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How To Become An Uber Eats Driver [Step-By-Step]

  • Meet the basic requirements: age, valid documents, and passing a background check.
  • Apply on the Uber Eats website, choosing your transportation method (car, bike, or foot).
  • Upload necessary documents, such as ID, driver’s license, insurance, and registration.
  • Complete a background check and wait for approval to start delivering.

It’s no doubt that Uber Eats is one of the best food delivery apps to work for. As an Uber driver myself, I like the ability to give rides and deliveries on my own time.

Drivers also make a decent amount of money, which is a huge incentive for those looking to sign up to drive.

But how do you actually become an Uber Eats driver? I’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide that outlines the requirements to apply, as well as the process of actually doing so.

Meet the Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Before you even apply, it’s important to full understand the general driver and vehicle requirements that every applicant must meet.

To become an Uber Eats driver, you need to meet basic age, document, and background check requirements.

For cars and scooters, you must be at least 19 years old, have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration. For bicycles or walking, the age requirement is 18, and you only need a government-issued ID.

All applicants must provide a Social Security number for a background check, which is an important step in helping to ensure that platform is safe for customers, restaurants, and other drivers.

Vehicles should meet basic criteria, like having two or four doors and being in good condition. Specific requirements might vary by region, so check local guidelines before applying.

What About Insurance?

Uber Eats provides insurance for drivers when they are actively delivering an order.

This coverage includes liability and damages during the delivery process. However, there’s a coverage gap when waiting for orders, where personal auto insurance may not cover delivery activities.

It’s essential to check with your insurance provider to ensure you have the necessary coverage for delivery driving, as Uber’s insurance doesn’t apply in all situations.

How to Apply to Uber Eats

Once you’re comfortable with the requirements, I suggest gathering the documents you need to apply.

If you’re applying with a vehicle or scooter, you’ll need a valid US driver’s license, as well as proof of registration and insurance for the vehicle.

If you’re applying using a bike or walking, you’ll need some form of government-issued ID.

You’ll also need to know your social security number regardless of what mode of transportation you sign up for.

This will be used for the background check that looks into both your driving history (motor vehicle record) and your criminal record (if you have one).

Once you have the documents, you can start the process of applying to become an Uber Eats driver.

1. Visit the Signup Page

First, visit the signup page for drivers. This is where you’ll start your application and kick things off.

It’s worth noting that the Uber and Uber Eats applications are the same thing at this point.

You will choose what type of Uber driving you want to do (ridesharing, package delivery, food delivery, etc..) as well as your preferred mode of transportation in later steps.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

If you apply using an Uber driver invite code, you’ll notice that it automatically gets applied to your account.

If applied correctly, you should see a screen that looks something like this:

As you can see from the screen, this is a custom landing page specifically created for those who have applied to Uber Eats using my referral code.

You’ll notice the picture and name of the referring driver (me, in this case), some type of bonus offer (this can vary, and changes based on when and where you apply), and a very brief overview of what the bonus offer includes.

If you don’t see this, and instead see a screen that has a a blank box that says “Invite Code (optional)”, either go back and apply through our referral link, or enter the code “wg2ustj27f8q” in the invite code box.

It’s important to go through this step now, as claiming an Uber sign up bonus now, at this point, is much easier than trying to do so retroactively later on.

2. Select a Mode of Transportation

Next, you’ll need to indicate which type of transportation you’d like to apply with.

screenshot showing how to apply to uber eats as a driver

These options will change depending on the type of Uber coverage your city has, but the options that are fairly standard are:

  • Rides and delivery with car: You’ll need to be at least 21 years of age, have a vehicle that is 2008 or newer, and be properly registered and insured. This option has the strictest requirements because keeping riders safe is Uber’s top priority.
  • Rides with car: These are the same requirements as doing both delivery and ridesharing, as passenger safety is important to Uber.
  • Delivery with car: For deliveries, age and vehicle requirements are more relaxed. Drivers will need to be at least 19 years of age and simply have a vehicle.
  • Delivery with bicycle: With a bike, the requirements are easy to meet. You need to be 18 years of age, and have a reliable bike, e-bike, or e-scooter to get around.

In some cities that are very dense and don’t have a lot of distance between people, you may also have the option to walk while completing deliveries.

Select the option that you’ll most likely excel at and then move on to the next step.

Next, you’ll be prompted to agree to a background check. This is mandatory for all drivers, so you’ll need to consent in order to finish your application.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

This is a very common step in applying to gig economy companies.

There are very few companies that allow you to interact with a high volume of customers without being properly checked and vetted.

I encourage everybody to undergo the background check, even if you have a felony record or a misdemeanor that you think will prevent you from passing.

In some cases, Uber offers second chances depending on the timing and circumstances of the conviction, so it’s worth at least trying to apply.

If you’re comfortable, simply agree to the check and then enter your social security number.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

4. Verify Your ID

After consenting to the background check, you’ll need to verify your ID by uploading a photo of it to the Uber platform.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

You can either take a picture and upload it, or upload a previous picture of your ID that you already have.

Make sure to capture a clear photo that ensures the details are visible. If you don’t, you’ll need to keep trying again until you do.

5. Verify Vehicle Insurance and Registration

If you’ve chosen a vehicle as a mode of transportation, you’ll need to verify that the vehicle is properly insured.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

Just like you did in the step above with your ID, make sure to capture a photo of your paper or digital vehicle insurance card.

You’ll also do the same thing with your vehicle registration.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

Uber will keep these documents on file and will alert you when they’re 1) coming up for expiration, and 2) when they actually expire.

Once uploaded, their automated system verifies the documents fairly quickly – usually only a few seconds.

Once verified and approved, move on to the next step.

6. Upload a Profile Picture

The last thing you’ll need to do is to take a profile photo for your account.

This is not only the photo that customers will see when they’re matched with you as a ridesharing or delivery driver, but it also helps Uber verify you you say you are.

They’ll check your photo against your ID, which is another way to combat fraud and ensure they’re actually hiring who they thing they’re hiring.

screenshot showing the individual steps in how to become an uber eats driver

Because this is the picture that customers will see, I suggest you take the time to take and upload a quality photo.

Your photo is the first impression that customers have of you. Make sure to go the extra mile to ensure that they think positively of you from the start.

What Happens Next?

After applying for Uber Eats, you’ll go into a brief waiting period during which Uber will review your background check and application.

This process can usually take a few days, so expect to wait up to a week.

This waiting period can sometimes be even longer depending on the complexity of your background and the amount of drivers who have applied near the time that you did.

Once approved, you’ll get a notification via email and within the Uber driver app that lets you know you’re cleared to drive.

At that point, simply open up the Uber driver app and start taking delivery requests.

What Happens I get Denied by Uber Eats?

If you get denied by Uber Eats, you will receive an email explaining the reason for the denial.

Common reasons include failing the background check, not meeting vehicle requirements, or missing documentation.

You can address the issue if possible, such as providing additional documents or resolving background check discrepancies.

If the denial is due to eligibility criteria, you may need to wait or consider applying for a different delivery platform.

If you run into questions or concerns about how to become an Uber Eats driver, simply drop them in the comment section below and somebody from our team will do their best to reply as soon as possible.

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