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How To DoorDash Using The DoorDash Driver App In 2024

  • Download and install the Dasher app to start accepting DoorDash orders.
  • Set up your profile, complete the background check, and receive your welcome kit.
  • Use the app’s dashboard to track earnings, manage schedules, and start deliveries.
  • Accept orders, navigate to pickup locations, and deliver to customers following instructions.

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to complete a DoorDash delivery, from start to finish.

Once you’re done with this section, you should be prepared and ready to go out and start Dashing on your own.

What is the Dasher App?

The Dasher app is the app that DoorDash drivers use to find, claim, and deliver food deliver orders to customers. In short, it is their portal to the world of DoorDash.

Within the app, they are able to do everything related to Dashing – from accepting delivery requests, to navigating to restaurants and customers, to communicating with customers.

The app also gives them the ability to do quite a bit of administrative work behind the scenes while not dashing, such as setting their schedules, tracking their earnings, referring friends to become drivers, and more.

Sections of the DoorDash Driver App

Before I get into the details about how to DoorDash, it’s important to understand how the Dasher app works for drivers.

I’ll touch on the main sections that you should be aware of below, but I encourage you to play around with the app and get a good understanding of how it works and the features before heading out on your first Dash.


When you first open the Dasher app, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard.

You can access quite a few features from this screen, but the main function here is to view and claim available orders.

You can also find a “Start Dashing” button to begin accepting orders if you’re not currently on a shift.

Once you accept one, you’ll see all of the available information about that specific order, including delivery instructions and how much you’re getting paid.

Of all the features within the DoorDash driver app, the Dashboard is the section that you’ll use the most.

Profile & Settings

Next, I suggest familiarizing yourself with your profile and the settings that control your Dashing experience.

Your profile is how you’ll appear to customers when matched with them, and the settings impact what type of deliveries you receive, how the app’s safety features function, and more.

For the most part, once you initially tweak the settings, there won’t be much to do with them after that.

However, I do suggest checking this section ever now and again to make sure there aren’t new features or settings you might now know about.

DoorDash will oftentimes push new features to the app, but unless you read the documentation within the update in the App or Google Play stores, you probably won’t know about the new features unless you come across them in the app.


I also suggest making sure to check out the driver Schedule, which highlights important information like when and where you’ll receive work.

You can view available delivery times and select shifts in advance, as well as set your availability, pick preferred work times, and receive notifications about upcoming shifts.

Whether or not you should schedule shifts is a somewhat hotly-debated topic in the driver community, but I always suggest checking it out to see if it is right for you.


The Help section of the app is very useful when things go wrong. It provides access to DoorDash’s support resources.

Hopefully you won’t have to use this section often, but while Dashing, there are oftentimes things that go wrong that are entirely out of your control.

This section is the first place you should go when you encounter an issue with an order, or you have questions about your account.

The DoorDash team has done a really good job of building this out as a first line of defense to help you get help.

The help section is packed with answers to common questions and troubleshooting tips. You should be able to problem-solve a lot of standard issues with this help.

If you still need help, the Help section is also your gateway to getting driver support, making it simple to reach out to support staff for customized questions and issues.

Safety Tools

Another section that I really like is Safety tools section. DoorDash provides several safety features for Dashers to ensure they feel secure while working.

These tools are are a combination of proactive and reactive features that keep you safe throughout the process of picking up and dropping of a customer order.

Before dashing, Dashers can add emergency contacts. During deliveries, they have access to 24/7 emergency assistance from ADT and real-time safety alerts. After deliveries, unsafe incidents can be reported easily.

In addition, DoorDash also offers an insurance policy to drivers so that they’re covered while on an active Dash.


The Messages section is where you can communicate with DoorDash support and your customers.

This usually only applies to when you’re on a Dash, but it is a very important feature to understand.

I highly suggest checking your messages often so that you’re aware of changes to existing orders, or any important updates from DoorDash that will impact your delivery.

Earnings & Payments

The Earnings & Payments section in the Dasher app provides a clear overview of Dashers’ earnings.

It shows a detailed breakdown of each delivery’s pay, including base pay, tips, and any bonuses.

Dashers can track their weekly earnings, view payment history, and easily transfer their earnings to their bank account with Fast Pay or weekly direct deposits.


The Promotions section in the Dasher app offers opportunities for Dashers to earn extra money.

This section highlights special incentives like Peak Pay, which provides higher earnings during busy times, and Challenges, which reward Dashers for completing a certain number of deliveries within a set period.

These promotions help Dashers boost their income.

How to Download & Install the Dasher App

To get started as a DoorDash driver, the first step is to download the Dasher app – available for both iOS and Android devices.

To download the app, simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Dasher,” and click the download button.

Once the Dasher app is downloaded, installing it is straightforward. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the downloaded file from your device’s notification panel or app store.
  2. Tap “Install” and wait for the app to be installed on your device.
  3. Once installation is complete, open the app by tapping the Dasher icon on your home screen.

From there, you simply need to set up the app to get started.

How to Set Up the DoorDash Driver App

Setting up the DoorDash Driver app involves a few key steps to get you ready for your first delivery:

  1. Sign In or Sign Up: Open the app and sign in using your DoorDash driver account credentials. If you are new, select “Sign Up” and follow the prompts to create an account.
  2. Complete Your Profile: Fill in all necessary information, including your name, address, and phone number. Ensure your payment information is accurate so you can get paid.
  3. Upload Required Documents: Provide copies of your driver’s license, insurance, and any other required documents. This step is crucial for verifying your eligibility to drive for DoorDash.
  4. Background Check: DoorDash will perform a background check to ensure you meet their safety standards. This process may take a few days.
  5. Start Dashing: Once your account is approved, you will receive a welcome kit with a Red Card and hot bag. You are now ready to start accepting orders.

How to DoorDash In 2024 [Step-By-Step]

1. How to Find and Accept Deliveries As a Dasher

Finding and accepting deliveries as a DoorDash driver is one of the most important parts of Dashing.

Find Busy Areas in the DoorDash Driver App

In the DoorDash Driver App, you can identify busy areas where your delivery services are most in demand. The app features a color-coded heat map to guide you.

Image credit: DoorDash

Understanding the map is fairly simple:

  • Bright red zones on the map signify high demand for drivers, indicating an excellent opportunity to find numerous delivery requests.
  • Pink zones suggest a moderate need for drivers.
  • If an area is grayed out, it means there are no orders available there.

To help you locate the most active areas, the app displays flame icons. A flame icon with a red circle highlights a restaurant experiencing high demand. The bottom of the screen also highlights these “busy hotspot zones” in vibrant red.

Areas with just a flame icon, but no red circle, indicate previous hotspots that may have decreased in activity. However, these locations are still worth monitoring as they could become busy again.

The app updates these hotspots approximately every 10 minutes, ensuring you have the latest information to maximize your delivery opportunities.

Pick a Zone

You have the flexibility to choose the zone where you’ll be delivering during your shift.

Shifts are organized in 30-minute intervals, allowing you to select a specific zone for each time slot. After a half-hour shift in one zone, you have the option to switch to another zone if you wish.

For longer delivery sessions, you can also schedule yourself in a particular zone for the entire duration you plan to work.

It’s beneficial to choose a zone marked in red on the app’s map, as these are busy areas where you’re more likely to stay active with deliveries, potentially increasing your earnings for the shift.

Once you’ve decided on a zone, simply use the “Navigate” function on your mobile device to get directions and head to your chosen area for deliveries.

Hit the Button “Dash Now”

Once you have arrived in a busy zone that you’ve chosen for delivering with DoorDash, you’re almost set to start your shift.

To begin, press the “Dash Now” button in the app, which confirms your presence in the selected zone.

Before you can effectively start your shift, the app requires you to confirm a few essentials:

  1. Ensure your car has enough gas if you’re delivering by car.
  2. Carry your Red Card with you in case you need to pay for any orders.
  3. Have your mobile device and a charger with you to stay connected to the app throughout your shift.
  4. Bring a delivery bag to keep the orders organized and maintain their temperature.

After verifying that you have these necessities and are ready to accept orders, click on “Start Your Dash” to officially begin your delivery shift.

Suggested resource: How Scheduling Works For Drivers

Accept the Delivery

Once you’re set to begin your shift in the DoorDash app by hitting “Start Your Dash,” the app starts presenting you with delivery requests in your chosen zone.

The busier zones are indicated with flame icons, and being closer to these areas increases your chances of receiving delivery requests.

When a delivery request comes in, the app provides you with several key details to help you decide whether to accept or decline the order. These details include:

  • The base price of the order, not including any potential tips, challenges, or bonuses.
  • The name, location, and distance to the restaurant from your current location.
  • A list of items in the order.
  • The estimated time to complete the delivery.

You have the option to accept or decline each delivery request. If you choose to decline, the app will inform you how this decision impacts your overall acceptance rate.

While first-time drivers need not worry too much about acceptance rates, more experienced Dashers might consider this factor, especially since certain bonuses and challenges are linked to the number of orders accepted within a specific timeframe.

For new Dashers, the initial focus should be on familiarizing themselves with the DoorDash system and the delivery process rather than solely on acceptance rates.

2. How to Pick Up a DoorDash Order

Picking up a DoorDash order involves two parts – navigating to the pickup location and confirming/double-checking the order for accuracy.

Head to the Pick Up Location

If you click Accept, the app prompts drivers to find directions.

Users can utilize a map app of their choosing, like Google Maps or Apple Maps, to navigate to the restaurant. Select whichever one you feel most comfortable using.

Use the slider that says “slide upon arrival” to let the app and customer know you have arrived at the correct location to pick up the food.

This will update the order status on their end, letting them know their food is one step closer to arriving.

Among gig workers, there’s a debate between using Waze vs Google Maps. I personally use Waze due to the high level of detail the route maps provide.

When in doubt, use the one with more detail. This heavily impacts your on-time arrivals and helps to avoid situations in which a customer might complain about your delivery.

Double Check and Pick Up the Order

After arriving to the location of the restaurant, you need to pick up the order. Head inside with the order information on your mobile device.

Since there are three different types of orders, how you pick up the order is reflected in the next steps.

Your device prompts you to action based on three scenarios:

  1. The order has been placed and paid for: Show the restaurant staff the order information on your device. Then, since everything has been paid for, you can pick up the food and go.
  2. The order has not been placed and has not been paid for: Place the order once you arrive at the restaurant and wait for the food to be made. Then, pay for the food using your preloaded Red Card and deliver it.
  3. The order has been placed but has not yet been paid for: Pay for the food using your Red Card. Then, collect the order and deliver it.

Once everything is paid for and you’ve received the order, ensure the number of items is correct. Also, check that the items themselves are correct.

For example, if the customer ordered a salad, but you arrive with french fries, they’ll probably file a complaint.

Double-check the app for special instructions from the customer. For example, ensure that it is indicated on the receipt if they didn’t want pickles on their hamburger.

It’s good practice to pick up extra napkins, flatware, and a drink carrier from the restaurant before you leave for delivery.

When you’re certain the order is present and correct, click “Confirm.” The app and customer will know you’re headed to the delivery location.

3. How to Deliver a DoorDash Order To a Customer

Since you indicated that you’re ready to deliver, the navigation app of your choosing will appear with the customer’s address.

If you’re unable to find the location, there are text and call options so you can reach the customer directly for further directions.

Navigate to the location and check the app for notes on how the customer wants their order delivered.

Three types of delivery are:

  1. Door drop-off: Knock, ring the doorbell, and wait for the customer to arrive. Then you can hand off their order in person. (Make sure to wear a mask when delivering this way.)
  2. Leave it at the door: You should return to your vehicle after leaving the delivery at their door. Customers will come to get their delivery later.
  3. Give it to the customer: Some customers prefer to leave their homes and meet you outside. They should be watching the app and waiting for your arrival. Wear a mask to hand their delivery off directly.

If no one responds to a hand-off or a door drop-off, report it on the app using the “Can’t Hand to Customer” button.

Wait a bit for a reply. Then, drop the order off at their door if you can’t reach the customer.

Take a picture as evidence that you completed the delivery. Tap on “Complete Delivery.”

Once you complete the delivery, your job is done. The app will display a “Delivery complete!” message, and then do the rest behind the scenes.

From there, it will drop back into “Looking for offers” mode. If you’d like to do more Dashing, stay in the app. If not, simply indicate that you’re done and log out.

Over to You

Hopefully this helps you understand at a deeper level how to use the DoorDash driver app to claim and fulfill deliveries.

However, if you still have questions or need help along the way, our team is here to help.

Drop your questions in the comment section below and somebody will get back to you as soon as we can.

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