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How Uber Greenlight Hubs Work For In-Person Support

  • Uber Greenlight Hubs offer in-person support for drivers, improving relationships.
  • Greenlight Hubs help with onboarding, app features, payments, and account issues.
  • Use the Uber Driver app or website to find nearby Greenlight Hub locations.
  • Greenlight Hubs also provide vehicle inspections, driver events, and new driver training.

From phone support to help pages and everything in between, Uber offers a variety of methods for drivers to receive assistance.

However, no matter how high-tech support gets, nothing beats the quality of face-to-face interaction.

Uber Greenlight Hubs are available to provide just that.

Greenlight Hub locations are helping Uber mend and maintain relationships with drivers, which have become strained over the recent years of controversy and even protests.

These hubs are complete investments in drivers — and that’s why they’re working.

After all, a friendly conversation can be all it takes to find a solution.

In this article, we’ll explain what an Uber Greenlight Hub is, what they can help you with, and how you can find a location near you.

What Are Uber Greenlight Hubs?

Uber Greenlight Hubs are in-person support centers that connect Uber drivers to dedicated one-on-ones with company experts.

These locations tend to be fairly large, with a handful of staff members prepared to help you with anything from new driver onboarding to demos of Uber Driver app features.

Receiving support is simple at Greenlight Hub locations.

All you need to do is sign in via iPad, take a seat, and wait your turn until an Uber employee calls you over to assist with your situation.

Think of it as a trip to the DMV, but with a better user experience.

Greenlight Hub locations aren’t the only driver support centers that the company offers.

While high-traffic areas may find brick-and-mortar locations dedicated to Uber drivers, Uber Greenlight Spots make up the majority of help centers.

Greenlight Spots are typically small booths or pop-up kiosks located within another location.

For example, many of these unique Uber support locations are situated within Sprint stores, Sears Auto Centers, hotels, and shopping malls.

Compared to Greenlight Hubs, Greenlight Spots have far fewer employees available — often only one — but you can also expect a lower volume of driver-partners waiting for help.

How Do Uber Greenlight Hubs Help?

It’s important to remember that Uber Greenlight locations are not synonymous with Uber headquarters or Uber offices.

These Greenlight locations are purely dedicated to providing driver support, and their staff members likely don’t have much say on marketing practices, fare changes, or operational policies.

What Uber Greenlight experts can do is explain what’s currently in place or help you troubleshoot general issues.

For example, Greenlight experts will help you:

  • Navigate the Uber Driver app
  • Learn about your payment schedule and how fares work
  • Set up your direct deposits
  • Understand why your account was deactivated
  • Upload or complete required documents

Even prospective Uber drivers can visit Greenlight Hubs for support.

If you’re interested in signing up, experts will help you get started, and even complete the sign-up process if you meet driver requirements and bring the necessary documents with you.

Uber experts want to help you drive with Uber whenever possible, so you know their attention will be on you.

Beyond general support for drivers, many Greenlight Hubs also provide free vehicle inspections for drivers to help them keep up with their annual inspection, which is an Uber vehicle requirement.

In addition, Greenlight Hubs often function as centers for new driver trainings, driver events, and much more.

Finding Your Uber Greenlight Hub Location

While the Uber website doesn’t provide a mass database of existing Uber Greenlight locations, you can easily find locations near you by using your Uber Driver app.

To do so:

  1. Open the main menu
  2. Select the “Help” section
  3. Tap “Signing Up”
  4. Select “Creating an Account”
  5. Head to “Getting in-person activation and support help”

This page that appears, also available on help.uber.com, will offer a list of nearby Greenlight locations and their business hours.

Note: This listing isn’t doesn’t always appear to be completely up-to-date.

For the most accurate Greenlight Hub listings, and for additional information about Greenlight locations, we recommend going to your city’s dedicated contact page for drivers.

To find the correct contact page, use the URL “uber.com/drive/city-name/contact” and replace the city name with the name of the market your city falls under with hyphens in place of spaces.

For example, if you’re located in San Jose or Oakland, you’re considered a San Francisco driver, which means you’d use this URL: uber.com/drive/san-francisco/contact.

For quick reference, are the links to contact pages for some of the biggest cities in the United States:

Keep in mind that not every major Greenlight Hub is located in the city proper.

For example, San Francisco’s designated location is in Daly City, while LA’s hub is in Redondo Beach.

Other cities will have multiple Greenlight Hubs due to demand — New York has locations in Long Island City, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

To find Greenlight locations that provide free vehicle inspections, you can view your city’s inspections page on the Uber website.

To do so, use the base URL “uber.com/drive/city-name/contact” and replace the city name with the appropriate location.

You’ll also be able to find out which third-party mechanics will do your vehicle inspection for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do if there are no Uber Greenlight locations near me?

As we mentioned earlier, Uber provides many avenues for support.

If you still want to speak directly to an employee, you can call the company through the Uber app, or use their emergency line for critical situations.

For simple situations that don’t require any in-depth explanations, or for issues that are likely easy to resolve, you can contact Uber via Twitter using their dedicated social media support handle.

If you have a less time-sensitive situation, you can also choose to peruse through help.uber.com for answers.

2. How long should I expect to wait for support at an Uber Greenlight Hub?

This is usually the case, but if you run into an influx of other Uber drivers, wait times can be longer.

3. How much time does it take to speak to an expert?

This truly depends on what you need help with.

If all you need are a few explanations of new features on the Uber Driver app, you can expect your session to be fairly short.

If you’re looking to go through the entire sign-up process, completing every step may take a while longer.

The most time-consuming activity you’ll experience at an Uber Greenlight Hub is your annual vehicle inspection.

This can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, so we recommend scheduling about two hours for this.

4. Can I schedule an Uber Greenlight Hub appointment?

Uber is working on rolling out this feature to additional cities around the world, but currently, you can only schedule Greenlight Hub appointments if you are located in New York City or Los Angeles.

Scheduling appointments can help you reduce wait times when you get to the Greenlight location, as you won’t have to wait in line.

Learn more about how to schedule your in-person Uber support session.

5. Can I get in-person support as a Lyft driver?

Yes. But not at an Uber Greenlight Hub, of course.

Lyft Hubs are the equivalent of Uber Greenlight Hubs, staffing a handful of team members to help with any questions.

Lyft also offers service desks, which are pop-up locations akin to Uber Greenlight Spots.

While Lyft doesn’t have quite as many in-person support locations as Uber does, they do offer an easier way to find nearby locations through the Lyft Hub and Service Desk map.

6. Can Uber Eats drivers use Uber Greenlight Hubs for support?


As an Uber Eats driver, you’re part of the Uber network and can use resources provided to drivers.

Uber drivers can also go to Greenlight Hubs for support if they’re interested in signing up as an Uber Eats courier.

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