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How Much Data Does Doordash Use?

  • DoorDash uses about 1GB of data monthly for part-time driving.
  • Exceeding your data limit may incur extra costs or slower speeds.
  • “Unable to load data” indicates a connection issue; try restarting the app.
  • Choose a phone plan with enough data; unlimited plans can be ideal.

How Many Gigabytes Do I Need for DoorDash?

The answer to this question can’t be completely accurate because monthly data usage depends on the app’s running time and what else eventually runs in the background. 

Most delivery apps like DoorDash have a simple interface and functions, so they shouldn’t use too much data.

But the driver’s app must access your location to optimize dashers’ performance and increase customer satisfaction, which triggers increased data usage.

If you were only to use the app a few hours per day, assuming you work five days a week, around 500MB per month should be enough.

But 1GB is a safe bet to avoid running out of mobile data when you need it most.

On the other hand, if you use the navigation app or listen to music while delivering food for six hours a day, you’ll need at least twice as much data.

And assuming you work 10 or more hours, you’d probably need up to 4 or 5GB every month.

What Happens When I Hit a Phone Plan Limit?

If you go over your phone data limit, you’ll bare extra costs.

Most mobile carriers charge per gigabyte every month, and this fee can be as low as a dollar per GB. But if you don’t monitor app usage, these costs can pile up.

Some users report excessive cellular data use (up to 3 or 4GB per day) in cases of app bugs or crashes.

So it’s recommended to update the DashDoor app and check your mobile data usage regularly. You can even set up a usage warning for exceeding a pre-set limit.

Another solution is to upgrade your mobile plan to some of the unlimited data plans offered by mobile carriers.

What ”Unable to Load Data” Means?

Due to the constant improvement of the DoorDash app, it often crashes.

However, network problems often occur, especially in areas where your mobile carrier has weak coverage.

One of the things that indicate this problem is a pop-up window with the message “unable to load data.”

The problem may be the current instability of the connection, coverage issues due to poor weather, or the DoorDash server being down.

If this message appears, try to restart the app and refresh your Internet connection.

In case that doesn’t work, run the self-diagnosis for your driver’s app to see whether it’s down and contact customer support.

How to Choose an Affordable Cell Phone Plan

When you work as a driver for meal delivery companies, you need a significant amount of mobile data every day.

So you should get a phone plan that meets your need and fits your budget.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to choosing a budget-friendly cell phone plan:

  1. Understand data consumption on your phone (how much data particular apps use).
  2. Determine whether you want a postpaid or prepaid plan (most DoorDash drivers suggest postpaid as it carries lower rates and provide more data).
  3. Check available mobile carriers in your area (network coverage).
  4. Check their offers and perks (activating new lines, buying additional minutes or data, etc.).
  5. Opt for customizable plans that fit your budget.

If you opt for an unlimited data plan, you should pay attention to details like a speed cap.

It means you only get a certain data amount at full speed, and once you use it all, further data speed is limited for that month.

How to Cut the Data Usage for DoorDash

DoorDash creators should put some effort into optimizing app usage, but until then, you can do some things to reduce monthly data usage:

  • Use Wi-Fi whenever you can – while waiting to pick up an order in a restaurant, taking a break between two deliveries, etc.
  • You can turn the cellular data off once you reach the customer location.
  • Turn off data usage permissions on your device for the DoorDash app to avoid data over-use when the app is inactive.
  • Stop apps you don’t need while driving from running in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DoorDash Work Without Wi-Fi or Data?

The DoorDash app is completely online, so it needs an Internet connection to be up and running. It’s necessary for a driver to know where to take out an order and drop it off, when to expect the next delivery, etc. 

Is It OK to DoorDash Every Day?

Working as a dasher is a matter of choice, so you’re free to work every day and take as many (or as few) deliveries as you can. You just need a mobile plan with sufficient data to support your working hours.

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