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Grubhub Customer Service: How to Get the Help You Need Now

  • Grubhub customer service can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-877-585-1085.
  • Live chat is available on the Grubhub website for immediate assistance.
  • Contact Grubhub via their dedicated support Twitter handle for quick responses.
  • Check the Grubhub FAQ section for answers to common issues and questions.

Grubhub is a great way to make your life easier when it comes to figuring out your next meal.

There’s no need to plan a meal, go to the grocery store, cook, or clean up when you’re ordering food delivery from a Grubhub restaurant.

But what happens when something goes wrong?

You can’t just send your food back to the kitchen and have a fresh meal within a few minutes.

You need to get a hold of Grubhub customer service to get your question or concern resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This article will walk you through your best options for contacting Grubhub customer service, including the best phone number, live chat, social media contact options, and even the most common issues and questions so you may not have to contact Grubhub customer support at all.

Grubhub Phone Number

One of the most common ways to contact Grubhub customer support is to pick up the phone and call.

There are two Grubhub phone numbers, but Grubhub’s customer support section encourages you to contact 1-877-585-1085 for a faster response.

You can call the Grubhub phone number for customer support 24/7, although wait times vary depending on how many people are calling vs how many people are answering the phone at that point.

Despite the fluctuating wait times, phone support is a popular and quick way to get your issue resolved or your question answered.

Grubhub Live Chat

Another way to get instant help when there is an issue with your order is through Grubhub Live Chat.

You can do so by clicking here, scrolling through to the bottom of the page, and selecting “Chat With Us.”

screenshot of grubhub live chat on grubhub customer service page

From there, select the issue that you have with your order from the dropdown list that appears.

screenshot of grubhub live chat on grubhub customer service page
screenshot of grubhub live chat on grubhub customer service page

It should be the quickest and easiest way to reach a Grubhub customer support person, but it’s worth noting that when we tried, we got the above message — “All chatters are currently chatting” — all day.

You can also contact Grubhub Live Chat by selecting “I have an issue with my order,” “I have questions about charges,” or “I have a random comment.”

Each of those options will lead to a pop up with multiple choices.

When you choose your issue, you will be given the option to engage in a Live Chat session with a customer care representative who is knowledgeable about that issue or to contact Grubhub customer support by calling the Grubhub phone number.

Grubhub Social Media

As always, one of the most popular ways to contact a company’s customer support is through their social media presence.

Grubhub is active on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but the best way to contact Grubhub on social media is through their Twitter handle.

screenshot of grubhub customer service social media

Grubhub maintains a Twitter account whose sole purpose is to provide customer support to their users.

Anyone with a Grubhub issue or question is encouraged to send a direct message to the Grubhub support Twitter account.

Any attempts to communicate publicly are responded to with a request to message the account directly, presumably to keep Grubhub users’ personal information private.

Grubhub also maintains a Grubhub Facebook page you can contact.

screenshot of grubhub customer service social media

Response time seems to be slower on Facebook as the official response time (as tracked by Facebook) is within a day, compared to within minutes or a few hours on Live Chat or Twitter.

Facebook does not seem to be the fastest way to reach Grubhub customer support but if your issue is not urgent and you don’t have Twitter, it could be a good option.

Get the Help You Need From Grubhub Customer Service

Grubhub is fairly simple to use and issues aren’t common so it’s easy to get started with the app.

Most questions and concerns are resolved through the Grubhub FAQ section of their website.

When you need to contact Grubhub customer support, you have some great options, including a Grubhub phone number and two social media points of contact, and perhaps you’ll have better luck than we did with Grubhub Live Chat.

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