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Fastest Ways To Get Uber Eats Driver Support In 2024

  • Help Center: Browse support articles and common issues within the Uber driver app.
  • Live Chat: 24/7 real-time assistance with support representatives for various problems.
  • Phone Support: Call 1-800-253-9377 for delivery issues or 1-800-353-8237 for safety concerns.
  • In-Person Support: Visit Greenlight Hubs for detailed help with account and app-related problems.

If you’re delivering with Uber Eats, problems arise. And when you need help, you want solutions very quickly.

Thankfully, Uber has made the process of getting help before, during, and after active deliveries quick and easy.

As an active driver, I’ve found that there are three simple ways to get help, but which you use depends on what your issue is and how pressing it is.

  • Help Center: Use for finding support articles and browsing common issues.
  • Chat: Use for fast, real-time assistance with a live agent 24/7.
  • Message: Use for convenient, ongoing communication with responses within 24 hours.
  • Phone: Use for hands-free assistance and speaking directly to an agent.

Keep reading to learn how to use each.

1. Using the Help Center

The first place to start when you need help as an Uber Eats driver is the Help Center within the Uber driver app.

Since this is an important part of accessing deliveries, the Uber development team has focused heavily on making getting support through the app simple and easy.

a screenshot showing the various options for help and support within the Uber Eats driver app

To get help using the Uber Eats driver app, navigate to the “Help” section of the app, and then sort through the options to find whatever you need help with.

The workflows and how you get help for each very by issues, but each one offers a streamlined option for doing so.

Follow the prompts to provide details about the problem.

Uber typically responds to app-based inquiries within a few hours, although response times can vary based on the complexity of the issue.

If you need immediate support, there’s a “Call Support” button that you can use to connect with a support representative directly.

2. Uber Live Chat

If you can’t solve your problem on your own, I suggest using the Live Chat function within the Uber driver app.

This feature is available 24/7 and allows drivers to get real-time assistance from support representatives, who can handle a wide variety of issues.

To use it, simply tap “Chat” within the Help section of the app. From there, your issue will be relayed to somebody who will help you.

Uber has integrated the ability for drivers to upload files and screenshots, which helps to provide support staff with insight and context regarding the issue you’re facing.

Uber has done a great job of building out a robust support infrastructure over the years, but there are layers to it.

Depending on which layer you find yourself working with, the process can actually be incredibly helpful or incredibly frustrating.

In my experience dealing with the live chat function, it appears that support has been outsourced to another country – possibly India.

This is more of an allusion of support rather than a robust solution that can diagnose complex issues.

Being brutally honest, it seems like the support reps are fairly limited in what they can and cannot help with. Oftentimes, they give canned responses that don’t actually help.

I give them credit for trying here, but if you start spending a lot of time feeling like you’re arguing to have a solution, you should probably consider moving on to phone support or a Greenlight Hub.

It seems to me like there’s a limit to how far you can request an issue be escalated, and it isn’t until you get somebody that speaks perfect English that you know that your issue has actually been escalated to a specialized internal team.

3. Contacting Uber by Phone

For issues that are either time-sensitive or more complex than the average issue that most drivers will probably be facing, I suggest getting help using Uber Eats phone support.

There are three different ways to get help by calling Uber, and which one you use depends on the type of problem and the urgency of each.

Uber Eats Delivery Support Number

For issues specific to Uber Eats deliveries, drivers can contact the phone number specific to Uber Eats drivers at 1-800-253-9377.

This number is reserved for issues related to Uber Eats orders, like missing items, delivery issues, or customer complaints.

Try to provide as much detail about your delivery as possible, including the order number or specific details about the issue you’re facing.

Critical Safety Response Line

Uber also provides access to the Critical Safety Response Line at 1-800-353-8237.

This should be used when you need immediate assistance, such as in the case of an accident, you have a safety concern, or a customer has threatened you with violence.

However, keep in mind that it is not a replacement for 911. Call 911 instead if you’re in a situation that requires police, fire, or medical attention.

Also, make sure to not abuse this line for simple requests that aren’t an actual emergency. Uber takes this line very seriously, so please respect it’s intended purpose.

General Support Line

From what I can tell, there’s also another support line that drivers can use for other non-emergency issues like account problems and technical issues.

I’ve heard mixed things about this line, but if you have a less-pressing issue, you can try calling the line at 1-800-593-7069.

To contact the number, open your Uber driver app and navigate to the “Help” section, and then select the “Call support” prompt that appears.

Once you tap the number, your phone will start a call with support.

screenshot showing the uber driver phone number within the Uber Eats driver app
screenshot showing the uber driver phone number within the Uber Eats driver app

Like I’ve suggested above, try to have as much detail and context about the issue as possible so that you give support representatives the best chance of solving your issue as possible.

In-Person Support at Uber Greenlight Hubs

For more complex issues, you may need to check out an in-person or virtual support center called Greenlight Hubs.

These are local, physical locations that Uber has set up in various cities to help drivers in those locations get in-person help from an Uber support rep.

The staff at Greenlight Hubs can help with common issues like account and app problems, updating documentation, and even more complex issues like deactivations and appeals.

While some locations in larger cities are located inside real estate that Uber has leased specifically for these support centers, most are located inside of existing businesses.

These are usually mechanic shops that can also double as inspection locations, a win-win for both Uber and the shop that is making money on the rent and inspections.

To find the nearest Uber Greenlight Hub, visit the Uber website or the Greenlight Hub map on Ridester.com. Enter your city in the Help section on the website or use the map to search for the closest hub.

It’s worth noting that a lot of Greenlight Hubs have shut down, so I suggest calling ahead to the location to make sure it is operational.

I recently had support staff give me the name and address of a hub in my city, but when I got there, I had the mechanics tell me that the location had been without Uber for nearly 2 years.

In these cases, Uber offers virtual Greenlight Hubs – essentially just a video call with a support representative.

screenshot of a virtual Uber greenlight hub appointment

To schedule an appointment, simply visit this link and then book an appointment using the scheduling tool that appears.

Social Media Support

The methods above should allow you to get the support you need.

However, in cases that you are not for some reason getting the right support, you can take your case public by reaching out to Uber on social media.

This is a great way to move your issue from behind closed doors to out in the open, which puts a bit more pressure on the company to help you with your issue.

On Twitter, tweet @uber_support with a brief description of your issue to get a quick response. Be concise and include relevant details.

screenshot of the Uber Support page on twitter

For Facebook support, post on Uber’s Facebook page or use Facebook Messenger for private support. These platforms are monitored by Uber’s support team, ensuring timely assistance.

Being clear and specific in your messages will help the support team address your concerns more effectively.

Still need help with an issue? Drop a brief description in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with how to get the help you need.

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