

Walmart is a revolutionary grocery delivery service in the United States.

Customers can either shop for groceries online and have Walmart deliver the items through local, third-party drivers or visit one of its 4700+ stores to pick up the orders themselves. 

Its downside is that sometimes they may be out of stock for the most needed items. Again, the pay for its delivery staff is lower than other alternatives. 

Flink is a Berlin-headquartered, rapidly growing delivery startup for all your household supplies and fresh produce needs.

The app’s riders provide speedy and hassle-free delivery in more than 100 cities in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Its drawbacks are that Flink charges a small delivery fee and has limited accessibility.

Wrapping Up 

With the best apps like Gopuff, you access a broad range of work opportunities in the grocery delivery industry with only a few clicks. 

Our winner for this review is DoorDash. The app employs innovative technology with a complete restaurant management system and concierge delivery service to ensure its delivery staff are well-empowered to get orders to customers promptly and efficiently.

Instacart has also stood out in this review because of its unmatchable benefits to delivery employees. They include competitive hourly wages and multiple delivery options.


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